Tucker Carlson’s wife called 9-1-1 because of what these Antifa thugs did

Those who thought violent leftist mobs would end after the Midterms are sorely mistaken.

Now they’re showing up to private residences.

And Antifa sent Fox News’ Tucker Carlson this bone-chilling message.

Members of the Antifa group “Smash Racism DC” descended on Tucker Carlson’s private residence.

Carlson’s wife was home alone preparing dinner for their four children.

That’s when she heard pounding on the door.

Thinking it was a home invasion, she hid in the pantry and called 9-1-1.

The Antifa thugs reportedly cracked Carlson’s front door.

But luckily, they did not make it into the home.

Instead, they blocked the street in front of his house and chanted, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

The Daily Caller reports:

D.C. police are investigating a left-wing mob’s protest at Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s house Wednesday evening as a ‘suspected hate crime‘ with ‘anti-political’ motivations, according to a police report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The mob, organized by the Antifa group Smash Racism DC, posted Carlson’s Washington address online and sent a mob to his house calling him a “racist scumbag” and demanded he flee the city. Carlson, a co-founder of The Daily Caller News Foundation, was at the Fox News studio when the mob arrived at his home.

A police report indicated that the incident was a “suspected hate crime” and that the case was still open. One box labeled “hate bias/motivation” was filled in “anti-political.”

Carlson’s wife, who was home alone at the time, reported that she heard loud banging and pounding on her front door, according to the police report. She called the police after witnessing a large group of people that had a bull horn and were chanting loudly outside the house.

This Antifa group targeted Tucker Carlson on purpose.

In fact, the Antifa ringleader (and former professor at John Jay College), Mike Isaacson actually appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to defend himself for joking about “dead cops.”

The left is completely unhinged.

There is no place for these intimidation tactics in a civil society.


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126 Responses

  1. Kara Wright says:

    I live in Texas and we all sleep with loaded guns in our bedrooms. All the Antifa’s need to do is take a gun to themselves and get it over with.

    • IRWIN ROMMEL says:

      RIGHT ON ! WE LIVE IN THE SOVIET OF WASHINGTON, and don’t give a damn what the liberal pukes in Olympia think they can do about our guns. WE WILL NEVER COMPLY and keep a 20 with rock salt and a 12 with buckshot for little punks like this. If one doesn’t do it, the other one will. As well as a defense tool in every room and building.

      • Randall M says:

        I am of your mindset brother! I moved to San Diego 2 years ago to be with my children ( more importantly my grand children) and am totally locked and loaded in every corner. Try and take them from me!

    • James Wilson says:

      Protesters are not masked, they want to be identified with their protest, however these masked thugs feel that they have the right to trespass on your property and attempt to intimidate you. Something like this would make me feel that my life and families lives were in danger. I would immediately secure my house and ensure that my family was well protected, then I would call the police. If I only have one choice to protect my family prior to police arrival, I will take it. Masked and armed (even with sticks) are not protesters, they are criminals. I always that wearing a disguise during the commission of a public disorder was a crime, why are these thugs allowed a free pass??

  2. Mary says:

    Whose non-profit organizations pay these little hoodlums? And all of this since Mr. Obama’s time in office and after the 2016 Presidential Election. President Trump won and everyone knows who is behind all of this. Just one thing after another. Crazy old man having temper tantrums!

  3. Cnewton says:

    You know, if you shoot them, you will be put in jail and if they live,they will go scott free. Too many criminals are arrested and the next thing, they are back on the streets.

  4. TOMMIE CLARK says:


  5. Lucy More says:

    As a Citizen we have the right to have a peaceful protest however these thugs now are out of control they should not be allowed to intimidate private citizens they should should be put to jail!! Disgusting!….

  6. Pat Scott says:

    They continually exert their control through harassment, intimidation, terror , and violence. In this instance they are guilty at the very least of criminal trespass. disturbing the peace, and possible damage to private property. They should be arrested and their mug shots made public. These cowards hide behind their masks and initiate violence wherever they go.

  7. Bryce Thompson says:

    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word.
    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse, get this out all over the USA. this is the only thing that will bring the economy around.put this out , and spread the word to boycott the auto company’s don’t buy a new car/ or truck. do this Trump, and we will have our dreams back again.

  8. Bender says:

    They had a bull horn and knocked on the door. Way worse than when you guys grab your guns and show up at schools or places of worship and start shooting. Don’t worry you guys still have the crown when it comes to terrorism in the USA.

    • M says:

      Bender, You lie to the people on this site everytime you write a comment. Most mass shootings are done by liberals , GOP ball team, terrorist shooters man and wife in California, MS-13 gangs, police officers ambushed in a lot of places, and on and on. You will not find one member of antifa, blm, or MS-13 and more groups are out there who are conservative.
      We do have problems but to try and crown us king of—forget it!
      Bender, you troll, the people on this site are tired of your lies and bias. Could we have the truth? If not, we want nothing at all from you! We are going to stop, I am anyway, acknowledging you at all. You are useless to the conversation if all you have are accusations of conservatives that liberals are twice as guilty of. We all have crosses to bear and things can improve without taking our second amendment rights. Bad guys will always have guns as will enemies of our Country. Lots of other things can be done to solve the problem, but somebody has to take the leadership!

  9. Jondarmes says:

    Joe Biden is an idiot, it hurts me to agree with him on anything, but shooting through the door MULTIPLE TIMES might not be all that bad an idea occasionally. On the plus side the cops wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the perps. If they show up here I’ll let you know how it works out . BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  10. Dick says:


  11. Kevin says:

    This is why I believe in the Constitution and the right to bear Arms when we may need to protect ourselves and loved ones when an over reaching terrorist group…even though that was not the given actual words, still yet . . . And wasn’t this outfit already seated as a terrorist group by the DHS(?) so the vote or the given poll that accompanied this article of whether or not they should be null and void and they should be as well by now!

  12. Gerry says:

    It is past time for these cowardly MF’ers to get treated to some real old time justice.

  13. Don Baker says:

    The only thing that will end these home invasions is when these thugs start ending up dead. Break my door and you will be shot

  14. Art Rupe says:

    Why are these groups, like Antifa allowed to cover their faces while committing acts of terror against innocent people.

  15. Anthony Alfaro says:

    This collection of fat dykes and skinny girlymen are employing exactly the same tactics as the brown shirts in Nazi Germany which they claim to be against.
    “Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery”

  16. Jan says:

    In Texas I have the right to defend myself, my family , and my property, including my vehicle. If this happened at my door… I would have shot first and asked questions later.

  17. Gerald Ladd says:

    Conservative should show up with guns, and there should be piles of dead DemonRAT bodies all over the landscape. That’s the only message that will get through to them

  18. Bob says:

    These cowardly domestic terrorist thugs are going to march down the wrong street soon and be cut down like pigs at a slaughter. This disease has to be erraticated. No place for this communist crap in our great nation. Live free or die!!

  19. Marta says:

    I can’t believe this is where this article ended… !!…Were the scumbags not arrested??… Perhaps a two year prison sentence followed with five years community service for anybody who acts this way will fix This!! …but like the death penalty if you don’t use it you never know if it works!! Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  20. MASTERMECH48 says:

    I would think a normal result of having protestors (?) or vandals breaking the front door would be multiple 12 gauge slug rounds exiting the front door still in the closed position. THIS SITUATION is also a REAL LIFE example that law enforcement, as well intentioned as they may be, CANNOT protect us nor can laws. Yet there are those whom still persist on gun laws that only affect the good citizen and do not5hing for active prevention of criminal activities. Where is SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE??? ?? NOW which legal entity is going to go after the antifa leader whom tweeted that his members should kill politicians?? Seems like clear threat to me. I do not always agree with Tuckers methods however, HIS family is NOT fair game. Law enforcement, BALL is in your court.

    • Just1Saddletramp says:

      In most cases your life is not yet endangered if a would-be assailant is on the other side of a closed door so shooting through it will, in the very least, get you arrested and possibly charged with murder depending on the outcome of your action.

      • S.J. Gould says:

        That’s right. They say that if you have to shoot them, do so, and then drag them into the house. I don’t know if that still possible. Of course, you are then left with the mob behind them. I think the Swiss and Israel have it right. Each person gets a gun and learns how to use it by the time they are (I think) 21. Why break into their homes if they can find a house with no defense.

  21. Earl says:

    Why didn’t Tucker’s so called liberal friend that live next door and in the neighborhood go and get between the terrorists and the house. What bunch of cowards.
    I used to be legal, no longer.
    And why didn’t the cops arrest the whole bunch for disturbing the peace , etc.
    To bad we can have bounties on them like we had on wolves.

  22. P. Heyden says:

    What have lawmakers allowed America to become? Yes, It’s ON THEM. They make excuses for scum. Chicago had an ‘anti-masking’ law. Still on the books? I don’t know. Why would a person cover their face? To hide their identity of course. Hide their identity to get away with violent acts? Of course. These punks need to be arrested and their photos plastered all over. They should be tried as terrorists and maybe some time at GITMO would do them some good. I believe they need to get the living S**T kicked out of them. They are way out of hand thanks to Killery (civility will return when demorats get back the house), Waters, Pelosi and a bunch of assholes in the media.

  23. Floyd Hale says:

    An one with mask over face should be Arrested

    • LARRY YAKLICH says:

      They should arrest MAXINE WATERS, she is partially responsible for all of this violence…. let them go to her house, she is trying to divide this country.. all we have done, I have friends of all colors, some good some bad, my wife is full blood NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN. why can’t we all get along, I voted republican, my wife is independent, but also voted republican. she is tired of all of the BS going on in our country, our families have served this country proudly, what is going on?

      • Thomas Taylor says:

        called….8 years of Obama that polluted the minds of our kids and now they are older, stronger, dumber and violent

    • a says:

      altho some ppl SHOULD wear a mask over their faces…..maxipad, hillybeast, pelosi, schummer and the list goes on. They should all be in jail for stirring up all these violence

  24. Travis McTexas says:

    In Texas we take care of rabid dogs on our own . No differne with antifa or those that support them .
    When they come onto my property they just committed suicide.! !! You just fixed stupid !

    • Leslie says:

      Yeah! We need to protect our own. We need more attitudes like yours, unfortunately it’s one at a time and there are thousands at least. If someone came to my door wearing a mask and carrying weapons, it’s fair game. I know there are good Democrats, I just don’t know why they keep voting for these morons that promote this domestic terrorism. They can vote in ones that have the ideology of the JFK years gone by. That is not who the Democratic Party is anymore. We now have brain-washed and brain-dead millennials educated by far-left liberal “educators” that have voting rights now. They have been taught hatred. I can’t totally blame the educators – where were the parents when their children were growing up and learning to hate? I’ve personally seen teens verbally and sometimes physically abusing their parents. The parents need to disconnect from their electronics and start paying attention to what their “darlings” are up to. They chose to be a parent, start acting like one!

      • Herb1949 says:

        There is NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD DEMOCRAT. If they vote democrat they are anti-USA.

        • M says:

          Herb1949, It is hard to realize but, your statement is the absolute truth! Even if there was not one bad evil criminal lying , etc. registered Democrat, all anyone needs do is find and read the Dem platform to. see their agenda is against all the things this Country was established on and for. Don’t believe it, I challenge everyone to go online and find it. When you read it, really think about what you are reading and what it means. I am sure and without doubt that the
          majority of the line Dems have no idea what they are voting for. I do not want the govt. to get all but a pittance of the money, everyone works for, so govt. can decide how it is spent , make all our decisions for us, etc. Do you want the govt. to make decisions for you and control your life? If you answers yes, you are a total Democrat.

        • Kara Wright says:

          I fully agree.

    • Deborah says:

      A bit straight forward but I like it. We can’t have a gun where I live they refuse to give anyone a license. NY sucks.

    • Terri Newman says:

      like they used to say… there’s one sure fire way to cure an ol’ egg suckin dog!


  26. SONNY GRAVATT says:

    These scumbags should be in jail. Not only are the cowards they are lowlife dirt bags that by there selves are nothing, they are only brave when they are a mob. They got lucky this time, but their luck will run out and several of them will be shot and killed by homeowners with guns that run out of patients for this kind of mob activity. This has all the earmarks of the kind of world GEORGE SOROS want for the US, but it’s going to come to a bad end for him and his sorry thugs. Bunch of “MENTAL MIDGETS”

  27. JAMES HEAD says:

    Maxine Waters tongue should be cut out. She suggests violence to gain victory. A hateful woman.
    A true racists and radical.

    • Randall M says:

      Along with her pea sized Brain! And, don’t you find it funny that Lib’s and the MSM is blaming the violence on Trump’s rhetoric?

    • S.J. Gould says:

      She certainly deserves to have her tongue cut out, but just arrest her to house detention. The thugs will certainly go in these mansions where she lives and let them “silence” her.

  28. Del says:

    This is why we should exercise our 2nd amendment rights to protect ourselves from terrorists like these lowlifes. Evidently the police never show up in time. You must protect yourselves. Don’t be fools led to slaughter

  29. GORDON says:


  30. Edward says:

    They should outlaw Antifa and MS-13 and arrest them on the spot and process them for at 20 years in prison, no matter that other crimes have not been proven.

  31. Linda says:

    Where is our Police? These and the like should be imprisoned immediately.
    Find them and prosecute!

  32. james allen says:


  33. bill says:

    I stand behind Tucker Carlson, if these assholes were banging om my door hard enough to crack and damage it, I would fire my gun and let the chips fall were they fall

  34. Susan M Searle says:

    Show up at my door, and you will get a shotgun full in the face!

  35. Holly says:

    Why aren’t these people being arrested on the spot and charged with harassment etc.? Until they suffer personally with criminal records they are never going to stop! They only become more emboldened. Actions have consequences and freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can inflict hate and fear unto others.

  36. Jim Boyd says:

    These people are nothing Soros funded Left wing Terrorist. What those unAmerican SOB’s are doing is trying to start another civil war. If those mugs threatened my family with harm, someone would become a target not an intruder. They best think about what they are asking for…They may just get it.

  37. Ron says:

    C’mon. Give me a break. Everyone screams “Lock ’em up!” Everyone knows this is illegal and a terrorist act. Everyone knows these punks have been doing these crimes for months. But what I want to know is what will be done about it. Stop already with the expressions of outrage. What do you expect to happen about these kinds of crimes?? Nothing will happen. Everyone will condemn them on the web. And the terror will continue. NOTHING will ever happen to any of them. Period. You know this to be true. Go to church and pray. Maybe God will hear your prayer and wonder why no one has the guts to go after these punks and shut them down . And God will shake its head in disbelief. So enough with the talk and token outrage. NOTHING will ever happen to stop these punks and you know it. Why is Hillary still walking around freely? Give me another break.

  38. Delbert says:

    It’s time for the cases to be turned over to the FBI for investigation of criminal activity and the US Attorney General to start having these so called mob leaders sent to jail.

    • Walker Mixon says:

      These fools don’t even know what facism is since they are acting like facist. Unbelievable , fools being used by Democrats . They are the true Nazis , brown shirts, SS, Mussolini ‘s black shirt facist

    • S. J. Gould says:

      And there is the crux of the problem. Who are the mob leaders? By now, it takes nothing to get these thugs going. They are evil and feed on it as well. I believe the day of reckoning is coming, but when? The Jews kept saying that and help arrived, but too late for the majority.
      Another issue here is that the government wants you to give up your guns! I guess the only solutions are to build a bomb shelter and live in it, surround your house with the concertina barbed wire, or just take your shotgun and take them out as they come through the door. There is prayer, but I fear our society as we know it is gone, and these thugs are evil, pure evil. I like to think this will eventually be abolished, but like the Nazi youth, they hate and people that are not one of them is collateral damage and not people at all, so it’s sport. God help us.

  39. Carlos says:

    Can anyone imagine if Tea Party went to the homes of CNN and PMSNBC dweebs??!! We’ve already seen the Proud Boys kicking the a$$es of these cowardly bitches who hide behind masks and live in mommy’s basement. There will come a point where someone’s gonna slash or shoot one of these anarchist MFers, the sooner the better. The media is as much to blame as these sub humans are for their coddling and cover up of this scum. Another part of this crisis is liberal cities have liberal govt. and police chiefs, so they don’t care. We’ve seen this in Portland. The authorities need to know if they can’t do their jobs, we the people will have no choice than to take matters into our own hands.

  40. Navy PO2 says:

    Why isn’t the the FBI involved in investigating these terrorists?

    • Captain O says:

      Because the “deep state is kissing their @$$es. I’m certain that the District Of Columbia Police Department is under the thumb of the Deep State and won’t move in until they are unable to arrest these retarded, basement-swelling fools.

    • Harry says:

      They are still looking for Trump Russia collusion!

  41. Pam says:

    I continue to be appalled and disgusted by the Left’s behavior. The Mid Terms didn’t turn out as I would have liked, however, did I form a mob and protest at our capital. No. I thought, well, the people have spoken so time to just move forward and hope for the best. These mobs are out of their minds and dangerous. I feel very bad for the Carlsons. How terrifying and unfair.

  42. omegatalon says:

    Democrats are demonstrating that they’re no different than the Nazis of WW2 Germany as they have their own SS to handle people they disagree with; Trump should have the FBI arrest each Antifa member and have them charged with terrorism.

    • Jeanni says:

      I agree with you the FBI should be called in to investigate this, it is a hate crime. If people thought this would cease after the mid term election you will probably find that it is only going to escalate because now the campaign’s for the 2020 election cycle is going to start. Plus they are mad because they did not win the House and Senate so they would have the power to shut Trump down. So you better get prepared because it is only going to get worse. They are hoping we will get scared and give into their intimidation and relent. Not me, it just makes me tougher and stronger not to mention it really pisses me off.


    Why are we the people letting this happen,….unmask these hoodlums and put them in jail,.. the Dems are responsible for this group,..in fact all HATE groups are associated with these folks.

    • Rebecca says:

      Exactly, let’s unmask their faces n see identity. Arrest them thugs n throw them the book. Disgusting POS !! Wonder who paid them, sure we know.

  44. xlch says:

    These Soros Funded Domestic Terrorists are free to intimidate & threaten because we have a Puppet corrupted Justice System and are no longer a Nation of Law & Order …!!!

    • jim says:

      Those that would blame this on Trump are VERY MISTAKEN!!! This started when the BIG ZERO refused to respond properly and timely when Henderson, Missouri broke out in a rash of violence after a police officer was accosted by a BRUTE that tried to steal the officers gun,,(AFTER HE HAD ROBBED A DAIRY STORE) and instead of listening to the command of the officer, he dove into the drivers window and tried to steal the officers gun!!! (HIS FINGERPRINTS WERE FOUND ON THE OFFICERS PISTOL) The town suffered from many businesses being looted, burned out, and ALL BECAUSE THE BIG ZERO FAILED TO ALLOW THE TOWN OFFICIALS TO DO THEIR JOBS!!! ‘

      • Jim, I hate to burst your balloon, but when George Soros dies, not much change will occur. His sons will inherit his wealth, and have been well trained to follow in their father’s footsteps, they ARE like minded. So, unfortunately the death of George Soros will change nothing

  45. Kevin M. Goodreau says:

    Seriously it is Donald Trump’s fault. So childish it is like when I told my mother, I beat the guy up because my friends were doing it. Get a grip on reality. A thug is a thug and this is just not acceptable and the violators should be arrested. Don’t give this type of action any reason or accreditation.

    • Sandie Veazey says:

      Kevin your dillusional!!!! This is not our Presidents fault!!! This hate and division was caused by Obama!!! Get a grip on reality

  46. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    When is LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS going to do their damn jobs and lock these SOB’s up. If they come banging at my door, I am not waiting for anybody but the mortician to pick up the dead…………………

  47. They’re Democrat Thugs!

  48. N9085 says:

    The ANTIFA. People need to fight violence with violence. if they pound on your door in an attempt at breaking and entering, a well placed round from a rifle should get their attention.

  49. Christiann says:

    When is the DOJ going to go after Antifa and permanently end the group like they did the KKK??!!

  50. walter siebert says:

    Tucker should be more motivated now, You can’t shut him up !!!!

  51. Robert says:

    Use to live in the outskirts of DC in late 60s and wasnt to bad, went though there in 74 and looked like a war zone then. Will NOT travel though DC at any time as being a CCW holder I wouldnt be allowed to carry and not going to risk life because some clown said I cant carry in a crime zone.

  52. H Man says:

    If they show up in my neighborhood, i will shoot with the intent to kill.

  53. David says:

    I know things are different in DC, but I think, in Florida, MRS. Tucker would have been justified in shooting those pounding on her door hard enough to “crack” it.

    • IRWIN ROMMEL says:


      • Ole says:

        I like your attitude but you are very dillusional if you only are going to load with rock salt. Anti home invasion rounds have to be 00 or #2 shot, or better yet at least 9mm hollow points. Your “rock salt” will only piss people off.

  54. Mike M says:

    It’s terribly unfortunate that this has and is occurring. I believe a lot of this type of action can be attributed to a lot of Trump’s rhetoric telling people to punch people out then stating he’ll pay their legal expenses. It’s about time he turns down his rhetoric he won and is our president.

    • Sandie Veazey says:

      What are you talking about????

      • Ole says:

        The left has been bullying and pushing people around for the last 45 years, and forcing their PC bull crap on people. NORMAL people are finally fed up with. That’s why Trump won the election. Now the left can’t stand to be treated like they have been treating people and it is driving them insane.

    • Tony says:

      You lefties are simpletons. When Mr. Trump told people to punch people and he would pay the bail. It was in response to the lefties attacking Trump supporters going to rallies for him. You clowns use that one sentence to death just like calling every Trump supporter racist etc. CNN and all other MSM outlets spew hateful anti-white, anti-American, anti-Christian rhetoric daily. This is a fight the left is begging for but can’t win. Liberals are weak cowards. Every time the numbers are even they get their butts kicked. They are only tough when the odds are in their favor 10-1.

      • M says:

        Tony, I wonder how many times the liberals have to be reminded or told that antifa and blm are children of BHO. These two plus some other domestic terror groups are sponsored and promoted by Democrats.
        Something needs to be done before people are injured and worse. When is law enforcement going to be allowed to arrest them for terrorizing people and families? What do we need to do to make this happen?

    • Harry says:

      Ever listen to the Trump bashing 24/7 everyday since he came down the escalator and announced his Presidency?? For you information check out the percentage of all news anti Trump, 93%!! How would you take it? and by the way, no Republican has done any of this type crap , but juts look at the Antifa idiots around the country. Then list to what these news people say, personally I would probably get them. One way or another1

    • Rick says:

      You’re truly an idiot.

  55. John says:

    Police should arrest these on disorderly conduct and publish their names and photographs. Let us see what t the scum looks like. Sully

  56. Rick says:

    Why was no one arrested. I.D’s taken. Who are these jerks? DC living up to
    it’s name….District of Criminals…

    • Linda says:

      YES!? Why are these thugs not being arrested?
      Or the rest of the illegal/fraudulant lies that have been slung. Now just fade way?
      Maxine Waters should be prosecuted and instead she is put into a high Finance position? What with her fraudulent use of her small income developing into millions!? Investigate her!
      And Elizabeth Warren???! She is caught red-handed lying & defrauding the college system to get more claiming she was an Indian Minority?! So the foolish Democrats reelected a fraudulent liar back into office? Why bother to try and make a wise decision in voting? There are just so many that do not have a clue! To reinstate a fraudulent liar!??? And one that incites violence?! Why vote?
      After this entire fiasco political circus where are we today? Those who lied and threatened are faded away and taking their positions to make even more off of the American people. And where is Christine Blasley Ford today? Not being penalized for all of her falsified accusations? No probably parting better than ever on her new found income from Soros. So they win?
      And where is the Caravan today?
      Why bother

      • Sandie Veazey says:

        I know right! These insane votes for these liberal thieves, liars and just plain mean, nasty people are a disgrace just wait and watch all the liberal politicians do nothing and get nothing done maybe just maybe some of these fools will get it

  57. M says:

    We need to campaign for the DOJ to declare domestic terrorist groups unlawful and arrest them all every time they commit acts of terrorism or break any law and no more stand down orders given to law enforcement. If they are not assembled and not breaking laws they need not worry about police brutality, right? Groups assembled need to clearly identify themselves then, they would be assured the police would not bother their peaceful assembly. Should be arrested if lie to police about who they are. If something is not done people are going to be injured and worse. Must stop all terrorism, now!

  58. Randall M says:

    These thugs are absolutely domestic terrorists! And should be treated as such. They remind one of Hitlers Nazi S.S.

  59. Rodney says:

    Sounds as though these cowards were there for a good amount of time. Don’t the DC cops dispatch officers immediately? Our DOJ needs to classify these deranged morons as Domestic Terrorists as they are. Then, arrest every one of them as they stick the fascist heads up from the rocks they hide under.

  60. Fran Leard says:

    This is so horrible for him and his family and every one of them should be arrested now. These are a bunch of sick hateful cowards.

  61. judy says:

    send them to jail

  62. judy says:

    they should all be in jail

  1. November 13, 2018

    […] This comes on the heels of Antifa “protesting” outside of Carlson’s private residence, as we recently reported. […]

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