Two Democrat Senators just handed Chuck Schumer the worst news of his life

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is the chief obstructionist to funding President Trump’s wall on the southern border.

Senate Democrats along with some Never-Trump Republicans have pulled every sneaky trick in the books to block the wall.

But two Democrat Senators made an announcement that Chuck Schumer hated.

Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Joe Donnelly (IN) are facing tough reelection in states that voted 68-26 and 57-38 respectively for Trump.

They have felt pressure to buck Schumer’s strong-arm tactics so they each announced support for funding the border wall.

Breitbert reports:

Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) office told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement on Wednesday that he supports funding $5 billion for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall in the fall spending bill.

“Senator Manchin supports President Trump’s $5 billion border wall funding. Senator Manchin has already voted for over $40 billion in border security, to fund the wall and secure our borders,” Jonathan Kott, Sen. Manchin’s communications director, told Breitbart News.

Sen. Manchin’s office told Breitbart News that the West Virginia Democrat also voted for the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) $1.6 billion appropriations bill, which would fund over 65 miles of the border wall.

Sen. Manchin has become the second red-state Democrat to support funding President Trump’s border wall in the September spending bill, following on Sen. Joe Donnelly. Trump has previously threatened to shut down the government before or after the 2018 midterm elections to push Congress to fund his promised border wall.

Democrats won’t admit it, but building a wall on our southern border is a winning issue.

That’s why Donald Trump won the White House in the first place.

Senate Democrats who are up for election are caving because they know they won’t win if they don’t fund Trump’s border wall.

If Senate Republicans unite, Congress may be able to pass the funding needed to finally build the wall that President campaigned on.

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95 Responses

  1. Bryant Culberson says:

    This is a project most Americans want. It is more humane than the real solution which would be the use of lethal force.

  2. Greg says:

    Patton was the only reason we won WW2. If we would have listened to him,Russia would never have been a Threat. The Germans knew we only had one real Warrior. Old Blood & Guts.We could have won the war in a forth of time and loss of life.Never will be Another.GOD bless Gen. Patton.

  3. T-pac says:

    Absolutely! These lying ???? POS ‘s who hate America need to be taken out by whatever means necessary. Call it western justice they have violated the oath and their sure as hell don’t serve “ we the people “

  4. Ronald Carlson says:

    Mr Trump should start understanding that he has alot of spy commies in his staff. Mr Trump,use your common sense and wisdom to do your own screening of your people. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE TROUBLE IN THE SENATE AND CONGRESS TO PASS TRUE AMERICANS BILLS? You also let islimes and moslimes into this country and let them into our highest government positions—TIME TO NOT BE AFRAID TO OFFEND SOMEONE AND KICK THEIR A– OUT OF OUR COUNTRY—GET-R-DONE PRESIDENT-enough talk.

  5. Karen says:

    ANY SENATOR, wetter in the HOUSE OR SENATE SHOULD VOTE ” YES ” for the WALL……





  6. DSC says:

    It is only because he is the only one willing to fight for it. Just a saying that people started. I like to call it the U.S. Freedom Wall…meaning we are free from all the hell that illegals are putting this Country through.

  7. DSC says:

    Quit supporting the United Nations. They hate America but they sure love our money. And they hate Isteal also. I would like to see some of the houses those SOB’s live in.

  8. DSC says:

    Any true Patriot agrees with you!

  9. DSC says:

    I agree. They say if a politian gets rich it is because they are crooked and don’t do their jobs. I am a Veteran and for the most part I believe that Veterans make good politicians. So, I say put Veterans on the voting block. Maybe they don’t have political experience but they can’t be any worse than what we have now.

  10. DSC says:

    I live in WV and I really don’t think having balls has anything to do with it. If Joe wants to stay in power he knows what he needs to. West Virginia needs Trump and the people from here know it. But for what ever reason I am glad. I don’t know what republicans are against building of the wall but write down their names hang them on your fridge and next election boot them out. Of course, so many are leaving they don’t care about us. Almost time for our yellow vests.

  11. Martin Shaw says:


  12. Francis says:

    They can defund the radical H&M’s for the majority of the money and reduce the amount of pay and perks of each agency and congress and senators there is more than needed also us arym have engineers us navy Seabees usaf has constructions and so does the marines also reserve army navy Air Force and marines call all to active duty then the wall will built using above moneys

  13. Mark H Giles says:

    Use the illegals that are caught to build the wall. Practically free labor and we will get a return on what it costs to feed and house them. Once it is built then deport them!

  14. steel magnolia says:

    0r ‘Truth Serum’ .

  15. Gizzy says:

    Vote Republican then!

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