Universities just enacted a horrifying far-left policy that will harm millions of white students

The far-left University system in America has become more extreme than ever.

On a regular basis, conservative students are attacked, while far-left students are rewarded.

And the University system just enacted a horrifying far-left policy that will harm millions of students just for being white.

Universities are already well-known for being incubators for far-left extremism.

From the start of the process, through affirmative action, to anti-white-and-male college professors who get away with spreading vile far-left propaganda, the goal of college is to indoctrinate students.

But now, another hurdle has been added to the process, with the College Board on the SAT exam adding an “adversity score” to SAT scores.

The score factors in environmental and educational differences in students to give them a “victim score” in order to give them an advantage.

Those factors include crime and poverty rates in their community, as well as if they are in a single parent household or if English is their second language.

The SAT is ultimately punishing kids for their parents being successful, as well as disproportionately harming white students who are less likely to live in poverty.

But it ultimately harms any family that is successful.

CBS News reports:

A new “adversity score” assigned by the College Board on the SAT exam will reportedly reflect students’ family income, environment and educational differences in an effort to level the playing field in the highly competitive college admissions process. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that 50 schools used the new indicator as part of a beta test last year and the College Board plans to bring more than 150 schools into the fold this fall.

The College Board is a New York-based non-profit that is in charge of overseeing the SAT. A dialogue about wealth and privilege in educational institutions exploded this year in wake of the college admissions scandal, in which 33 parents were charged with paying huge sums of money to have their children cheat on the SAT and be admitted into top colleges under the false pretenses of being student athletes.

This new “adversity score” number is calculated by assessing 15 factors that can better help admissions officers determine an individual student’s social and economic background, the Journal reported. These factors are first divided into three categories: neighborhood environment, family environment and high school environment.

One America News host Liz Wheeler tweeted exactly what this could mean for students across America.

Universities are teaching students to be victims, and punishing them if they do not fit their definition of “victim.”

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  1. Mary Otis says:

    Isn’t earning good honest grades going to matter anymore ?< I have definitely not said this before AND HAVE NO COMMENT TO MAKE ABOUT BEING ACUS.ED OF THAT

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