Tucker Carlson will be grinning from ear to ear when he sees what just happened to Fox News

The hits keep coming for Fox News Channel.

Fox News management’s decision to fire Tucker Carlson is turning into a fiasco of epic proportions.

And Tucker Carlson will be grinning from ear to ear when he sees what just happened to Fox News.

For decades, Fox News was the number one rated cable news station in America.

Polls also found it to be the most trusted.

Not anymore.

Fox News Channel firing Tucker Carlson squandered all that brand equity.

A new poll of likely Republican voters showed just how much damage Fox News inflicted on itself with its core audience as Tucker Carlson’s net favorability rating is 62 points higher than Fox News’.

The poll found that 34 percent had a favorability rating and a 37 percent unfavorable for a minus three overall unfavorability number.

By comparison, 70 percent of likely GOP voters held a favorable view of Carlson and just 11 percent of Republicans viewed Carlson unfavorably.

These numbers help explain why Fox News’ ratings went in the tank following Carlson’s dismissal.

Breitbart’s John Nolte explained that the frustration among conservatives towards Fox News had been building for years due to the fact that Fox News management took their audience “for granted.”

“We could be at a real crisis point for Fox News. Between meddling in the 2020 election with that early call of Arizona and firing Carlson, the outlet’s loyal viewers sound fed up. Fox’s ratings have fallen since Carlson’s firing, and people now have alternatives like Newsmax and OAN—TV news outlets that do not take their viewers for granted,” Nolte wrote.

The reaction by Fox News viewers to Carlson’s firing was not the equivalent of a child who threatens to run away from home only to return after getting halfway down the street.

It looks like a rebellion against a management team that lost touch with its audience.

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