What a top Democrat just said about impeachment will change everything for Trump

Democrats want nothing more than to impeach President Trump.

Despite having left-wing billionaires backing their efforts, they continue to run into roadblocks.

But what a top Democrat just said about impeachment will change everything for Trump.

The Left knows that if they have to face President Trump in 2020, they will very likely face defeat.

It is difficult to convince a country benefiting from the massive economic growth under Trump that he is doing a bad job.

So impeachment is the Democrat Party’s best bet.

And Democrat Rep. Al Green just announced on MSNBC that he will be pushing for Trump’s impeachment over false rumors that Trump told officials in his administration that he will issue them a government pardon if they have to break laws to get the border wall built.

Breitbart News reports:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) impeachment of President Donald Trump over a Washington Post report that President Trump has told officials he will issue pardons if government employees have to break laws to get the border wall done.

When asked if the pardon offer is impeachable, Green said, “Yes, it does constitute an impeachable offense.”

He continued, “He is willing to do whatever he thinks he can to satiate his base. He has promised them wall. He will deliver a wall by any means possible.”

He added, “He is encouraging the breaking of the law and a president can’t do this.”

Trump denies this claim entirely in a Tweet where he bashes The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

The truth doesn’t matter in the Democrat Party.

That’s why some continue to push the hoax that Trump colluded with Russia to get into office.

It is much more comforting to them to believe a foreign power was behind Trump’s election rather than the reality that it was the American people being fed up with the Left.

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127 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    The Dems are all liars and trouble makers. They use to keep it hidden, but boy oh boy are they showing their colors. Some Republicans need to look at themselves too. Serving the people is what their all suppose to be doing, not trying to control the people by saying their going to get rid of the very things our forefathers ran from so we could be free.

  2. When the economy tanks, and I expect it before the end of the year, he can blame the fed, or the media for hoping it goes bad, but he has been warned over, and over that Tariffs do not work. It is fany that our trade deficit with China is worse now thanit was when he started, and we are so much in debt today, that one day, e everything can just collapse. Trump starts his funny war with iran, and then Flees to Russia. We get nuked by oue own nukes. In one hour, we will be completeluy destroyed., Revelation Chpter 18 comes true for end time Babylon, the USA

    • Kenneth says:

      Fredo your so FOS it ain’t even funny your another one that won’t admit that TRUMP is doing what that POS Obamaho never could or would do for AMERICA because he was BALLESS and he’s trying to take credit for how good the economy is doing now will you blame Obamaho when it tanks as you say and as for Iran at least TRUMP get on his knees for those rat BASTARDS like Obamaho did.
      GO TRUMP 2020


  3. Joe the Plumber says:

    I deserve the Medal of Honor, I should be on Mount Rushmore, we should nuke hurricanes, I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, I don’t like people who weren’t captured. Just some of the insane statements the Mobster-in-Chief.

    • gayle clay says:

      Right and you are real intelligent! Lol. Try doing your own research, past the democrat owned media and you might actually learn what they don’t want you to learn. That they are nothing but liers! Promising people dumb enough to believe their lies everything for nothing. IN THE REAL WORLD……

      • Trump is the master of lies – over 6,000 of them, e.g., all asylum seekers from the south of the border are criminals, climate change is a hoax, he is the Chosen One – I thought Jesus is. He has had the most staff either
        resign, were fired or caught in a scandal. The man suffers from delusions of grandeur and yet you think he is great – delusional. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED.

        • NANCY EVILSIZOR says:

          You’re exactly right, Joseph. There’s positively no reasoning with you.

        • gandolf the White says:

          Joseph Strychaz in the US one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Since Trump has NEVER been charged with anything and found guilty in a court of law all that hearsay and innuendo from the kangaroo court of the MSM is not evidence in a real court of law. 6,000 lies? Give me 100.

          • SweetOlBob says:

            The biased idiot can’t even give anybody 10. THE Hitler proven tactic. Keep repeating non-facts over and over, and some people will start to believe them.
            Like all the liberal polywogs and their lie claims. And then there is evidence that most of them believe that “impeachment” means removal from office.
            They forget a gathering of democRATS in the rose garden to applaud an IMPEACHED PRESIDENT and his cigar and little blue dress. He didn’t leave office. But he should have had a “screen door” installed on the Oval Office. HEH !

        • Janice says:

          Joseph, you would do better to keep your opinions to yourself – you would appear to be more intelligent if you did. Who are these people that report all these “facts” to you regarding President Trumps every decision, or action? They must follow him around closer than his Secruity people do…. Go soak your head, perhaps it will clear up. Have a nice nght – tomorrow may make more sense to you.

        • Richard Crooks says:

          Joseph you are so right on.

        • Kenneth says:

          Joseph sounds like you’re BIASED people couldn’t count all the lies Obamaho and that criminal Hillary told might want to check the #s before you start pointing fingers.

          SEMPER FI

        • Stephen bishop says:

          actually man made climate change is a hoax .

      • Von says:

        How you can continue to believe the Liar In Chief is beyond normal intellect.

      • Racists for Trump says:

        Gayle, it is liars, and Trump even is made at the liars at Fox for some of them telling the truth sometimes. Trump is a sexual assaulter, a mobster, a liar. whiner, thief, braggart and insulter who is delusional. He is always playing golf and he croiticized Obama who played a lot less. Trump’s trips to his golf courses have already cost 110 million. Worst of all Trump is a traitor as he kisses Putin’s butt, says he and Kim are in flag, and despite being a cowardly draft dodger he hugs the flag like he is a patriot. All he is could be called an evil egomaniac who also is a lazy obese pig. He was the worst of the candidates ever to have become President with fewer votes as well. You are brainwashed, stupid or evil to support him, no other possibilities.

    • J says:

      Two out of three demonRATS are just as stupid as the third one!

    • xsoldiermike says:

      What a Dumb Ass you are!!!

    • june says:

      who are you obama?

    • Mo says:

      Hey joe blow.Get flushed lizard

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Holy Kow ! (giggle) Al Green is a TOP democRAT ???? Who knew ??? Our headline writers are going a bit too far with poetic license ! ………… Al Green ! (giggle-giggle) !

    • BARNEY says:

      Joe the Plumber you better stick to plumbing as you are talking out of your ass President Trump
      said he didn’t like those who WERE captured I don’t agree with him on this but you’re still a POS

  4. Stan says:

    If Al Green is a leading Democrat, the Democratic Party is completely screwed. This man is a Fool and a Fraud! You’ve got to be kidding me. I firmly believe that his hatred for President Trump is a cover to hide his, and his affiliates criminal behavior. Their actions aren’t simply the actions of political partisans, they’re the acts of desperate people to hide their criminal pasts. They are all desperate, and are using the media as pawns to help cover their crimes. They are also Communists that are watching over 100 years of efforts to destroy the Constitution, and almost all American Institutions that we hold dear, slip away! President Trump is the wrecking ball that they did not anticipate. They were certain that HilLiary Rotten Clinton would be elected. All of their sins would have been swept under the rug. Not so now. He who has the last laugh, laughs best!

    If the Dems (Communists), were to succeed in impeaching President Trump, this country would come unglued. The stock market would plummet. Trillions of personal wealth would disappear, and the country would be thrust into a depression. I firmly believe that we would be wide open for attack from China and Russia. They would seize on our moment of weakness and instability. They have seen the massive turn around in military might, and national security that this one man has been able to achieve in such a short window of time. There is no way that they would allow this to happen again. Think about it Dems. You live here too. You will starve and have to endure the wretched desperation that will ensue.

    • xsoldiermike says:

      How Right you are Stan!!! Green is nothing but a Clown!!

    • You are so in love with Mr. Trump, you become blinded to the fact he is leading us to fascism – the KKK and Neo-Nazi support him – he thinks so much of himself and that he has all the answers to our problems that he does not heed the advise of his staff who know better than he does e.g., General Mathis resigned as Defense Secretary because Trump wanted to get out of Syria. Mr. Trump never served in the military and never fought in any wars – General Mathis did – whose opinion would you trust more. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED.

      • BC says:

        Never met a Joseph that had good sense. I served 25 years and for your information, Generals don’t fight wars either–they sit back and watch. Your info is flawed–The Nazi’s grabbed guns, controlled heath care, and did as much to make the population dependent on THEM. This is exactly what the DEMONRATS are trying to do NOW. Wake up you fool.

      • june says:

        Thank g-d his ego is big enough to deflect all the TRASH he has had to put up with because the criminal democrat princess lost and now her supporting staff of democrats will have to run and hide when the long are of the law reaches them

      • Gina says:

        Joseph, the kkk was Hillery’s mentor, have you forgotten that?

    • gandolf the White says:

      Green looks like a Neanderthal.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      HEH ! You’re right ! The headline writers never saw anyone who isn’t a LEADING DEMOCRAT ! AL GREEN ? ?
      A better “Leading democRAT” would be “Jake Plmnkrtnz”, who just started as spitoon emptyer on the Congressional floor.

  5. Terry says:

    They hate Trump because he has kept his campaign promises, inspite of the Democrat’s. And I recall Obama saying Trump couldn’t fix the economy, because he didn’t have a magic wand! WELL I guess he does! And the WALL is going up, lol 🤣in

    • blind as a bat – the economy is in all probability heading toward a recession, talk to the dairy farmers in Wisconsin who fear they will not sell their cheese to China due to the tariff, or the the farmers in California who fear they might not have enough workers from Mexico to harvest their crop, or others who have lost their jobs because of the tariff. You place too much trust in a man who only cares for himself as the psalmist says: put not your trust in man nor the princes of men for the here today and gone tomorrow. He certainly does not follow the teachings of Jesus when it comes to migrants, the poor, access to medical care for the poor, etc. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED! Nemo dat quod non habet. trump cannot give what he does’t have.

      • BC says:

        Joseph—Take your brain and place it in a hummingbird and it will suck a mules butt for a morning glory.

      • june says:

        Oh please, now the dems have reached the R in the alphabet, none of the other lettered fake charges did any damage so now we are up to R and the new word is recession. What are you going to go for with the next letter after this one also fails, hmm S is for….

      • gandolf the White says:


      • BARNEY says:

        Joseph Strychasz Who the hell do you think harvest the crops before the massive influx
        of ILLEGALS ????

    • Racists for Trump says:

      Obama fixed the economy from the disaster of Trump’s crazy tax cuts and stock marker implosion, you cannot be that stupid not to remember the fear of the country in 2008.

      • NANCY EVILSIZOR says:

        How did Obama fix the economy? Did he do it when he stole 20% of our uranium and sold it to terrorists? Did he do it when he laundered money to benefit his family and friends? Did he do it when he incited violence against police officers? Did he do it when he ignored Christians from getting their heads chopped off? Did he do it when soldiers were killed in Bengazi as he prepared for a fun-raiser in Vegas? Did he do it when the economy tanked in 2008? Did he do it when he ignored Hillary’s pay-to-play Clinton Foundation exploded from terrorist donations? Did he do it when he had his own Foundation growing leaps and bounds?

      • june says:

        dear racist for trump are you nuts, obama is not in power and cannot do anything about TRUMPS IMPROVED AMERICAN ECONOMY so tell me how he could have fixed it LOL Obozo said that trump would need a magic wand to have manufacturing return here, so I guess TRUMP HAD THAT MAGIC WAND IN HIS POCKET ALL ALONG.

        • Racists for Trump says:

          I meant Bush of course, another incompetent Republican President, but at not evil like Trump

          • Gina says:

            Who knew all about what was happening on 911 How did the
            building fall that wasn’t hit by the planes?? Funny how everything just collapsed just like a building set for demolition ?? So, don’t be putting an incompetent Bush with Trump…

          • BARNEY says:

            Racists for Trump Just showing how much you’re talking out of your ass
            I don’t think Bush gave any big tax cuts so I guess you’re the STUPID ONE!!!

      • gandolf the White says:

        Racist moron how could Obozo fix the economy from Trump’s crazy tax cuts when he came before Trump? Obozo was the Prez who caused the stock market implosion. Trump was nowhere near any of it. You can’t be that stupid to post such stupidity. Wait, here is proof you are.

  6. Rick says:

    I wish the Dems luck on impeachment because if it happens there will be an all out civil war. A good way to let the Dems know we mean business.

    • James Kirksey says:

      I do not like to see our tax dollars squandered on useless projects. However, we may learn how to better deal with Democrats, if we had a government study of Rep Al Greene. Just what makes him tick and where does he dream up his next move? The old seasoned Democrats see how foolish it will be to start impeachment of President Trump based on their Party hate. Maybe we should just tell them to bring it on and let the chips fall during the 2020 election campaigns. We have no evidence of the many accusations Democrats have made against The President. Yet, the Democrats have openly made bold statements about the bad things they are planning for him. The time has come, DEMOCRATS, either FISH or CUT BAIT. We will call your hand on all the useless,
      fruitless items you feed to the liberal press. You know, what will happen in advance; Because we hold the TRUMP CARD.

    • BARNEY says:

      Rick I’ve been locked and loaded for awhile now Let the lowlifes bring it on ?? MAGA-KAG

  7. H Lee says:

    I believe nothing that al green has to say about anything.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      I believe nothing that the Chosen One has to say about anything. Even if Mr Trump loses the next election I don’t see him leaving the White House. He will claim that the election was rigged and he will enjoy the bloodshed in American strreets. Guess it will depend on who the military supports concerning his removal. Get ready folks people are going to die come November 2020.

  8. Larry says:

    Al Green is a very stupid idiot. He has failed 3 times already

    • james says:

      I think he is a fellow Texan, as well. When he went to DC , the average IQ of both places, DC and Texas went up. He, Beto and Cisneros need to start a mutual admiration society amongst themselves. We are proud to have them leave the Lone Star state.

    • Scott says:

      When ever I see or hear this Al Green who is one of the dumbest people in Congress I feel like I am going to barf as this Communist MF makes me sick. I hate to think that my taxes are helping to pay for this POS to be in Congress.

  9. Archangel III says:

    Hey idiot… Yes you Senator Green…What the hell are you trying to pull this time? Didn’t you get the memo? It’s common f’n knowledge that President Trump is using part of the additional military budget funds he was granted by you and the rest of congress earlier this year… It’s also common knowledge that once congress grants the president this budget, he can “Constitutionally” use part of it to push is policies…including the wall, with no needed approval from you, (and congress) … THATS WHAT IT’S FOR, MORON! If you honestly believe we don’t know this, then you’re just pathetically insulting your own intelligence believing you’re insulting ours. False accusation and lie # 11,781… In case you haven’t noticed that between the Mainstream Mafia, and you Dumasscraps, … Give it up Senator Green… Nobody’s buying it anymore.

  10. c. johnson says:

    if the career poiticians want to insist on not doing anything, they should not be compensated in any kind of way.

  11. William Momeno says:


  12. Connie says:

    It is time to get rid of these Democrats, what a bunch of loser’s. We knew it was going to be a rough time for President Trump so we need to stay the course and back him all the way. Democrats think we are stupid and won’t know what is going on but they are wrong. We stand in support of President Trump 100%. I am just sorry there are so many people in Congress that are not working with a full deck and are being led by certain people to help destroy America. Stand strong with our President Trump.

    • old man coyote says:

      I strongly support background/mental health checks. No one who is brain-dead should be allowed to hold public office

    • In Exodus, when Moses returned from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments, the People of God were worshiping a golden calf. You worship Mr. Trump who is your golden calf (a false idol) You hate so much that this can lead to both medical and mental health problems. According to Jesus we must love our enemies, otherwise we are not his true followers. Keep worshiping Trump, remember you will have to answer to Jesus at judgement time. I am simply reminding you of your responsibility to put Jesus as your savior rather than Trump who is so proud and self-centered he would not accept Jesus’ mandate.

  13. Al Green can`t sing, can`t dance, How many in the think tank room did it take to make up this story? If Obama can let terrorist murderers go free Trump is safe. This is getting sickening you Politicians play games with your own forking money. What ever political party you are up yours. Our country is bleeding stop the hissy fits before real Americans slap the scheit out of you.

    • James Emile Hay says:

      Well Put Mr Anderson But Why None Of The Congressional Conservatives Who’s Always Claiming To Be On The Side Of The People Fail To Call These Democrat Traitors Out On Any Of These Democrats Treasonous Acts. I Wonder Why They Still Refuse To Support Our President. What An Bunch Yellow Bastards.

    • James Emile Hay says:

      Well Put Mr Anderson . Al Green Is An Washed Up Phony Who Needs To Go Back To Whereever And Run His Scams On The Street Like All Hood Rat

  14. Loyd says:

    I didn’t know that there was a top Democrats, all of them has shown low side, it seems like dumb and dummer gets all the headlines.

  15. The Democrats haven`t grown up yet. Give them a water bed instead of a crib. An IV feed martini drip instead of a pacifier. Maybe they will shut the fork up like they did for Obama. These are the biggest traitors or the dumbest bunch of human beings that belong to the same club. Lets see whats worse a booming economy and a halt to illegals. Selling yellow cake uranium to people that would nuke us? What do you think cannon fodder?

  16. Sam Snyder PhD MPH says:

    Joe Green is an obsessed Neanderthal and totally moronic, who cares what it thinks! Trump will never be impeached. The Left thinks impeachment is an ouster of the President, and it is not, and they think if he is gone Hillary will be president, and that my friends are why they are complete idiots and crazy as a loon!

  17. Rick Butkowski says:

    any Dem that persists in this lunacy seriously needs to be evaluated for mental stability and considered for prosecuting them for wasting taxpayer funding. They are wasting valuable funds that could be used to clean up the tent cities.

  18. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I am so sick of these Democrats not doing a dag gum thing for their constituents and just wasting thousands of dollars on nothing but pointless investigations into lies and their own wishful thinking! They will all turn out like the Mueller investigation, and big fat nothing!

  19. TICKED says:


  20. Heidi says:

    WTF, they are so desperate and will do anything illegal to get it done.

  21. Tom says:

    They will get it through the House it dead on arrival at the Senate. Then they will pay a hude price in the 2020 elections.

    • Mysty says:

      The dem party is so wrapped up in their cloaks of EVIL that they truly cannot see the door to hell opening up. They are SMUG in their beliefs that they can get away with anything…because they have so far.
      God is very patient with His children, but when that enormous patience comes to the end…AND IT WILL…EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY VOICE WILL KNOW GOD’S NAME AND THEY WILL PROCLAIM HE IS GOD, THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Then there will be the final Judgement. God will look for names in the Book of Life; if your name isn’t there…you DO NOT ENTER THE GATES OF PARADISE. YOU WILL BE THROWN INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.
      They will beg God to give them another chance. He gave them so many chances that they threw away that He refuses any more. They will scream in agony to die. They will NOT be granted that release…EVER.
      Dems are so controlled by their puppetmaster that they are blind to anything but their own desires; lusting after more & more power until they have total power…in their minds. Lusting after more & more riches…they will NEVER have enough. EVER.
      They are caught in a vortex that never will release them.

      • who are you to judge – only Jesus will judge us not anyone else. Judge not lest you be judged, love your enemies, care for the poor, migrants, elderly, sick, etc. These are the mandates of Christ. If anyone lusts for money and power, it is Mr. Trump who gives to the rich and reduces food stamps for the poor and denies them medical care. Is this what Jesus wants. Mr Trump does not worship God but himself. I do not know what Bible you read, but it certainly is not of Christ.

  22. Al says:

    I came here with my family from another country in 1969. I agree with Rosemarie H Douglass anyone who was not born in the USA should not be allowed to run the country. A lot of foreigner Immigrants have no loyalty to this great country. I for one do, this is the only country that I really know. I really now nothing of my home country’s Germany and Canada. So I consider myself American more than the other 2. But I still think the government should only be run by people who are born and raised in the USA, for any position. Not American then don’t apply for the position. “Simple as That”.

    • Mysty says:

      THANK YOU!!!
      I agree with you 100%!!! I am very happy that you love this country!!!

  23. Nam Vet says:

    My oath as a combat veteran is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The usurpation of Congressional members to engage in seditious actions against the same Constitution that they have avowed to respect, rightly deserves the acrimony, condemnation and punishment which they deserve.

    “Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” Voltaire

  24. Marcia says:

    Al Green another Nalder, thinks he can impeach the President just because he wants to. Sorry dumbo all you dumboRATS need to stop picking your butts to come up with idiotic ideas in trying to get rid of our Great President. I can only hope that all you idiots are elected out of office and then you have no one to blame but yourselves. I think it’s time to RE-drain the swamp but make sure its the smart asses that go.

  25. Gary says:

    I’m from Texas. Al Green won’t be around much longer! We’ll vote him out at the ballot box!!

  26. doyle says:

    I agree with al, the whole mess of politians need to be cleaned out and the money trail be stopped. We need representives who have truly been elected by the majority vote. They should not have lifetime jobs and all of the rediculas perks. I believe that if this does not happen that is when the people will rise up!

  27. Randall clark says:

    They don’t want to do that, if they know what’s good for them!! IF GOD SAYS NO, THEN ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

  28. Ivdad says:

    Anyone heard of law suits for malicious prosecution?

  29. Vickie Larsen says:

    Wake up Washington!! You have wicked hateful enemy’s of our duly elected President Trump right under your noses in congress & other important offices that spend every minute 24/7 to do nothing for the American people that they were elected to serve!! NO, on the contrary these Deep State officials serve no but themself!! We the Republican PATRIOTS of this Country shall not ever REST until every corrupt politician in our Country is indicted given a trial so that every DISPICABLE act of treason & corruption they are guilty of will. NEVER Again go Unpunished BUT Will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our laws!!

    • Kathe says:

      Amen to your comment as Congress as well as the various Departments in Government has managed to become corrupt. The DOJ has proven they need a Huge Over Haul of their Leaders as the Inspector General into the criminal actions of former Director of the FBI James Comey has proven in their report of August 2019. The News Media as usual attack President Trump and his Administration of wrong doing when in fact they the News Media overlook the corruption of those who wish to impeach this President and disrupt/destroy our Republic U.S. Constitution. This Nation has witnessed a Coup de tat of members of the DOJ/FBI as well as the involvement of B. Obama and his Administration as to FISA in 2016. The Corruption within our Government must be rooted out no matter who/whom.

  30. Don says:

    I come from a long line of democrats. The current ones in office (and out0 have totally changed my mind on them. Straight Republican from here on.

  31. klsparrow says:

    The story that Al green want to use as impeachment. Trump will issue them a government pardon if they have to break laws to get the border wall built. Al Green should be removed from congress for letting people think he has a brain and lying to the people in his Dist.

  32. Chilidog1947 says:

    Trump is doing exactly what he said he would. He promised the country that he would put up the wall and he is! The left does not realize that their whining and lying is only insuring Trumps re-election. The left “Leaders” (whiners) really have to be stupid.

    • Robert says:

      Lets hope these fool don’t get reelected, hope we can get read of their retirement, how would you like to get 100% retirement?

  33. Pierrette says:

    Trash all these demodogs running …All pathetic,corrupt …Can clean out some repubs. As well …WE ,THE American legal society are Fed up..What we need to do is All Stop Working..NO MORE OF OUR $$$$$

  34. John R Day says:

    The problem really is that idiots like Greene make outrageous comments and then MSNBC, CNN and others promote it as ‘news’ and then Fakebook, Twister and other social media sites disseminate it and spread the propaganda to the masses . All corrupt, and very dangerous to a democracy!

  35. mary l conner says:

    The democrats starting impeaching Trump as soon as he won the election… We all know that and it’s time for all great Americans who believe in the word “””TRUTH”””to stand up to these democrats and vote them from office… They haven’t done any work for this country in almost (3) years now…………..EXCEPT GO AFTER TRUMP; A MAN THAT’S WORKS 24/7 FOR THIS COUNTRY AND CHARGES NOTHING………………

    • William says:

      Well Mary, you know what Joe Biden said. “We (dems) choose truth over fact.” They are so desperate!!! MAGA and KAG, Donald!!!!!

  36. Rex Kittle says:


    • Robert says:

      Lets hope these fool don’t get reelected, hope we can get read of their retirement, how would you like to get 100% retirement?

  37. Rosemarie H Douglass says:

    why dont we start demaaaaanding that the do some work and if they don’t work by the constitution out the go what is whit you people the don’t have the right to do what is going on why don’t you study the bill of right`s you have the power to get them out whit out the courts the have no legal way to m do that Obama dod a good job on you Americans get your heads out of his butt and start thinking straight lets stop that madness start impeaching auditing recalling all of the Dem`s that are against America and just in there for power don’t let anyone that is not born in the USA be in our government the nothing but trouble they don’t work for us the are in to make trouble so the can advance there country get smart and start to get America back on track and demand time limits and no more globalists

  38. Jeff says:

    I wish people in Texas would simply get rid of this Worthless POS Al Green! Such a useless excuse for a human being, if you can call him human.

    Please TEXAS Vote this giant ASS out of office!

  39. Cloud Farrow says:

    How can you say it is impeachable to pardon when you yourself say it’s ok to come here elegally. These word benders cannot be taken seriously.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      werds wur munt tuh be benth. uo lurn mucho uh Trump Onivrsity. What are hamberders?

      • SweetOlBob says:

        A person studies birds an “Orniversity”; and there are some strange ones to be noticed in the democRAT flock. Some just squak, some quack. Some croak”raaaacist”. Some just preen their feathers. Some eat each other, and all of them have diarrhea ! They all also desperately need their cage cleaned and to be set free into the world. They have proven that they do nothing but the aforementioned in captivity.

  40. Ruth Lawler says:

    I posted a comment hours ago which was only the fourth one, I believe, You have more comments than that now but mine isn’t among them. What happened to it? Alaskat

  41. Loyd says:

    Folks Obama,Clinton,Pelousi ,Shummer ,Finestien, , my spelling isn’t too good, but these Democrats are not stupid ,but mean and only care about getting enough money to try and screw the rest of us. Don’t you wish there was some way of sticking it to about all politicans that either come across on the platform they got elected or no pay. The rest of us have to work for what we get, politicans the same, two terms and that is it. No benefits , unless they earned it by wize choises.

    • Al says:

      Politics should not be a career ! No pensions ! Their pensions & benefits are out of control and raping the TAXPAYERS !

      • mzaz says:

        They should get SS like the rest of American’s. They should get the same health care as American’s. No refugee or immigrant should be allowed in any political office where they can pass laws on America. We said we’d never forget after 9/11 and many of you did and voted one into our WH. Now we have two in congress. Wake up America. #VoteRed #KAG #TRUMPTRAIN2020 #2ndAmendment #USA1ST

    • Pierrette says:


    • Robert says:

      Lets hope these fool don’t get reelected, hope we can get read of their retirement, how would you like to get 100% retirement?

  42. Allan Walker says:

    The insidious nature of the Democratic party’s agenda is they are degenerating into a “banana dictatorship” method of hunger for power. They continually lie, cheat and steal their way into your home as effectively as though they where using armed force, which may come to that,i.e. think of the group Antifa. They succeed at this through the use of the corrupt news media and fake news. We, as thinking Americans, can not allow them to rip our country apart with their lies and deceit. Stand firm and support our President. It’s nothing less then your duty.

    • trump is the real dictator who resembles the way hitler ruled germany – he instills fear, anger, hatred violence and racism. he attempts to destroy our Constitution which he knows nothing about. He is the most self centered person I ever met and is the cause of the recent attacks on jews and hispanics. someone counted over 6,000 lies trump committed in his first one and a half years in office, e.g. all asylum seekers from the south are criminals, climate change is a hoax. trump is the inventor of fake news. Why should I support a man who is against most of the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Immigration, care for the enviornment, access to medical care for the poor, etc., are moral issues.
      Trump is amoral to begin with. ONE CANNOT REASON WITH A PERSON WHO IS BIASED. Look at how trump is destroying our country – thank God for the judicial system which has blocked many of trump’s demonic schemes.

  43. Sharon says:

    If the dems try to impeach Presedent Trump, and succed, which they wont, but if they do by some crocked means, I am afraid there will be a civil war on our hands. Let us pray it won’t go that far.

    • Elton K. Bowman says:

      I hope that we will never have a civil war. With that being said, look at what is going on. Universities/ colleges no longer allow free speech; truth no longer matters (just look at the Dems in Congress); The Dems in congress has tried everything to impeach our President (without success) and will continue until the republicans wave the white flag. If President Trump wins the election in 2020, you can rest assured the loony left will absolutely lose it and then the civil war will begin.

  44. Rodney says:

    The dim wits, libs and rinos just can’t get over they lost and we won!!!!! The AMERICAN people did not clintion, I know spelling, but I don’t care, as their president, because they saw how she had lied about everything she did as Secretary of State, and sure as hell didn’t want to have her running the United States of America!!!!!!!

    • Robert says:

      Lets hope these fool don’t get reelected, hope we can get read of their retirement, how would you like to get 100% retirement?

    • you forget trump lost the popular vote by 1 million. Had it not been for the electoral college, she would have won. If you believe mrs. clinton is a liar, trump beats her by a long shot. he is the master of lies and fake news, yet you worship him as a god. Mr. Trump has lied about asylum seekers being criminals, climate change is a hoax, etc., and his actions are destroying our country as we know it leading us to a fascistic form of government – so we will be like Hitler’s germany.

      • NANCY EVILSIZOR says:

        Without the Electoral College, the only votes that would be counted are the votes from California, Texas, Florida, and New York. The people in the rest of the country would not have a vote whatsoever, which is why the Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College.

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