Tucker Carlson told this truth about the Republican Party that Trump supporters won’t like

There is no question Donald Trump grew the Republican Party.

But not everyone is happy.

And Tucker Carlson told this truth about the Republican Party that Trump supporters won’t like.

In a fiery monologue that went viral, Tucker Carlson blasted establishment Republicans for hating their own voters.

Carlson noted that Donald Trump was leaving office in less than two weeks, but that Democrats will still impose lockdowns to keep churches closed, push social media companies to censor conservatives, and demand businesses fire Trump supporters.

Given this stark reality, Carlson wanted to know who was going to defend Trump voters without Donald Trump in office.

Carlson sadly noted it would not be professional class Republicans because they hate the voters Trump attracted to the Republican Party.

“These people need a defender. You need a defender. Why is no one defending them? The main problem – and this really is the main problem – on the right, anyway, the people who run the Republican Party don’t really like their own voters and they especially don’t want the voters that Trump brought,” Carlson stated.

Carlson explained that establishment Republicans hate white working class voters because it reminds them either of a past they want to forget or a future they hope to avoid.

“Trump brought the party’s ranks noticeably downscale from the country club to the trailer park as they often sneer, and this horrifies them. Many Republicans in Washington, D.C. now despise the people they’re supposed to represent and protect,” Carlson began.

“Proles are their single greatest fear; they remind them of where they may have come from, or where they could be going if things turn south,” Carlson declared.

Trump supporters stay so loyal to the President precisely because the attacks on him are so personal.

By attacking Trump as a liar, conman, racist, fascist, etc. the President’s opponents are implicitly attacking his voters as either being supportive of a lying, racist, fascist conman, or being too stupid to recognize one.

The President’s enemies’ true target when attacking him is always his voters.

And the President’s base recognizes that fact.

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