Two Democrat Senators just handed Chuck Schumer the worst news of his life

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is the chief obstructionist to funding President Trump’s wall on the southern border.

Senate Democrats along with some Never-Trump Republicans have pulled every sneaky trick in the books to block the wall.

But two Democrat Senators made an announcement that Chuck Schumer hated.

Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Joe Donnelly (IN) are facing tough reelection in states that voted 68-26 and 57-38 respectively for Trump.

They have felt pressure to buck Schumer’s strong-arm tactics so they each announced support for funding the border wall.

Breitbert reports:

Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) office told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Wednesday that he supports funding $5 billion for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall in the fall spending bill.

“Senator Manchin supports President Trump’s $5 billion border wall funding. Senator Manchin has already voted for over $40 billion in border security, to fund the wall and secure our borders,” Jonathan Kott, Sen. Manchin’s communications director, told Breitbart News.

Sen. Manchin’s office told Breitbart News that the West Virginia Democrat also voted for the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) $1.6 billion appropriations bill, which would fund over 65 miles of the border wall.

Sen. Manchin has become the second red-state Democrat to support funding President Trump’s border wall in the September spending bill, following on Sen. Joe Donnelly. Trump has previously threatened to shut down the government before or after the 2018 midterm elections to push Congress to fund his promised border wall.

Democrats won’t admit it, but building a wall on our southern border is a winning issue.

That’s why Donald Trump won the White House in the first place.

Senate Democrats who are up for election are caving because they know they won’t win if they don’t fund Trump’s border wall.

If Senate Republicans unite, Congress may be able to pass the funding needed to finally build the wall that President campaigned on.

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94 Responses

  1. Ronald Carlson says:

    Mr Trump should start understanding that he has alot of spy commies in his staff. Mr Trump,use your common sense and wisdom to do your own screening of your people. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE TROUBLE IN THE SENATE AND CONGRESS TO PASS TRUE AMERICANS BILLS? You also let islimes and moslimes into this country and let them into our highest government positions—TIME TO NOT BE AFRAID TO OFFEND SOMEONE AND KICK THEIR A– OUT OF OUR COUNTRY—GET-R-DONE PRESIDENT-enough talk.

  2. Karen says:

    ANY SENATOR, wetter in the HOUSE OR SENATE SHOULD VOTE ” YES ” for the WALL……





    • T-pac says:

      Absolutely! These lying 🤥 POS ‘s who hate America need to be taken out by whatever means necessary. Call it western justice they have violated the oath and their sure as hell don’t serve “ we the people “

  3. Francis says:

    They can defund the radical H&M’s for the majority of the money and reduce the amount of pay and perks of each agency and congress and senators there is more than needed also us arym have engineers us navy Seabees usaf has constructions and so does the marines also reserve army navy Air Force and marines call all to active duty then the wall will built using above moneys

  4. Donald Casillo says:

    I don’t understand the problem at the southern border. All that needs to be done is borrow border guards from North Korea, and they will insure nothing crosses the border in either direction.

  5. Charlie says:

    I don’t know if it’s been said but can you trust them to keep their word after Schumer twist their arm?

    • Ben says:

      Only if these two Democrate Senators have the “balls, like General Patton.

      • Bob L says:

        We can only hope. But I wouldn’t trust anything they say without a polygraph

      • DSC says:

        I live in WV and I really don’t think having balls has anything to do with it. If Joe wants to stay in power he knows what he needs to. West Virginia needs Trump and the people from here know it. But for what ever reason I am glad. I don’t know what republicans are against building of the wall but write down their names hang them on your fridge and next election boot them out. Of course, so many are leaving they don’t care about us. Almost time for our yellow vests.

      • Greg says:

        Patton was the only reason we won WW2. If we would have listened to him,Russia would never have been a Threat. The Germans knew we only had one real Warrior. Old Blood & Guts.We could have won the war in a forth of time and loss of life.Never will be Another.GOD bless Gen. Patton.

  6. Cherul says:

    Still can’t trust a democrat; they all lie. I’m a Hoosier and I still can’t vote for Donelly.

  7. Donell Sheridan says:

    The sooner the wall is built the better Amen.


  9. Ernst says:

    This is actually a dangerous situation. Manchin and Donnelly, if reelected, will both go back to the Democrat Party line and obstruct. Both will go back and block the wall. Voters need to see past the facile rhetoric and vote for Republicans who will actually support Trump and get the job done. Do not be fooled by the election-year words. Vote for those who will actually make America great again!

    • Sue says:

      If in fact they do vow to fund the wall an win the election back to office they must uphold that vow. Kinda like if I accept employment based on my job description and fail to carry out those duties. My employer wouldn’t hesitate to fire. We need to exercise our right to recall for failure to carry out their duties. Our system needs some tweaking. Some of these parasites have been in office decades too long. I vote for term limits for all. Being a politician should not be a career, ESPECIALLY when they don’t do their jobs.

      • Bl says:

        The deep state will always screw us and protect their own scum balls

      • DSC says:

        I agree. They say if a politian gets rich it is because they are crooked and don’t do their jobs. I am a Veteran and for the most part I believe that Veterans make good politicians. So, I say put Veterans on the voting block. Maybe they don’t have political experience but they can’t be any worse than what we have now.

    • Glenda Watts says:


  10. Nancy J Anderson says:

    One of the things we can do as “ordinary citizens” is to make sure that our families, and friends are all registered to vote, and try to see that the people who live around us, get a way to the polls. If you know of neighbors, family members, friends, who can’t get around good or need transportation, make it your goal to help them get to the polls to vote. VOTE to MAGA.

  11. Robert Higginbotham says:

    The question is will Manchin and Donnelly still be for the wall after the election. I hope so. Like the Flag and Anthem, the wall represents a symbol of the sovereignty of this great nation which most of those opposed do not believe in.

    • Dennis Mauro says:

      A much better idea is not to reelect Manchin & Donnoly and elect a conservative Republican… problem solved

      • Bob L says:

        I personally wouldn’t trust anything a Democrap says. Their continuous lying about anything and everything proves that and if you lie once YOU WILL LIE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN and anyone who would trust these lying POS’s have been deceived

  12. Mott says:

    Come on! SOMEONE PLEASE end this crap! Has been OVER a year and the “Dufus” has not found anything! If they had put this much effort into the crap HRC has done she would be in orange!

  13. zee says:

    Stay STRONG Manchin/Donnelly.

  14. K says:

    How long before Chuckie begins crying again on the Senate Floor? He’s a really poor actor, he can’t possibly hide the fact that he is soulless and any attempt at theatrics will fall on deaf ears. Anyone else remember his role during the murder of the Branch Davidians, including women, children & men? I do, he did then what he’s trying to do now, CREATE DIVERSIONS IN ATTEMPT TO HIDE TRUTH.
    If NYC wasn’t filled with illegals & far out leftists, he wouldn’t get re-elected. I don’t think the rest of NY cares much for him.
    I would enjoy seeing this guy defeated & shut down but in reality, as things are right now, his replacement might be another of his breed, ONLY WORSE!

  15. Daniel Mount says:

    I really hope that Chucky Schumer gets kicked right in the balls from all of the Democrats that really understand that we absolutely need the Trump Border Wall.

  16. M says:

    The poll I took showed 99% want the wall. BUILD THE WALL NOW. Our Country already cannot support all our responsibilities and can’t support these foreign invaders aka illegal aliens. We certainly don’t need the drug and human trafficking. Am sorry to be so brutal but facts are facts. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA. #WalkAway

    • Maga your obsolutely right on and lets get her done. We all need to get our friends,neighbors,family to the polls to vote. Impress upon all to vote. Republicans should turn all polls upside down. When you see what their true intentions are, how can anyone one not want the truth to prevail? Our borthers and sisters democrats should know that violence is not the answer. Racism is not the answer division only creates a wide sea between us who live in the same country. This is not about democrates or republicans its about us as a country that is seen and excepted as one of the best counyries to live in. Lets not be a shame unto others but love one another. God bless our great country amen.

  17. It’s called Trumps wall because he is the one been fighting for it. That’s why Bob L. Have you been out there trying to get it done? Nope !! Hope other senators start helping also be nice for a change.

    • brenda says:

      If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  18. bagster53 says:

    there is only 1 man in d.c. that is actually doing what he said he will do , go trump, maybe we will get lucky and liberals will start commiting suicide , they already lost their minds

    • Bob L says:


      • DSC says:

        It is only because he is the only one willing to fight for it. Just a saying that people started. I like to call it the U.S. Freedom Wall…meaning we are free from all the hell that illegals are putting this Country through.

  19. bagster53 says:

    democrats are like iranians , they lie, they will say anything to get re-elected just like the republicans , for 8 years we listened to elect me and we will repeal obomacare , never happened

  20. Richard Magnano says:

    Senator Schumer, Wake up Senator have you no recollection of the history of those who fought and died for this Country? Do you own property? Is there a fence around some of it or all of it?
    I’m sure the purpose of it is not to keep out animals but to restrict people from making your yard as a shortcut. And if they did you would not be forced to feed cloth or build a shelter for them now would you? Well Senator as you can see when it comes to countries borders things are quite different.

  21. Rodger Shull says:

    My DAD use to say CHARITY begins at HOME, an it is time that starts and starts NOW, cut foreign aid 85 % to these 3rd world nations, 100% for children humanitarian efforts only. An HATE the USA country 0 % foreign aid. And schumer the smucker, check his money , he is getting under the table money to block any thing from PRESIDENT TRUMP, same as pelosi an warren and others recieving soros money

  22. W FLATT says:

    Our government is paying out billions of dollars each year to support the illegals, in fact illegals has cost us more than the Iraq War and this must stop. Quit giving our money away to other countries, especially the Muslim World and start using it here at home.

  23. Ardyth says:

    The illegal aliens coming to our country do not have proper immunizations, so… if they are attending school, they can do harm to our schoolchildren by spreading disease. If they bite another child, what happens to that child? Our senior citizens don’t all have immunizations, as they weren’t required to have the, so they too are vulnerable should an incurable disease be transmitted from one of these undocumented persons. Is our country’s numerical system prepared for something like this? Can we afford any more people crossing our border? Send the Democrats across our border to care for these illegal aliens and see how receptive Mexico is to that. Turnabout is fair play!!

    • They are doing exactly what you are saying. They are bringing deceases into our country that we got rid of long ago. new strains of TB, Polio, all kinds of stuff and we can thank Obambam, the RINOs and Demon-Craps

  24. Char Nasby says:

    Only those that are here legally should be able to vote, and English should be the official language of America.

  25. Paul says:

    The budget appropriations that makes this possible gives the dems everything they want.
    see attached

  26. tom matt says:

    Either Fund & Secure the Border or bring ALL of OUR TROOPS HOME FROM FOREIGN DEPLOYMENT AND ASSIGN THEM TO OUR SOUTHERN AND NORTHERN BORDERS WHICH ARE BEING OVERRUN BY FOREIGN INVADERS. The economy & the safety of our Country will become a much better place for our citizens and voters. The drug trade will be greatly reduced or even stopped. Enough of your politics !!!

  27. jonathan says:

    my great grandfather entered the country thru Ellis island in 1906 and my father was born in 1910 he did it the right way and we have him to thank for it

  28. George sicalides says:

    All these illegals are costing us all big money. They work under the table and pay no taxes. We must pay for feeding their children in our schools, not to mention hiring additional teachers and staff, building new schools etc. English as a second language does not work. The Churches take up special collections to house, clothe them with the goal of increasing membership. The liberals encourage illegals to vote for their candidate never ask for proof of citizenship. The system is flawed, our grandparents who came legally are turning over in their graves. We should send some our criminals to Mexico and Central America and see what those Governments will do for such people, send English speaking children, parents to a Spanish Speaking Country.

  29. Barbara says:

    To those dem senators. —-thats if your are an American citizen—– we need that wall. We have had too many illegals do harm to the American people by rape, stealing and everything else that they have been doing against us.. ENOUGH——— i SUGGEST YOU START DOING WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT OR GET OUT OF GOV. OR WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT.!!! We want that wall. To hell with what Obama —he wasn’t an american . HE WAS THE ENEMY AND WE THE PEOPLE KNOW IT. And all of you damn well know what I mean.!!!!!! He was the destroyer and we woke up.!!!!!!!

    • Richard says:

      Castro sent so many prisoners to America n they are being taken care of in our prison system they are the worst from Cuba

      • Brad Tipton says:

        ……… but too many of them were allowed to “walk off”. I live near Indiantown Gap Military Base, PA where many of Castro’s criminals were housed. For years Harrisburg, PA and other nearby cities were swamped with these criminals.

    • kenneth g fichtl says:

      so do government employees in NYC especially DSNY and Cops what is your point? Humans are cruel

  30. Marlene says:

    Chuck the Schmuck is a waste of space in congress. He is for filling his own pockets and giving illegals the right to vote to keep himself in office so he can keep stealing to fill his bank account. I think he must have an offshore account so no one knows how much he is stealing. The heck with the American people, as long as he can get his.

    • Jeanne Stotler says:

      I’ve said for along time, ALL members of Congress should have to show where money, other than salary, comes from, I know something isn’t Kosher when you enter Congress with average income and wealth, and then become millionaires

  31. Rodica ionescu says:

    If communists democrats do not want to give for Wall We American people have to make a donetions or this country will become one media Oane face book Oane party CoMunism I know that becouse I come from Eastern Europe come as political refugee abused by Securitate like Bremen do wake up America and all Eastern Europeans that come during comunism go vote for Donald Trump Is so Scarry what happening in our country These illegals are let in like in jungle only to be control by democrats new slave They crated kkk now is different group Hope and pray African American people had enough with these democrats that I voted for 35 years shame of me Children in Chicago African American children killed by hundreds Where us obama Maxine water with her God When I saw her in the church abusing verbally all voters voted for Trump and president I wonder if Jesus is in that church Sad What kind of church vote for abortions We wonder why Christians are nit blessed Oray fir blessings but course instead Lives are in heaven babies souls Sad anyway we need the wall Plus chain migration Now media is barking like dogs Melania parents are here Right Us citizen can bring parents only If parents have minors children yes Yhat all parents and children adult children no becouse they bring other and others half of village Should be only parents bring minors no adult children or children only parents period

  32. Richard Hennessy says:

    So when will Senators Manchin and Donnelly join with Republicans to repeal Obamacare? When will they join with Republicans to pass a reasonable reform of immigration laws, including mandatory E-verify, immediate return without a hearing within our borders of anyone who is caught illegally crossing the border, and permanent banning from legal entry of anyone who violates our immigration laws? When they do those meaningful and reasonable things, I’ll accept that they are really moderates. I’m not convinced that there are any “moderate” Democrat Senators when it comes time to vote.

  33. If Congress won’t fund it, we the < American People, can fund it and make all of Congress look like jackasses and that is a insult to all the jackasses in the world!!!

  34. Barney Rubble says:

    Schumer will never sell pencils because of the “last one into Heaven Theory!”

    He continues to fight for BS and getting paid to obstruct! Hes got his millions and will retire to comfort, decadence and maybe even a heart attack when Trump is re-elected in 2020!

    Point being he doesn’t really care about minorities, illegals, the less fortunate. He only cares about fighting for a dying cause, the DEMOC”RATS!” He will be loyal to the end. If he really cared, he would adopt an illegal family, he would participate in solutions. He is the CLASSIC politician, he HAS to go!

    Drain the Swamp Trumpster, start with the biggest gators, Crying Chuck and No-sense Nancy!

  35. John says:

    Lock Schumer up along with obama and hillary!

  36. John Hickman says:

    Yes for the wall an vote all Democraps out an put id cards with your face on it


  38. arschloch says:

    Build the wall and electrify it. Then when the illegals try to climb it -ZAP. Mexico would have lots of fertilizer and the US would have no illegals.

  39. Vern says:

    if he’s not fired and in jail then its not the worst news of his life… reporters suck

  40. Mim says:

    The wall is a waste of tax payer money and Trumps wet dream. The cheapest way to prevent illegal immigration would be to prosecute the greedy employers that hire them.

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      We have to have both.

      • Jon says:

        Shelba, I totally agree with you. Each time Republicans have SUPPORTED PRESIDENT TRUMP

        Progressive Democrats, and Rinos have blocked him. Please let your Politicians from both PARTIES know that you are TIRED of their BS Amnesty and If they DO NOT SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT on THIS ISSUE , you will do all in your POWER to VOTE them out or have Them Removed from OFFICE. They took an oath to ENFORCE OUR LAWS and SUPPORT the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. REMIND THEM THEY WORK FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS and NOT ILLEGALS.

    • Just1Saddletramp says:

      Where did you get that notion ??? The illegals are not going to look for a job at all when they are allowed to sit on their duff, collect welfare and are given the right to vote as well.

    • Ed harris says:

      The Democrats want the taxpayers to support them. All they want is their votes. Me, I’m for putting a two hundred yard, wide, mine field between us and Mexico.

    • charles linehan says:

      Really well thought out Mim. That will be the answer for the drug smugglers, the ones who are hell bent on doing this country harm, the ones who profit from child sex rings,the ones who want very much to get welfare,and on and on.I am sure all these groups and individuals along with MS1 MEMBERS will start filling out employment applications.Wake up!!!!

    • Mary says:

      WAKE UP! The wall will stop a huge amount of the illegal drugs coming into this country to corrupt our youth. Is Schumer in the pocket of those making billions on illegal drugs????

    • M says:

      Mim, If no one will hire these foreign invaders (aka illegal immigrants) they will have no money there are some options of how to handle this: 1. put them and the family they brought on full welfare benefits 2. do nothing and they will rob, burglarize, shoplift, car Jack, etc. and in the process they will murder, injure, rape, etc. 3. I cannot go on with this, it is making me sick. You get the picture and so much for your idea!

  41. Mike H says:

    Voting all these jerks out is going to be a problem. Voter fraud is going to be at the head of the pack this time. They don’t want you to show who you are. For the life of me I can’t understand how anybody would allow this. Especially if you’re a real American. Voter fraud has to be stopped at all cost .you must show a ID to show who you are before you can vote that is the bottom line. Anybody in this country can get a ID. No ID no voting

  42. NavyVet67 says:

    You see not all democrats are dumb. Some of them realize the mood of the country. They may be a party participant but when push comes to shove, it’s their individual pockets that really count. Schumer is the classic example of the “Peter Principle”….classic incompetence rising to the top….when his term is up you will find him selling pencils in Times Square

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      Youare correct. However, they should be voting for the wall because they know that it is necessary to protect this country. It may not keep all of them out but it willc ertainly make a big difference.

  43. James P Hutchins says:

    Im loving it that the democrats are losing and some are supporting the Wall to be built shummer is a loser and a pathetic excuse for a politician.

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