Two Supreme Court Justices are rumored to consider retirement. You won’t believe who they are

Many Americans expect a shakeup on the Supreme Court after the 2020 election.

But changes may be coming quicker than people think.

Two Supreme Court Justices are rumored to consider retirement. And you won’t believe who they are.

Washington Post political reporter Robert Costa set off an earthquake in Washington, D.C. when he reported that Clarence Thomas was considering retirement.

“Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative appointed by George H.W. Bush, is privately seen by Trump’s aides as the most likely to retire this year. While Thomas has not given any indication of doing so, the White House and Senate Republicans are quietly preparing for a possible opening, according to a White House official and two outside Trump political advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversations,” Costa reported.

Shortly after this story broke, center-right radio host Hugh Hewitt chimed that conservative justice Samuel Alito also was considering retirement due to his wife not liking living in Washington, D.C.

Costa also reported, “After reading my latest Post report, @hughhewitt tells his radio audience this morning that he hears from several leading conservatives that Justice Alito, 70, is considering retirement, and adds that he also hears the Alito family is ready to leave Washington, D.C.”

Thomas is 72 and Alito is 70.

Some conservatives may want them to retire so President Trump can nominate younger replacements in case Joe Biden wins the election and/or Democrats take control of the Senate.

That would prevent Biden – or a Democrat who could succeed Trump in 2024 if the President wins re-election – from overturning the current tenuous five to four conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

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