Virginia’s blackface Governor just gave illegal aliens a win you won’t believe

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is still trying to recover from his blackface scandal.

He will do anything to get the radical Left back on his side.

And to do that he just gave illegal aliens a win you won’t believe.

The radical Left wants to give illegal aliens everything on a silver platter.

Despite them not having to pay taxes, or have a real stake in the United States’ success, they get access to welfare programs, and often are given special privileges by Democrats.

One state they have been flocking to is Virginia.

Despite the state’s conservative history, it is shifting radically due to the ever-expanding Washington, D.C. Swamp encroaching further into their state every year.

And their Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is under pressure to shift more to the radical Left to appease that continually growing voter base.

His efforts have gone into overdrive ever since his medical school yearbooks showed him either in blackface, or a Ku Klux Klan-style robe.

Northam has gone on a rampage, pushing every extreme Left position he can, and demolishing every piece of history the Left considers racist, most recently removing a statue of Robert E. Lee from the Capitol in Washington, D.C., that was put in place by the state of Virginia.

Now he is expanding his efforts to make Virginia more welcoming to illegal aliens.

He recently signed a bill that gives illegal aliens the ability to obtain “driver privilege cards” at the DMV.

Beginning January 1, any illegal immigrant who has reported income from Virginia sources in the last year, or were claimed as a dependent can obtain the cards, which will allow them to use the roadways in the state of Virginia, despite them not being in the country legally.

All they need to do is pass a vision test, road knowledge exam, and a driving test.

These exams are only granted in English, but applicants are allowed to have a translator present for the exam and road test.

But even this isn’t enough for some supporters of illegal immigration, who brought up concerns that the cards could make illegal aliens more susceptible to detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement during traffic stops, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

So even drivers licenses being given to illegal aliens isn’t enough for some left-wing extremists.

But that concern could be for nothing with Joe Biden wanting to give over 11 million illegal aliens amnesty.

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