Tucker Carlson’s career might be over because of one weird sex scandal

The left hates Tucker Carlson.

The popular Fox News host is one of the most able defenders of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But now his enemies are trying to take him down using this weird sex scandal.

Recently, Buzzfeed reporter Kate Arthur spotted a tweet from Christina Parreira who is a sex worker in Las Vegas.

Parreira met Tucker Carlson and posted a picture of her trying to kiss Carlson on the cheek as he pulled away.

Arthur tried to blow this innocent photograph up in to a full fledged sex scandal and shame Carlson.

Immediately critics once again accused Buzzfeed of fake news.

Carlson had no idea who the woman was when she took the picture.

And the individual who took the photo responded to Arthur by slamming the reporter for not knowing all the facts.

This is the second time in a month a story blew up in Buzzfeed’s face.

Coming on the heels of the fake news fiasco where they published a false story claiming Robert Mueller had evidence Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, many Americans assumed the far-left outlet would be more careful about stories they promote.

But it appears Buzzfeed reporters have not learned their lesson.

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52 Responses

  1. roland genereux says:

    Drumpf = buzzard bait

  2. Frederick K Peterman says:

    The “product ” was for sale to ANYONE who could pay the price. The seller only wanted the profits!

  3. ONTIME says:

    I think that Tucker will invite the person who produced this photo to come on the show and explain it’s purpose….by doing so Tucker has nothing to explain…

  4. Ben says:

    Yes they try any dirty trick known to man to get any one that likes Mr Trump !!

  5. TED says:

    I strongly agree. That’s the only way wee can put an end to this. FAKE NEWS CRAP!!! We. The people have to take action. Come. On ACT. Do not patronize the sponsors of these. FAKE NEWS. HOLES. INCLUDING CNN, NBC AND CNBC.

  6. Debra says:

    Why don’t they sue them for slander?? That is slander when they go around telling lies on people.

  7. Eula Parkes says:

    Agreed! Just hope people are waking up!

  8. mrp says:

    Retribution for slavery? NEVER. All former slave owners have been dead for centuries and no one alive today can be blamed for slavery. Politicians are using this tactic to garner votes and it should not be allowed.

  9. Judy Farkas says:

    The biggest slave owners were blacks, i believe his name was Johnson.But the blacks refuse to acknowledge this.The blacks will always cry blaming everyone for their troubles and destroyi g their youth teaching them hate.Ck the jails.

  10. Eric says:

    Same here

  11. Judyann J says:

    It will NEVER end unless We The Ppl end it
    PUT The MSM & sites like buzzfeed OUT OF BUSINESS
    First not ONE THIN DIME
    Second, start contacting EVERY advertiser, let them know you will not consider their products while ad ertising with these outlets
    The ONLY way to hit them where it hurts
    In their wallets
    MSM should have lost their special constitutional protections long ago
    94% OPENLY hostile tomthis president per HARVARD study

  12. Alberta says:

    I think we all expected this to happen. The enemies will keep this up until President Trump and all who support him are out of office. It is up to all who are supporting our President to stand along side him. I pray that the enemy will be defeated.

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