WATCH: Donald Trump had one trick up his sleeve that ruined Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller thought he had Donald Trump trapped.

The special counsel was about to play his top card to impeach Trump.

But Donald Trump had one trick up his sleeve that ruined Robert Mueller.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Trump revealed that he completed his written answers to Robert Mueller on Russian collusion.

Trump stated:

“And it wasn’t a big deal. By the way, it wasn’t a big deal. The answers — the questions were asked and answered. It wasn’t a big deal. You know, they make it like I had meetings for many, many hours — I got the questions, I responded, we wrote them out, I read them once, I read them a second time, we made some changes, that’s it. They’re very simple.”

The President also told host Chris Wallace that his legal team would turn over the answers soon.

Wallace pressed Trump on if this meant he would not sit for an interview with Mueller.

Trump replied that was the case.

“I think we’ve wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is probably, we’re finished,” Trump stated.

Mueller hoped to interview Trump so he could spring a perjury trap.

If Trump misstated the date of a meeting or if another witness gave a contradictory testimony, Mueller could claim Trump lied and that Congress should impeach him.

Even if the other witness lied and Trump told the truth it would come down to who Mueller believed.

Mueller could claim he thought the other witness was more believable and frame Trump for perjury.

There is no benefit to Trump sitting for an interview with Mueller and his 17 angry Democrats.


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95 Responses

  1. lisalles says:

    Put a fork in Mueller…he is done.

  2. Donald Lee says:

    Just put an end to this farce.

  3. Bill says:

    I think Trump should sit down with Mueller. Sit down on his face and take a big dump.

  4. Leif says:

    How quickly we forget when IRS democrats and other Obama officials were called in front of Congress to testify. They all took the 5th! That was the end of it. As they say, no further questions. Trump should just take the 5th. I spent many years with the Public Defender’s Office. I always told my family and friends don’t ever waive your right to remain silent and never talk with the prosecutor whether you are innocent or guilty.

  5. Bender says:

    So if I’m questioned for a crime I can just say we’re done and they’ll go away? Muller doesn’t need to set trap for someone who will lie if you ask him the time of day. Cadet bone spurs isn’t capable of telling the truth. There are 18 sealed indictments sitting there waiting for unsealing. Muller is a lot smarter than you give him credit for and I believe he prepared for Sessions removal and trump’s lackey who was put in charge. Trump can’t run from his crimes forever. By the way Ivanka used a private email account for White House business shouldn’t you sheep be chanting lock her up and saying what about the emails some more?

    • M says:

      Bender, So stupidly sarcastic!

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        Actually, Bender, quite astute! My metaphor for this is that Mueller is a chess master, always been several steps ahead of simplistic Trump.

        • M says:

          JD, And, just who gives a rat’s a$$ about what you think or say, you fake Dr.
          Please, go back to your “street brawler” lingo, it suits you better!
          Now go away, no time for liberals right now.

          • zee says:

            M. this ‘jd’ person ‘may’ Have Completed a ‘Doctoral Degree’
            in ‘field of study’ at some ‘U’ somewhere., ‘behavioral scientist. (BS) of which he stated. These types of ‘Degrees’ Allow the ‘prename’
            of DR. Which is basically an ‘EGO Trip’, > When Not Active/Registered. Of which ‘jd IS Not. Just ridin’ ‘ego’ KraaP.
            &&& you know, Any0ne can deploy a ‘surname’ on these sites.
            Ahem – lol.

          • M says:

            zee buddy, what’s happening? I saw you post about what you did Thanksgiving day, you had fun in among all kinds of folks!
            This JD. I knew he was without a doubt not a medical Dr. so I figured he was passing himself off as a educator. Sorry but, I have seen nothing indicating JD is a Dr. of anything, not even dog do! The tone of his comments sound just like Ric B, Scott27 and Eric Granberg.

          • zee says:

            Hey bae. Dr. ‘poobah’ . Capish
            Do you ‘know re ‘poobah’ ??? Haa.
            Save USA * NO MATTER WHAT.
            Do you know RealReason for CA ‘fires’?
            DEW. Factoid__

          • zee says:

            M. a ‘DR’ title Does Not Mean MD. EVER. a Ph.D. grants
            ‘dr’ title for ‘completed studies’ IN ANY ‘Field’.
            & Yeah, that’s rite > i ‘walked Among Them’ 0n ‘T’day. No prob.
            Can Handle. Some time i tell story of ‘slapping a ‘Drug lord’ in the face. In Fl. some yrs ago. Haha. & basically ‘doing’ that, Saved my ass. He Said: i’m ‘king’. I SAID : i’m Queen. & ‘that’ Was the End
            of ‘that’. Henceforth aka ‘The Slapper’ (posts) Capish.
            Hope you had good Thankful ‘T-Day. Later –

          • zee says:

            M. scroll down. Read Motel 8. LMAO.

          • Steel Magnolia says:

            M. * scroll, Read JackHandy. Always come back a few days.
            AnyTime a Non Patriot ‘jerk’ inks re ‘bone spurs to POTUS, deploy
            JackHandy. Clinton /Hussein obama NEVER ‘Served’.

      • JackHandy says:

        Hey Bender. You have 2 Rows of ‘Bone Spurs’ in Your Mouth.

    • michel says:

      My friend. you do have some issue – you need serious help .

    • Bender, you need to see a mendor. You brain is in full reverse mode.

    • Bill says:

      Tsk Tsk a bad reaction shows mental tension !

    • Stan Masters says:

      Your an absolute idiot Bender, good name for someone who bends the facts. You are true to your liberal Democratic party!!!!!

      • Scott27 says:

        hahahaha…. you people are such a cult. Ever hear of Jonestown? You’d be right at home there. Bender is spot on.

        • Dr. JD says:

          So true, Scott27. Notice about the only response to Bender’s fine analysis is to call him schoolyard names like “idiot” — but nothing behind those insults.

          • Motel 8 says:

            Get ‘a room’ w/ Scott, would ya. Invite ‘bender’ <. 0h yeah.
            Soyboys. Delicious. Wouldn't have a 'chance' W/ 'spice girls'.
            Turkey sandwhiches 0n 'the House'. Enjoy. *

        • M says:

          Scott27, JD, and Bender, You are such a trio of misguided liberal clowns who need group mental counselling.
          Hmmmmm…….how many of you reside in the same body? You can get help with that also!

    • Marlene says:

      Poor little basement troll. Your evil queen lost, now get over it.

  6. Darlene Avery says:

    I think they have wasted enough of president trump’s time. Need to throw muller and the rest of the corrupt people out of our country.

  7. Phil in TX says:

    Trump should ask Meuller one question: “Do you comprehend KMA”?

    Phil in TX

  8. stan says:

    Do not ever sit down with Mueller. He is a con artist who was turned down by Trump for head of the DOJ. He is in the tank with the Dimms and the DNC plus Soros. Money buys all kinds of corruption. Get him out of the witch hunt and back on the street looking for a job.

    • henry says:

      Moron moron moron! So, money buys corruption. Who has more money then Trump? Aren’t you the bright one.
      In bed with yhe dems. Oops, all of GOP wants Mueller to complete his investigation and take all the time he needs, too!
      Look up witchunt and fake in the doctionary! Idiot.
      Name one promise he kept!! He said he would erase the National debt. The debt has gone UP 2 trillion dollars. Promised a wall. Where is it? Promised to replace Obamacare. Hasn’t AND he has stopped trying! Promised to drain the swamp. Not one person gone EXCEPT 31 OF HIS PEOPLE, not the senators or congressmen that were who he said he would. Every single person that he hires he claims is the best. Then they’re gone! The only swamp he drains is HIS!
      Now, send me a list of what he HAS done.
      FYI: I am a 70 year old lifelong republican AND THAT IMMORAL UNETICAL MISOGYNIST PIG of a human being is NOT A REPUBLICAN. He has ruined our once great party. To quote that adulterer in the WH, sad!!!!!

      • M says:

        henry, You had better calm down there fellow. Your blood pressure is probably in the red zone for stroke or heart attack.
        Did You forget to take your meds? You sound unhinged and not thinking clearly .
        You know that America is a Republic and in order for President Trump to fulfill campaign promises, he has to have help from Congress. The things you complained about him not doing, he tried but Congress did not support him. Therefore, they did not get done.
        I won’t list the accomplishments that have been made but, they are many and most Republicans are very happy with them. I am happy too! So you just are not understanding what has gone on. I am sorry you are angry with our President and hope you will feel differently soon!

  9. Dr. J.D. says:

    This is probably one of the most fascinating posts of PP . It shows how Trump has been playing checkers rules in Mueller’s chess match. Mueller, is several moves ahead of Trump, and Trump thinks his written notes will suffice? How foolish and shows Trump is out of his league! Truly by Trump firing Sessions (another obstruction of justice) and installing his lackey, Whitaker, there may not be a subpoena to testify, BUT THE HOUSE CAN ALWAYS SUBPOENA TRUMP and Whitaker can do nothing about it!

    This investigation has been set up so that even if Rosenstein and Mueller are fired, this investigation will go on until it reaches conclusion. And every time Trump tries to obstruct it, he just adds one more charge on to the pile against him. If Trump were wise, he would be considering a resignation like Nixon did and get pardons from Pence for his federal crimes. The president cannot pardon for state crimes.

      • Dr. J.D. says:

        I got the same response when I predicted a blue wave at midterms.

      • M says:

        David in MA, OMG, JD, the fake, fraud, phony, doctor has put his elitist hat back on today to talk down to all the “little people”. Yesterday JD’s tone was like a street brawler. We don’t like either one of the JD’s because in any case JD is a stupid low life liberal who knows nothing and is not intelligent enough to comprehend the truth or the facts.
        JD, you jerk, you are impressing no one with the B.S. flowing from your mouth so just stop it already. If I was a Democrat you would be an embarrassment!
        You have so much to learn and you are not going to like any of it.

        • Bender says:

          JD they don’t like your facts they only use alternate facts given by their mighty cult leader and state run propaganda machines. They believe Democrats are geniuses who have all sorts of Republicans working for them in this deep state thing, they can hide where a president was born from every investigator who looked into it, and orchestrated Sandy Hook to grab guns. You’re not dealing with the best minds here. They believe if every American had a gun we’d be safer and if every American had health care we would be ruined. Common sense and free thinking strongly discouraged here.

          • Dr. JD says:

            Good point, Bender. They kept telling me the “red tsunami” was coming!

          • M says:

            Bender and JD, Both are sarcastically stupid! Oh, and liars also!

          • Stan Masters says:

            There was no tsunami either red or blue but the liberal Democrats cannot except defeat and they cheat to win. Muller is a liberal freak, a puppet playing to George Soros tune!!! If you liberal freaks want to circumvent the constitution I’ve had my belly full and will fight to preserve our way of life!! I’m ready to dance to the tune you freaks started playing, lets see who wins!!!!

    • Motel 8 says:

      Time for a ‘new program’. Your Ph.D has lost ‘luster’ (ie 5 yrs).
      Scott,Eric, betty boop & ‘bender’ Await you. Rooms are ‘soft’.
      Turkey sandwhiches – ‘on the house’ . POTUS will pick up the ‘tab’.

  10. Mueller has had his time in the sun and got nothing for it but a HUGE chunk of taxpayers money. The entire witch hunt was a demoCRAP folly from the start and I can’t wait for Mueller to announce his findings and quit beating a dead horse.

  11. Sue Rich says:

    Absolutely not. Mueller started this to keep Trump from getting elected, and he’s been trying ever since , without any evidence, to get Trump impeached. And whose paying for his vendetta. We are. The President has enough to do running the country to pacify Mueller’s every whim, hoping to catch him at anything. We are sick to death of paying for Mueller’s fixation. No, no, no.

    • michel says:

      If Mueller feels lonely – he should have a sit down with the Clinton’s , that should be interesting.
      He don’t even has to spring any traps, the evidence is all there….!

      • David in MA says:

        Speaking of the Clintons, I betcha Mueller in his hunt for Trump has come across much incriminating evidence against BOTH Clintons, but he cannot bring it out because he will be incriminating himself.

    • Ruth says:


    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Sue, so many errors in your post. Mueller was picked as special counsel months AFTER Trump got elected, and the probe was about Russian interference in the election of 2016. #2. Mueller has gotten enough evidence TO DATE to convict almost all of Trump’s campaign leaders and his personal lawyer, who was involved with Trump on other campaign law crimes. #3. Paying – – despite the Ken Starr investigation of the Clintons, this investigation has seen $millions brought into the federal gov. from Manafort convictions.

  12. Titud says:

    I am sick of all of this. The Dems. are nasty, conflicted, demons and story creators. Too much money has been spent on this and it is time to turn the investigation where it belongs:on the Dems., Russian collusion by the Dems, paid for by the Dems and help by the leftist press to support Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation
    and their lies, Iran Deal funding by money stolen by Hillary and friends. Investigate Hillary, Obama and budfies. Obama, leave D.C. We do not need your pomposity and claims of greatness when you did nothing helpful for the USA in 8 long years. You do love yourself, an action not agreed with by the majority of the American people.
    Trump has achieved much despite the lies and roadblocks put up by the Dems. and their press. Continue to make America Gteat!!!

  13. Nancy says:

    No the man is relentless on impeaching Trump cause.democrats can’t get over he won.

  14. Danny Hatcher says:

    You know the Globalist agenda has Mueller by the go nada. He is a puppet, bilking millions on his partisan shenanigans.

  15. Steve says:

    F, Mueller and his other 17 demo commies both that have tried to bring down our POTUS. Now that you have wasted enough time and money,this farce needs to be over. Then the real probe can begin starting with you and all your sick commie friends in the deep state. F , all of you globalist POS! We don’t want any of you in power and we don’t want to be slaves to your NWO!

  16. Betty says:

    Any Trick that that Two Timing, Two Faced, Lying Oval Office Blond Haired Orangutan Ape has up his sleeve is bound to be sneaky, dishonest & insane one!

    • JHW says:

      You must be thinking about the black racist piece of s*** that used to be in the White House.

      • LPaul B says:

        Agreed, or the commie, corrupt, narcissist Clinton that “wanted” to set up residence in the WH. Count my blessings every day she didn’t.

    • truthistruth says:

      But Betty, you forgot to mention FOOLISH and IGNORANT too! How dumb is Trump to send out a tweet where he sank Don Jr., Jared and Marafort for conspiracy/collusion with our enemy Russia to defraud the 2016 election.

      • Rose says:

        truthistruth, you do not stand for TRUTH, Obana is going down in History as the worst president ever in US history, President Trump is the BEST President, he has been cleaning up the mess that Muslim Obama left. Have you ever asked yourself how Obama added 9 TRILLION $$ to the National debt. Where did he spend it? He built no roads, bridges or any other kind of enter structures. He added more to our National debt than all other Presidents in the history of the United States! Ask yourself where it went???? He robed you blind and you are not even smart enough to figure that out. He cut back on our Military, to the point we had to spend millions to bring it back as a force to protect our country. He did manage to supply ISIS with our military weapons. Hid money off shore for himself. He went into the White House broke, the only job he ever had was as a community organizer. He came out with multi millions. How do you do that on 400 thousand a year? Plus his wife came out rich, and so did his mother-in-law and the kids came out rich. He was the absolute crookedest and worst President ever!!

        • Dr, JD says:

          Rose, most of Barack’s money came from the sale of several best selling books. He was also a professor of law. But the your argument on the debt is true, but partial. Clinton left America in the black, or government surplus – – and if Bush had not provided both huge deficits and deregulation, we would NOT have had the crash of 2008. That crash almost bankrupted the country. So, Obama had to rebuild the economy and he reduced the deficits year by year. Trump reversed this and has now produced a deficit up to $800 BILLION for 2018 and will be OVER $1 TRILLION in 2019 alone.

          • JackHandy says:

            Wrong !!! Change your ‘meds’ – ‘clear cloudy’ thought process.
            Do yourself a ‘favor’. wow.
            btw: ‘who’ made you a ‘monitor’ Criticizing E’0ne’s posts.
            Stay w/ article comments.

  17. SANDY says:


    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Sandy, you are in error, all it takes is a simple majority in the House to IMPEACH Trump. “Impeach” just means being brought to trial in Senate. Clinton was impeached but not removed. It would take a 2/3 vote in the Senate to remove Trump, and it is highly improbable BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. As many of the posters here have noted, politicians think of themselves FOREMOST, and if they see the ship going down, like rats they will abandon Trump and turn on him. You have to understand, Trump has NOT made friends in the party as he ridicules and MOCKS people, and the never-Trumper republicans will not go down with the ship, but will turn on Trump.

  18. Betty says:


    • Gary Hume says:

      President Trump!
      Made it quite clear he answered the questions in writing! Maybe Robert Muler
      should be questioned about his connection
      too Hilary and Bill Clinton ! They want to
      trap President Trump with false tricky questions that lead no were! Like they are.
      Can’t stand there stupid attacks on are
      President! There is pleanty of Crap too
      bring up about Obama and Hilery but they
      Democratics Elec and the main Media refuse
      too go after all the facts!

      • David in MA says:

        This whole impeach Trump thing is those doing the trying are scared chitless he will go after them for their criminal lives, in and out of government. AND, I hope he does.

  19. Eric Granberg says:

    You guys are so stupid. Mueller is simply preparing a report. The House, under Democrat control come January 1, will do the Impeaching if deemed necessary. Then the Senate will have to grow a spine and make a decision what to do if Trump is impeached.

    • LPaul B says:

      They will do nothing as there is nothing to do. If Dems in House try to impeach Trump, it will spell a huge loss in 2020. So IMHO, they SHOULD try and do it.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      Always enjoy your insight and posts, Eric, you are always quite savvy and knowledgeable.

      • Motel 8 says:

        slurp slurp. gush gush. 0h eric —

        • M says:

          Motel 8, If this JD was a Dr. of anything (even latrine cleanimg) would realize Eric Granberg does not have enough savvy to pour pee out of a boot with “how to” instructions printed on the heel!

          • Motel 8* says:

            M. it’s me *____haha.capish. ‘jd’ dude is just lost, &
            keeps presenting himself.

          • M says:

            motel 8, I started to end my comment with “I know you, your secret is safe”. I changed mine and deleted the line, I thought what if it is not —! That’s too funny!

          • Motel 8w/meatcandy. says:

            Ha ha M. ‘soft room’ Is on Reserve Complete w/ Turkey
            Sandwhiches, 0r is it Sandwithches. lol. FOR ‘jd’, Scott,Eric,
            ‘betty(boop) &&& Any0ne Else who care to ‘join Them’.
            > Clean sheets &&& “We’ll Leave the Light 0n, for ya” ___

          • Motel 8* says:

            0h, Motel 8 Also Extends Invite to ‘tit’ (truthistruthwhat’?) to ‘theclan’.
            correct sp. to “SandWitches’.

  20. Steff says:

    This “witch hunt” has been the biggest scam and most expensive sham since the beginning of this country. The extremely corrupt Obama FBI and DOJ created a hoax and worked to carryout a coup against President Trump by executing traps and using bribery and force trying to get innocent people to testify against President Trump. Mueller was trying to force President Trump into the same type of perjury trap so that if a date or other piece of insignificant item did not vie with what other(s) swore to, he could declare perjury and generate a reason for impeachment. President Trump on advice of his attorneys would only commit to written responses to questions asked to deny Mueller the ability to trap him. This activity should be banned for any prosecutor, because of the damage it does to innocent people. I hope President Trump pardons ALL those who fell into the trap by Mueller.

    • GySgt. Lew says:

      I to hope that Trump pardons all of the people that Mueller has trapped – he’s had nothing on them…. It’s time for Mueller to it and go home before he is prosecuted for an Illegal Investigation….

  21. Rodney says:

    Mueller has had plenty of time to find incriminating evidence if there were some. The President doesn’t need to play a party to this game beyond submitting answers to asinine questions.

    • LPaul B says:

      I wouldn’t even have done that. He is NOT required to answer any questions as he isn’t under investigation, has not been indicted, nothing. Would YOU volunteer to answer DOJ questions if you didn’t have to? Likely not.

  22. M says:

    So glad President Trump is doing written questions and answers with Mueller. His plan is not a sit down interview. However, even with written answers there is an element of danger if the questions have been asked of other people. If DJT’ s answer did not agree with an answer someone else has given to Mueller, you guess which answer Mueller will accept.
    I do hope this means the investigation is about to end. We have spent far too much money, time and energy on it! End it please!

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