Two words Elijah Cummings said in 1999 just came back to bite him in a big way

Rep. Elijah Cummings is reveling in his 15 minutes of fame after Trump called him out for failing his city of Baltimore.

He claims that Trump is wrong with his statements about Baltimore, and the mainstream media is eating it up.

But two words Elijah Cummings said in 1999 just came back to bite him in a big way.

One of the problems long-serving Democrats continue to face is their decades-old statements and policies.

The Democrat Party hasn’t always been as insanely far Left-wing as it has become today.

So positions from high-level Democrats ten years ago are much different than they are today.

And as it turns out, in 1999, Elijah Cummings agreed with President Trump about the poverty conditions in Baltimore.

He spoke to Congress, stating that his community in Baltimore is “drug-infested,” and that many of the children he knew 14 or 15 years ago are “walking around like zombies.”

The Daily Caller reports:

The Trump campaign uncovered video Wednesday of Maryland Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings calling his district in Baltimore “drug-infested” in 1999.

“This morning, I left my community of Baltimore, a drug-infested area, where a lot of the drugs we are talking about today have already taken the lives of so many children,” Cummings said during a 1999 congressional hearing. “The same children that I watched 14 or 15 years ago as they grew up now walking around like zombies.”

“This is only 40 miles away from here,” he added.

The resurfaced video comes as President Donald Trump has been accused of racism for referring to Baltimore as “rodent infested” and a place that no human would want to live.
Trump partially blamed Cummings, who has represented part of Baltimore for over 20 years, for the conditions in the major Maryland city.”

These statements go even further than President Trump’s remarks about Baltimore.

So naturally, Trump’s campaign team took the video and pushed it out on their Twitter page.


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