Vladimir Putin just started World War III by giving this one order

This was the moment everyone feared.

For decades, nations across the globe tried to avoid this scenario.

But Vladimir Putin just started World War III by giving this one order.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a state of martial law in his country following Vladimir Putin ordering a full-scale invasion designed to effect regime change and install a puppet, pro-Russian government.

“We are introducing martial law across the country. No panic. We are ready for anything. We are going to win because we are Ukrainians,” President Zelensky stated.

Putin wants to reform the Soviet empire from the Cold War days, and seizing Ukraine is step one in that plan.

But this war could ignite the nightmare scenario of World War III that filled books and movies during the Cold War.

Putin threatened that Russia still possessed the world’s largest nuclear stockpile, and that he would launch a nuclear strike against any nation that intervened on Ukraine’s behalf during this invasion.

“As for the military sphere, modern Russia, even after the collapse of the USSR and the loss of a significant part of its nuclear potential, is today one of the most powerful nuclear powers. And moreover, it has certain advantages in a number of the latest types of weapons. In this regard, no one should have any doubt that a direct attack on Russia will lead to defeat and dire consequences for a potential aggressor,” Putin declared.

No world leader has ever threatened global nuclear holocaust so openly before, fueling speculation that Putin is no longer a rational actor.

But Putin then demanded all Ukrainian military forces surrender and lay down their arms.

“I urge you to immediately lay down your weapons and go home. All servicemen of the Ukrainian army who fulfill this demand will be able to freely leave the combat zone and return to their families,” Putin added.

That is not likely to happen.

The Russians hold an advantage of overwhelming conventional military superiority over the Ukrainians.

But Ukraine is a geographically large country that also passed a law granting every citizen the right to bear arms.

The Ukrainians may be preparing for a conventional military defeat, as well as a long and bloody insurgency.

But such a fight puts Russia on the doorstep of Poland, a NATO member.

And should Russian forces chase Ukrainian insurgents, engage in aerial combat in Polish airspace, or launch a cyberattack against Ukraine that trickles into Poland, it could trigger Article 5 of the NATO charter, meaning the United States and every country in NATO would now be at war with Russia.

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