Tucker Carlson warned everyone about something scary Joe Biden will impose on America

Tucker Carlson was alarmed.

Carlson used his Fox News show to try and spread his concern to the nation.

And Tucker Carlson warned everyone about something scary Joe Biden will impose on America.

Joe Biden banned travel from six African nations and imposed new testing requirements for anyone traveling into the United States – even for vaccinated Americans.

Biden also extended the federal mask mandate for passengers on trains and airplanes through March.

Biden imposed all these new restrictions in the name of the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

All of this panic and fear mongering seemed out of proportion considering the doctor in South Africa who identified the variant described the cases that resulted as “extremely mild.”

Carlson also noted how ineffective all of the supposed preventative measures were as the first omicron case was identified in California in an individual who received two doses of the vaccine and a booster.

The popular Fox News host noted that coronaviruses also lived in animals and trying to stomp them out was a fool’s errand.

“Well, obviously the most stringent COVID restrictions in the country are not stopping the spread. Masking, social distancing, nonstop anxiety, talking about COVID from dawn to dusk. None of it worked, and the vaccines didn’t work, either. The patient in California had two injections and still got omicron. So maybe the lesson here is viruses are very hard to stop. Sometimes they’re virtually impossible to stop because they spread with remarkable efficiency. In the case of coronaviruses, they live in animals, so they’re never going away, ever. No matter what. They don’t tell you that, but it’s true,” Carlson stated.

Carlson then played a clip of the incompetent Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Rachel Walensky boasting about the administration’s new COVID surveillance at JFK, Newark, Atlanta, and San Francisco airports to administer new testing protocols.

Carlson warned that if Walensky and other COVID totalitarians like CNN TV doctor Leana Wen got their way, America would head towards a COVID police state seen in countries around the world.

“It’s not just Australia, by the way. In Austria, authorities have stopped people on the street and are demanding to see their COVID papers. In Canada, unvaccinated citizens who have been banned from planes or trains in their own country, not because they’ve tested positive for COVID and are infecting people, but simply because they haven’t taken the injection that the prime minister demands they take. Whether or not they have natural immunity, that’s irrelevant. It’s about obedience. That’s Canada,” Carlson added.

Carlson warned Republicans that unless they woke up to the reality that Democrats won the 2020 election through lockdowns and pandemic-inspired changes to voting rules, it might be time for a new political party.

“But there aren’t a ton of geniuses running the Republican Party, apparently. They still don’t seem to understand what is happening. Listen to them and they talk like this is about a virus. But somebody needs to push back. Maybe it’ll take a new party, a civil rights party, to stop our descent toward actual tyranny,” Carlson concluded.

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