Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about this act of Big Tech censorship

Big Tech is out of control.

Silicon Valley is shutting down anyone opposed to the Democrat Party.

And Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about this act of Big Tech censorship.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo after Twitter took down his post announcing the state’s recommendation that men between the ages of 18 and 39 not take the COVID vaccine.

Dr. Ladapo based the guidance on a Florida Department of Health study showing an 84 percent increase in the risk of heart-related death in men from that age group caused by the vaccine.

Twitter later restored the post after a furious backlash against the platform for censoring a respected public health expert.

Dr. Ladapo explained why Twitter’s ideologically-motivated censorship was so dangerous during an interview with Tucker Carlson.

Ladapo said that if the Centers for Disease Control knew this information two years ago, they never would have given emergency authority approval for the vaccine.

“It’s an enormous deal. … If it had been known two years ago or so that this vaccine would increase cardiac deaths in young men by 84%, would they have approved it? The obvious answer is no,” Dr. Ladapo stated.

Twitter defended its censorship by claiming a study conducted by a state Department of Health could be “misleading.”

“If we determine a Tweet contains misleading or disputed information per our policies that could lead to harm, we may add a label to the content to provide context and additional information,” Twitter stated.

Dr. Ladapo told Carlson that Twitter censoring his post was “a reflection of how many things have been so backwards during the pandemic.”

During the pandemic, Big Tech would kick you off their platforms for questioning lockdowns, mask mandates, or agreeing with the idea that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in Communist China.

“You would never give something to someone who was young and healthy and increase their risk of dying from sudden cardiac death by 84%. But the response is, ‘well, you know, COVID is pretty bad.’ Yes, COVID can be terrible, but we don’t give people medications that kill them. So there’s been so much confusion. But yes, that was our finding and it was a surprise. But that’s what the numbers show,” Dr. Ladapo added.

It later turned out that those questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and mask mandates while contending the virus leaked out of a lab were correct.

But Twitter is still censoring experts who contradict Big Pharma’s narrative about the vaccines being 100 percent safe and effective.

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