Tucker Carlson told one truth about Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose

Joe Biden’s massive Super Tuesday win put him on track to win the Democrat Party nomination.

But with Joe Biden and his campaign all is not what it seems.

And Tucker Carlson told one truth about Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose.

Joe Biden’s declining mental faculties are a cause for concern to a great many Americans.

During his Super Tuesday victory speech, Biden confused his sister for his wife and did not know who either one was.

Biden’s displays of senility is the trouble lurking beneath the surface of his campaign.

During the Thursday broadcast of his Fox News show Tucker Carlson explained to his viewers that Biden’s fragile mental state was one reason so many establishment Democrats rallied to Biden.

Since Biden no longer knows up from down and is getting worse every day, Democrat interest groups reason they can control a Biden Presidency, since Biden will simply act as a diminished figurehead.

“Joe Biden is fading and uncertain,” Carlson told his audience “Weak leaders are vessels for the stronger forces around him. And no force in American politics is stronger — more aggressive or better organized — than the narrow little interest groups that comprise the Democratic coalition. There’s a reason Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia swung far, so far from the center after he was caught wearing a Klan costume.

Northam was badly wounded, on the brink of resigning. Democratic interest groups swooped in and took control of his administration. Now, it looks nothing like it once did.”

President Trump has also made Americans concerns that Biden is afflicted by an ailment that impairs memory a line of attack.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, the President said Biden probably didn’t know what he was criticizing when Biden tried to attack the administration’s response the coronavirus.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton hid major health ailments from the American people and the Democrat Party paid the price.

By nominating Joe Biden – who many Americans believe is suffering from declining mental capabilities – Democrats risk a repeat of the Hillary Clinton health debacle.

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  1. DUANE says:


  2. Barbara says:

    You pople lie , lie, lie, just like your “glorioh
    leader….soon he’ll each you all to goose step. Kindly take me OFF your list. Barbara

  3. jase says:

    Yes, Slick Wille and his Devil woman, Killery were and are the biggest crime family Murderers, and Traitors America has ever seen.

  4. Jase says:

    Mr., Oscar Laprucas: so right you are Sir, very good comment. thanks, jase.

  5. Oscar Laprucas says:

    A question for all of us here ! Not to change the subject , but , why is it that they who require open boarders to provide plenty of labor ; are by and largely the very same people who demand that AMERICAN women murder hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN babies each year !!!!
    Couldn’t those babies be the labor if they were allowed to grow up in the USA !!!!
    Or is it only because the AMERICAN women would rather pay for immigrants to raise their children than than for AMERICAN women to pay for and raise their own children !!!
    AMERICAN workers are much better for our country than huge numbers of foreigners !!
    This is why we need only regulated immigration to augment the natural flow of labor in the USA !!!
    LEFT WING nut jobs are the cancer on AMERICA it needs to be removed from the country!!!

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