Tucker Carlson’s career might be over because of one weird sex scandal

The left hates Tucker Carlson.

The popular Fox News host is one of the most able defenders of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

But now his enemies are trying to take him down using this weird sex scandal.

Recently, Buzzfeed reporter Kate Arthur spotted a tweet from Christina Parreira who is a sex worker in Las Vegas.

Parreira met Tucker Carlson and posted a picture of her trying to kiss Carlson on the cheek as he pulled away.

Arthur tried to blow this innocent photograph up in to a full fledged sex scandal and shame Carlson.

Immediately critics once again accused Buzzfeed of fake news.

Carlson had no idea who the woman was when she took the picture.

And the individual who took the photo responded to Arthur by slamming the reporter for not knowing all the facts.

This is the second time in a month a story blew up in Buzzfeed’s face.

Coming on the heels of the fake news fiasco where they published a false story claiming Robert Mueller had evidence Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, many Americans assumed the far-left outlet would be more careful about stories they promote.

But it appears Buzzfeed reporters have not learned their lesson.

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