Tucker Carlson went on Fox News and revealed this terrifying personal scandal

Tucker Carlson’s position as the top rated host on Fox News makes him a target for anyone on the Left.

But Carlson is now facing the biggest threat of his career.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson went on Fox News and revealed this terrifying personal scandal.

The corporate-controlled media scoffed at Tucker Carlson when Carlson stated that a whistleblower stepped forward with information that the NSA spied on Carlson’s emails and text messages with the intention of leaking them to the press to force his show off the air.

The NSA never actually denied Carlson’s accusation and corporate-controlled media outlets like CNN either defended the NSA or claimed Carlson made the whole thing up.

But on Wednesday, Carlson appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show and revealed that the NSA leaked his emails to journalists.

“Yesterday, I learned, and this is going to come out soon, that the NSA leaked the contents of my email to journalists in an effort to discredit me. I know because I got a call from one of them, saying ‘oh, this is what your email is about.’ It’s not in any way a figment of my imagination. It’s confirmed. It’s true,” Carlson began.

Carlson stated that a journalist called him the night before and read him back the contents of his emails proving that the NSA leaked his communications.

“Yesterday, I got a call right before air at like 7:15 from a journalist who I know and I like . . . And he repeated back to me what’s in my email and he got it because the NSA had leaked it,” Carlson added.

This is one of the biggest abuses of power ever reported.

Carlson has produced evidence to show the NSA is spying on a journalist critical of the party in power and leaking that information to the media in an effort to silence them.

That happens in an old communist country or a third world banana republic.

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