Two minutes could have just changed the entire Florida Senate race

Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes is at it again.

Her shenanigans have slow-rolled recounts in the Florida governor and Senate races.

But the trick she just pulled could be bad news for Republicans.

The deadline for all Florida counties to complete machine recounts was 3:00pm on Thursday.

In the recount, Republican Rick Scott posted a net gain of 779 votes in Broward County.

But Broward County posted results two minutes too late.

So they are throwing out the recount results and going back to the initial results.

Fox News reports:

The top election official in Florida’s heavily Democratic Broward County said late Thursday that the county had uploaded the results of its recount two minutes after the state’s 3 p.m. deadline – making its machine recount tally void. Instead, the county’s results from last Tuesday’s election will stand until manual recount totals in the state’s closely contested Senate race come in Sunday at noon.

GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott’s campaign charged that embattled Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes intentionally submitted late results so that they would be invalidated. In the recount, Scott’s Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, lost more votes than Scott — meaning Scott would have seen a net gain of 779 votes if Snipes hadn’t been late.

The news of the bungled ballot count comes after Snipes boasted about never missing a deadline.

Now the race is going to a manual recount.

The deadline for the manual recount is 12:00pm on Sunday.

This is just another example of blatant corruption in the voting system.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) went on Fox News and said Brenda Snipes deliberately submitted the results late.

Snipes is a partisan Democrat and she knew it would hurt Republican Rick Scott.

Democrats have insisted we “count all votes.”

But when the votes don’t go their way they pull dirty tricks to ensure they aren’t counted.

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