TV host revealed the scary extent of the Deep State plan to take out Trump

The Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump is even worse than anyone thought.

The plot runs much deeper than just the FBI.

And one TV host just revealed the scary extent of the plan to take out Trump.

Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo appeared on television Monday to discuss the horrifying revelations that the FBI activated a spy to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

Stefan Halper – who critics believe is the spy – contacted three Trump campaign officials including Sam Clovis – who was a high ranking policy advisor – to try and weasel his way onto the Trump foreign policy team.

Bartiromo noted this – as well as Halper’s allegedly long time ties to the CIA – and declared that the the Obama administration weaponized the federal government against Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Monday Fox Business Network, host Maria Bartiromo said during the administration of President Barack Obama, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS and the CIA “were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump.”

Fox News chief judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said, “We may be on the precipice of exposing a very, very extraordinary political use of intelligence and law enforcement by the Obama Administration.”

Bartiromo said, “This is a major presidential election. President Obama, basically, what it appears to me, politicizing all of his agencies. The DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA — they were all involved in trying to take down Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump tweeted that this is a scandal worse than Watergate.

The President may be underselling how severe this really is.

Obama’s henchmen deputized federal agencies to act as political assassins to take out Trump by any means necessary.

The cabal of Deep State operatives attempting to subvert the democratic process figured they would get away with their sabotage because Hillary Clinton was sure to win the election.

But Trump won and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

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