Tucker Carlson’s career might be over because of one weird sex scandal

The left hates Tucker Carlson.

The popular Fox News host is one of the most able defenders of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But now his enemies are trying to take him down using this weird sex scandal.

Recently, Buzzfeed reporter Kate Arthur spotted a tweet from Christina Parreira who is a sex worker in Las Vegas.

Parreira met Tucker Carlson and posted a picture of her trying to kiss Carlson on the cheek as he pulled away.

Arthur tried to blow this innocent photograph up in to a full fledged sex scandal and shame Carlson.

Immediately critics once again accused Buzzfeed of fake news.

Carlson had no idea who the woman was when she took the picture.

And the individual who took the photo responded to Arthur by slamming the reporter for not knowing all the facts.

This is the second time in a month a story blew up in Buzzfeed’s face.

Coming on the heels of the fake news fiasco where they published a false story claiming Robert Mueller had evidence Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, many Americans assumed the far-left outlet would be more careful about stories they promote.

But it appears Buzzfeed reporters have not learned their lesson.


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51 Responses

  1. ONTIME says:

    I think that Tucker will invite the person who produced this photo to come on the show and explain it’s purpose….by doing so Tucker has nothing to explain…

  2. Alberta says:

    I think we all expected this to happen. The enemies will keep this up until President Trump and all who support him are out of office. It is up to all who are supporting our President to stand along side him. I pray that the enemy will be defeated.

    • Judyann J says:

      It will NEVER end unless We The Ppl end it
      PUT The MSM & sites like buzzfeed OUT OF BUSINESS
      First not ONE THIN DIME
      Second, start contacting EVERY advertiser, let them know you will not consider their products while ad ertising with these outlets
      The ONLY way to hit them where it hurts
      In their wallets
      MSM should have lost their special constitutional protections long ago
      94% OPENLY hostile tomthis president per HARVARD study

      • TED says:

        I strongly agree. That’s the only way wee can put an end to this. FAKE NEWS CRAP!!! We. The people have to take action. Come. On ACT. Do not patronize the sponsors of these. FAKE NEWS. HOLES. INCLUDING CNN, NBC AND CNBC.

    • Eula Parkes says:

      Agreed! Just hope people are waking up!

    • Ben says:

      Yes they try any dirty trick known to man to get any one that likes Mr Trump !!

  3. Caesar Meledandri says:

    Why doesn’t Aurthur get a real job? Oh, that’s right, she’s too stupid to get a real job as a journalist.

  4. Ken says:

    President Trump doesn’t even have to mention fake news anymore, with nitwits like buzzlessfeed, comedy nesws noise (cnn), and the rest doing the work for him.

  5. Janice says:

    I miss Bill O’Reilly but love listening to Tucker????????????????

  6. Karin says:

    I hope Tucker sues the heck out of BuzzFeed. (is that short for buzzard-feeder). The left will stop at nothing to make a problem for anyone who is for OUR PRESIDENT. Guess we will have to watch what is listed through MSM so we can add to the numbers of suits.

  7. DSC says:

    Fake news? Does it really exist? This should show all of us that it is true…FAKE NEWS EXISTS. Tucker seems like a happily married man that has a beautiful family. Not all men are pigs like some say they are. Fox news needs to stand by Tucker. Him and Greg are my 2 favorite fox news personalities. I love them all but those 2 make me laugh.

  8. Brad Morford says:

    I am so sick and tired of the fake news trying anything to ruin a person life by using this kind of lies. Time to shut them down.

  9. Original Anna says:

    Interesting that someone from Bufffeed at a funeral knows a girl who is trying to kiss Tucker is a sex worker. They must have either knew the girl or saw an opportunity and made sure they investigated her including her job. Tucker is pulling away and look at his hand barely laying loose on her back. If Tucker was interested in the girl believe me his hand would have been tightly pulling her into him. He is also laughing which I have done with men as I try to get away. It makes the men think I am joking with them while separating myself from their advances to make sure the men don’t start trying to hold on to me meaning getting physical. This picture makes me realize that men use the same trick as women do to get themselves loose from someone they start feeling the physical is going too far or just are not interested in their sudden advance.

  10. Frank Walker says:

    Spike Lee.
    Have you gone to Africa,to find those who sold your relatives,all the rage and hate that you’re displaying should be towards them,they had the for sale sign on display.
    SPIKE LEE ,The white man INVESTED in a PRODUCT that was on SALE.!!!stop blaming them for the INVESTMENT they made!!!


      Anyone who has gone to Africa knows that Slavery still exists, and it will as long as Africa remains as fragmented as it is 33 + countries in the Continent… Also, Americans were not the first ones to go to Africa to get Slaves, the Spanish, British and French beat us to market long before we had the 13 Colonies…

      • Even Africans sold their country men and women into slavery so it was not just one group of white men

        • Ellen Judson says:

          Of course Africans sold other Africans into slavery. One tribe, for instance, would be in a war with another tribe and the winner, instead of killing the whole tribe , would get rid of them by selling them to slavers. This was a win-win as far as they were concerned. They got rid of their enemies and made a profit off it too.

        • Judy Farkas says:

          The biggest slave owners were blacks, i believe his name was Johnson.But the blacks refuse to acknowledge this.The blacks will always cry blaming everyone for their troubles and destroyi g their youth teaching them hate.Ck the jails.

          • mrp says:

            Retribution for slavery? NEVER. All former slave owners have been dead for centuries and no one alive today can be blamed for slavery. Politicians are using this tactic to garner votes and it should not be allowed.

    • Frederick K Peterman says:

      The “product ” was for sale to ANYONE who could pay the price. The seller only wanted the profits!

  11. Anybody notice, ALWAYS the SAME OLD “sex” ACCUSATIONS……Really getting OLD, SUPER-OLD….DON’T believe ANY of this CRAP….NEVER have….NEVER will…..!!!!!

    • Brad Morford says:

      I am so sick and tired of the fake news trying anything to ruin a person life by using this kind of lies. Time to shut them down.

  12. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    The left use enuindo and Character Assassination all the time it is one of their heaviest evil big guns to discredit their Opponents. The American Secular Progressive Humanist Bolshevik Intelligentsia which account for between 7% & 8% of the Total American Population but 90% of the Entertainment and News Media, 65% of the Education Communities has an evil agenda for America is the cousins to the Russian Bolsheviks only want to use the other 92% – 93% of the population as drones. They would rid the country of its middle class entirely just as Russia did 1919-1924 the Intelligentsia comfiscated all the property and instituted Communal Farms and brought on famine disease and mass arrest for hoarding most ended up in the Gulags. That is where America is headed if you don’t heed my warning.

  13. Frank says:

    The cry babies are at it again. Anything that these idiots can make makeup and try to expose fake crap which they cant win. Do what you do to a spoil brat, you ignore the little pain in the ass. Until itz time to put them to bed. Just ignore the crybabie democraps.

  14. deerflyguy says:

    That’s the way the deep state works. If they can’t get somebody on a factual scandal, they try to set them up with a fake one. If that doesn’t work, they have them hit! Watch your back, Tucker!

    • Judy says:

      I agree deeryguy! Look what they did to o’reily! So many people are watching the fox channel now, because it’s just about the only station that doesn’t spu FAKE NEWS! EVERYONE IS GETTING WISE TO THE DISHONEST LEFT & ITS ABOUT TIME. THE LEFT IS PANICKING SO THEY WILL RESORT TO LIES AND TRYING TO RUIN LIFES. EVEN ARRANGING ACCIDENTS, LIKE THE CLINTONS HAVE BEEN DOING FOR DECADES!

      • Judy says:

        Dont be surprised if they dont start paying women to lie about our fox men, but isnt it funny that those 3 scumbags In Virginia are still in office!!!!! Oh, excuse me I forgot they are dems, they get away with everything! JUST LIKE HILLARY!

  15. MR FRANK says:


  16. Dennis McGrew says:

    Looks to me like he was politely turning away.. How much did she get paid for trying to set him up?

  17. jaybird says:

    #1 There is no such thing as an orange turd.
    #2 Tuck was ambushed!

  18. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Buzzfeed is a carefully orchestrated weapon used against any and all on the political right.

  19. F. J. says:

    Buzzfeed are Fake News, just look at their names “Buzz” Feed. They are two drunk on flakes of snow to report Facts.

  20. Dennis Sumner says:

    Buzzfeed’s not afraid of honest reporting, they can watch it all day on FOX!

  21. Randall Clark says:

    The CRAPPY demonrats need to QUIT, with trying to ruin everyone’s lives with the LYIN CRAP they keep slinging!! If ANYONE is responsible for climate change, it is the demonrats, with all the slime that emanates from their mouths!!!

  22. Eric says:

    This is BS. Quit demeaning Carlson by calling him one of Trump’s best supporters. I’ve see him call the crap out of the orange turd.

  23. Dave Miedema says:

    Did Buzzfeed decide to team up with CNN? Fake News Inc.. I guess.

  24. Pamela says:

    Don’t worry Tucker, nobody is going to believe anything that is printed in that piece of trash paper…We all know that the MSM and Killery are behind all this, paying these degenerates to pull these Evil Stunts just a shame we cant destroy the whole Dem party, what a better country this would be….

    • Judy says:

      Dont be surprised if they dont start paying women to lie about our fox men, but isnt it funny that those 3 scumbags In Virginia are still in office!!!!! Oh, excuse me I forgot they are dems, they get away with everything! JUST LIKE HILLARY!

  25. master gunny sgt USMC 30 years retired says:

    Thease liberal dum ass ‘s need to get a life or get the hell out of our country. This BS has been going for two years as never before.

  26. Joe Tatman says:


  27. Rodney says:

    I should have such adoring fans. How a peck on the cheek by a female can be construed as proof of a sexual scam is beyond me. More interesting is that it happens at a friends funeral? Kate Arthur should have been one of those 15% laid off by the failing Buzzfeed.

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