WATCH: A Soviet video of Bernie Sanders just leaked and ended his 2020 dreams

Polls show Bernie Sanders, who turns 78 this year, as one of the Democrat frontrunners for 2020.

He hasn’t officially announced, but his campaign couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start.

Now a thirty-year-old video was just leaked that unraveled his presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders pleaded ignorance when sexual harassment claims were made by staffers on his 2016 presidential campaign.

He’s waited for that story to blow over before announcing his candidacy for 2020.

But now a video has emerged of Bernie Sanders shirtless and intoxicated with his wife drinking and singing in a bar in the Soviet Union.

Forward reports:

Forget dancing queen AOC or bangin’ Beto or even that unsettling video of teenage Ted Cruz plotting world domination — this grainy footage of a topless, hammered Bernie Sanders singing “This Land Is Your Land” in the Soviet Union blows them all out of the political shark-filled water.

Travis Justin, a Navy veteran and leader of “Draft Beto 2020,” a group that is urging Texas representative Beto O’Rourke to seek presidential election, apparently first posted the video to Twitter. “Recently discovered footage from 1988 reveals a shirtless Bernie Sanders with his wife, Jane, on their honeymoon in the USSR, drunkenly singing ‘This Land Is Your Land’ with a group of presumed Soviets,” Justin captioned the clip, which was surfaced by another Sanders detractor on Twitter.

While the video is embarrassing for Senator Sanders, it has greater implications.

The Senator has a history of sympathizing with socialist and even communist regimes.

Sanders has openly admired countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, and even the Soviet Union for embracing socialism.

The video shows how much he celebrates socialist and communist economic policies.

As Sanders continues to accumulate problems, his chances of becoming the 2020 Democrat nominee may dwindle.

You can watch the video below:


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45 Responses

  1. Texas Belle says:

    The regime of Obama should have alerted anyone with a brain that the Dems are anti-American, anti freedom, anti individualism, anti free enterprise. They hate anyone who disagrees with them; they are power hungry zealots who will use any means to obtain control.

    • Jack Handy says:

      WHY WOULD ‘o’ regime Alert Any0ne, WHEN ‘they’
      WERE & REMAIN ‘anti American’ ___

    • ward says:

      Since 8 years of bo ‘s treason the dems are now the #1 enemy to destroy U.S.A.’s Patriotic Citizens Constitutional Freedom, Lierty and Rights … !

      • Steelie says:

        Yes Ward, absolutely no question about it.
        >Dems 0penly ‘profess’ PPH. NY Cuomo ‘INFANTICIDE’
        Followed by Va. Gov ( received 2 million from PPH)
        & from what i understand now Rhode Island.
        > Add Large Sections of ‘UNSECURED BORDERS’
        for ‘plenty of HUMAN Trafficking FOR 0BVIOUS
        Reasons. TWO HUGE “ISSUES”___ & not to mention
        #3 Cartels Unloading Drugs.
        Globalists .The AGENDA IS V. Baad for Sovereign USA.

      • Don says:

        You said it Semper Fi

  2. snark says:

    Bernie ‘lived’ in what is called a ‘sister city’.
    >Look it up yourselves, IF you can find it.
    > Bernie + living in / ‘sister’ cities.
    > Bernie only a ‘Part’ of the Real ‘Russian’ Collusion.
    & ‘they’ ALL Know it, including Mueller et al.
    >This article IS LITE – only mentions “intoxication”.
    ( again: Bernie living is ‘sister cities’ IS the Point.)
    >& Availed himself for a hillary ‘take down ‘ during
    the Pres. campaign. That ‘scenario’ was quite planned.
    Bernie was compensated V. Well . & Remains on the ‘dole’.

  3. Philip Simon says:

    The past is the past Bernie, Joe stop wearing Narsassist glasses, Beto you are immature, Kamala just stay in bed, Gillibrand will you turn into a mermaid, Nancy just stay Power full before the battery goes down, Gillum just go to jail, Andrew Cuomo just stay in New York and the other anti-border wall and Gore like climate change boobs, just do not run, you can not win against Trump. Shultz and Bloomberg, just make money.

  4. Thomas A Nagy says:

    Kamala Harris is the chosen and has been for at least six months. She might have been tapped in November 2016. Everyone else is competed for one of two reasons, to make Harris look good by comparison or to take the VP spot.

  5. Kbb says:

    Sanders was kicked out of his college days Commune for rsfusing to do his share of the manual labor and work. He envisioned himself as only a supervisor, too good to do any physical labor.
    Now he isa Democrat with the same mindset. I know better than you what is good for you, and try to give away other people’s money and labor my benefit- until we finally run out.
    Don’t expect me to use mine. The liberal mantra- “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours.”

  6. James Rust says:

    Bernie has to spend his vacation money in Russia to help their economy as opposed to vacationing in the great USA that has the world’s most beautiful landscape like Yosemite, etc. He is not a good American.

  7. Babbo says:

    Who needs this ancient commie in the White House???Send him to Venezuela or Cuba and let him enjoy his golden years in those paradises.

  8. Tom Joe says:

    Nothing to see here. Just the typical Democrat a.k.a. American Communist. This country unfortunately is full of them in the state and federal governments. Lenin would be proud.
    Sad times for the REPUBLIC.

  9. Rick says:

    I luv trump

  10. Gene Hollon says:

    THANK YOU , CARMEN !!!!!! A D V I C E —

  11. CHUCK says:


  12. Scott Blanshan says:

    So where’s the video?


  14. I grew up behind the Iron Curtain where I was heavily persecuted for fighting for human rights and was years under strict surveillance by StB (KGB). Sanders’ communist ideology shocked me at the elections, which turned me off the democrat party and made me to act on social media. However, soon I was shadow-banned for my anti-communist opinion.

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Bernie Sanders is worst than a communist,he a is a woodbe fascist if he were ever
    Our president. Let’s hope that the ignorant people stay away from the polls in 2020 otherwise it might increase his chances of winning the White House.

  16. Tom Curry says:

    We all need to close our minds to all these Democrats and the bias media, for all these people do nothing but give us BS lip service!!!! For one all the things these Democrats promise us is insane and they may all sound good but they are promises that they can never deliver us and anyone with a brain can figure out why, for what these Democrats offer is nothing but the destruction of our country, for we have already a debt of 23 trillion dollars in the whole and what these Democrats are offering us will put us with a debt of triple that if not even more!!! If the Democrats should take over our government we will lose everything that Trump has accomplished the stock market will tank, the economy will end up in a depression worse than
    what we have ever seen for all the businesses that came back will leave and never come back again, and our freedom will no longer exist and we will no longer be a superpower or leader in the world!!!! These are the facts of which these Democrats will never admit to you!!! Just open your minds and think about it all for no country on this planet can ever pay for all the things these Democrats are pushing for we will be all owned by the government and the politicians will be the only ones living the high life and we will be there slaves!!!!

    • glock19fan says:

      That’s for sure. Hitler, Lenin and Stalin made all the promises one could think but what they “delivered” was tyranny and mass murder. In fact, Stalin was the second bloodiest butcher of all time second only to Mao (take that, lamestream media) and Hitler was a distant third.

    • Chris says:

      So true!!!

  17. Elizabeth Aboud says:

    I totally agree with “nan”, in spite of being harrassed, ridiculed, lies spread about our POTUS, mud slinging and much more President Trump has been courageously fighting on. In the short time he became President of our country he has accomplished more than any other President has. Nan is so right, just think how much more President Trump could accomplish if the Democrats, media, Liberals and Lefties would leave him alone. These evil people would go to any lengths to see our President fail, but he won’t because God is with him. God bless him and his family and God bless America.

  18. nan says:

    if you dare to dig around any of these ‘candidates’, you’ll find much disturbing information. flip the tables and see what happens if/when the republicans (dormant right now) would ‘investigate’ these losers the way our President has and is being investigated. the COLLUSION is real … but by OBAMA, CLINTON and MANY OTHERS including PELOSI! not to mention the parade of CRIMINALS that were in the OBAMA administration and are still very active in dismantling our beloved nation, and lambasting our PRESIDENT who is doing such a good job. imagine what he’d get done if not for all of the BS being slung at him 24/7!

  19. Bernie Sanders is 100 percent communist Why is he in the Democratic Party?

  20. The Real M says:

    So, this did not reveal anything new about Bernie, did it? We all know he is a commie, we already knew he and Jane honeymooned in Russia and no surprise they partied.
    He definitely should NEVER be elected President because he is a communist and he is too damned old! There is nothing wrong with being a senior but too many things can go wrong with mind and body, not real sure he is not already having mental issues. He should go home and enjoy his golden years.

  21. Caesar Meledandri says:

    Time to retire bernie and head back to marijuanaville , VT.

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