Two Democrats voted against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for this sneaky reason

Democrats are beginning to turn against Joe Biden and his COVID tyranny.

But there is something funny going on.

And now two Democrats voted against Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for this sneaky reason.

Democrat Senators Jon Tester of Montana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia voted with Republicans on a Congressional Review Act resolution to repeal Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and un-American federal vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 workers.

“I’m not crazy about mandates,” Tester stated.

Utah Senator Mike Lee declared this vote would “assert clearly, unambiguously and swiftly that these mandates are unconstitutional, illegal and morally indefensible.”

But there is a reason Tester and Manchin voted with Republicans on this measure and helped it pass the Senate 52 to 48.

And that’s because the gesture is meaningless.

Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives will never take up this resolution and Jen Psaki announced Biden would veto it if it ever came to his desk.

“Our view and the view of many Americans is that if people aren’t vaccinated, having them test once a week is quite reasonable as we’re thinking about how to protect our workplaces, how to protect stores and retail locations as people are out shopping for Christmas and the holidays, how to protect schools and public places,” Psaki told reporters. “And we also know that more than 100 leading public health experts have endorsed this rule.”

Republicans handed Tester and Manchin a free chance to show voters in their home states how independent and moderate they are ahead of their re-election campaigns in 2024 when whoever is the Republican nominee will try to win their states in massive landslides.

Republicans could have stopped the vaccine mandate in the government funding fight, but Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell rolled over and surrendered to the Democrats.

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