WATCH: Donald Trump had one trick up his sleeve that ruined Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller thought he had Donald Trump trapped.

The special counsel was about to play his top card to impeach Trump.

But Donald Trump had one trick up his sleeve that ruined Robert Mueller.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Trump revealed that he completed his written answers to Robert Mueller on Russian collusion.

Trump stated:

“And it wasn’t a big deal. By the way, it wasn’t a big deal. The answers — the questions were asked and answered. It wasn’t a big deal. You know, they make it like I had meetings for many, many hours — I got the questions, I responded, we wrote them out, I read them once, I read them a second time, we made some changes, that’s it. They’re very simple.”

The President also told host Chris Wallace that his legal team would turn over the answers soon.

Wallace pressed Trump on if this meant he would not sit for an interview with Mueller.

Trump replied that was the case.

“I think we’ve wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is probably, we’re finished,” Trump stated.

Mueller hoped to interview Trump so he could spring a perjury trap.

If Trump misstated the date of a meeting or if another witness gave a contradictory testimony, Mueller could claim Trump lied and that Congress should impeach him.

Even if the other witness lied and Trump told the truth it would come down to who Mueller believed.

Mueller could claim he thought the other witness was more believable and frame Trump for perjury.

There is no benefit to Trump sitting for an interview with Mueller and his 17 angry Democrats.

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