Tucker Carlson told one truth about Donald Trump that left viewers speechless

Tucker Carlson is known as one of the most prominent supporters of Donald Trump’s agenda.

But Trump supporters were stunned by what they saw Carlson say about the President.

That’s because Tucker Carlson told one truth about Donald Trump that left viewers speechless.

One of the Fake News Media’s biggest attacks on Donald Trump is that he supposedly “lies” all the time.

Fact checkers claim the President has made nearly 14,000 false claims – of course this is a lie.

Fake News Media “fact checkers” engage in opinion checking and claim anyone that disagrees with Democrats is “lying.”

Tucker Carlson took this head on during a recent broadcast.

After stunning viewers that Trump was a “salesman” and a “BS artist,” Carlson said what the Fake News Media really hates about Trump is that he tells the truth.

The example Carlson used was immigration.

Mediaite reports:

As an example, Carlson cited Trump’s infamous 2015 comments on immigration.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” the president said. “They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

“Trump didn’t claim that everyone coming over southern border is a criminal,” Carlson said. “But some are. That’s true. And precisely because it is true, you are absolutely, under no circumstances allowed to say it. Acknowledging that not every illegal alien improves America, raises an uncomfortable question: if illegal immigration has a downside, why has Washington allowed so much of it? If the people in charge actually cared about us, they would protect our borders. But they don’t care. So they’ve let millions and millions of foreigners whose names we don’t even know stream in from abroad, to use our services, lower our wages, and — yes, in some cases — commit crimes.”

The Fake News Media as an institution supports open borders and mass migration because it adds new Democrat voters to the rolls.

Because of that, they smear anyone that supports a pro-America immigration position as a racist.

With Donald Trump, the Fake News Media is adding “liar” to the list of charges because simply calling Trump a racist failed to stop him from winning the election.


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51 Responses

  1. Chenz says:


  2. Anthony Lukatella says:

    Trump is a liar and a racist that hates muslims and undocumented workers. And Trump also denies climate change which every scientist says is real. Any one of Trumps actions is impeachable but when you add them all together he should be arrested and removed from office immediately. Trump is a racist that has broken multiples laws, sown division among us, stabbed our allies in the back, profited his businesses from office, and undid every EPA regulation designed to reduce climate change. Anyone that voted for Trump should be ashamed of themselves and take it upon themselves to NEVER vote again in a U.S. election until they educate themselves on what kind of person should be elected for president.

    • Chenz says:


    • CHRIS HINES says:

      You really need help, your so fixated of hating Trump its like you have blinders on and will never realize everything he has done for the good. Trump is not perfect, but he is a lot better than your hero Obama.

    • Eileen Trent says:


      R u aware the Pres. of Spain, Bolsinaro , is acussing 1 of ur beloved climate change heros, De Caprio of paying people 2 set those fires????

      Apparently Bolsinaro has evidence, and he wants De Caprio 2 come 2 Spain 2 answer those charges!!

      Setting fires 2 blame climate change? U nut logs r demented, nothing being beneath u to push ur climate change hoax.

      And when did global warming morph into climate change???

      Several yrs. ago, when Gore was 2 speak before Congress on global warming, they also invited a real expert to testify on the climate, Lord Monkton of England.

      When Lord Monkton stepped off the plane, Congress had sent a delegation 2 meet him and told him he could not testify, and sent him back!!!

      They were terrified of this real expert and he would’ve have made a fool of Gore, and they could not risk such humiliation of their ‘expert’ witness!! LOL!

      Totes Hoax!!

      TRUMP 2Q2Q

      • Eileen Trent says:

        And don’t forget 2 save the planet we need 2 eat the babies!

        That’s what 1 of the constituents of ALEXANDRIA OCCASSIONAL CORTEX, started yelling at 1 her meetings!

        She started raving, “We need 2 eat the babies, there’s not enough time 4 carbon reduction, we have 2 eat the babies, there r 2 many babies, we only have 10 yrs. left, we have 2 eat the babies, that has 2 b ur next campaign slogan!”

        U leftists r frightening, cuz u really believe this hoax, u bought it hook line and SINKER…..and ur also nuts!!!

        THANK GOD FOR TRUMP, an anchor on a ship of fools!!!


    • DR says:

      Ok Anthony I am willing to give you some latitude………….if you have any proof of your claims.

    • Eileen Trent says:

      And u nuts r the reason Pres. Trump activated Marines Directive 550/19, on Oct. 3rd.

      Trump activated Marines Reserves for emergency within the U.S. for the defense of the Home Land, to arrest any coup conspirators.

      Keep saying he should b arrested and removed immediately, and find out what will actually happen, moron!

      We’re well aware this is not an impeachment, but a coup.

      The only arrests that will actually take place will b Dems. when those 175,000 sealed fed. indictments r unsealed and all hell will break loose!!

      Can’t wait 4 the Durham report…….and the military crushes ur plans…..

      TRUMP 2Q2Q

  3. Chenz says:


  4. Herman says:

    The costs to U.S. Income Tax payers is enormous for the “Diseased Invaders” crossing the border. Fix the immigration laws so that the desired immigrants are allowed in and the criminals stay out!

    • PatriotSoul says:

      Herman, but the hate-filled, do-nothing DEMONazis in control of the House have too much to do trying to “impeach” a President because they don’t like him, don;t like the 2016 election results, disagree with his policies, and his telling the truth to work on anything to help us or our beloved USA. They refuse to work on immigration, border security, insurance, prescription costs, or even passing the USMCA that will help hundreds of thousands of people. They DEMONazis are selfish, self-absorbed, mean-spirited, evil and I can’t say people because they aren’t people, they’re more like bad germs.

  5. Ursula 11 27 says:

    The President was right in his speech and so is Tucker Carlson. You think the Mexicans will allow a Physician to leave for the USA? No way!
    They will open the prisons, and tell the criminals that they are free to leave provided they go to the USA.

  6. sherri says:

    Dies Pelosi son work for a Ukraine oil Co.? Does Nadlers son work for CNN with MC Cabe (ousted FBI). Does Maxine Waters have money in a Globel investment Co. with many depositors Russian? Didn’t Schiff meet with Cris Steele, (dossier author) in Colorado? Get these questions answered for Jim Jordan, Nunes, Meadows, our President & America.

  7. Leon says:

    The democraps allow illegal immigrants to cross our border in order to destroy our Sovereignty and weaken us as Europe has been since being overrun b y muslim refugees.

  8. Cjenz says:


  9. David says:

    Tucker is not quite right in one aspect, the end game. Open borders is the Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the social services and bankrupt the governments to bring down the United States. Cloward & Piven were two Columbia University married professors who wrote this in the 1960’s. I am fairly certain that they wrote it for “hire;” for the elites (those above the deep state)

  10. Rachel says:

    My comment is directed to GHD! He apparently has a pipe to blow all of his smoke up his ass, that makes him so assured “Fact Checkers” are not a big part of the FAKE MEDIA”! Proves he believes in everything, YET CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  11. The other HUGE LIE that I truly Hate : When President Trump said that there were good and bad people on both sides in the crowd at a rally. The Filthy Rotten Lying msm reported that he said the far right people were good. SIS. The msm are Truly Evil.

  12. GHD says:

    About time a conservative leader admits that Trump is a “B.S. Artist”!!!! And a “B.S. Artist” is not one who tells the truth – – it is feces coming out of his mouth.

    “Fact checkers” are people that check certain information with the evidence that is available, like the number of people at a rally ot inauguration. Many times, Trump REPEATS falsehoods over and over – – even after it has been made clear that it is false. That is a deliberate LIAR. Even grade school children can check factual information on their computers – – – what an impression that our “leader”if a “BS Artist” rather than a credible person.

    • Link says:

      You believe in women’s rights oh, you believe in homosexuality rights and lesbian rights, but you don’t give a damn about the killing babys, read Romans chapter 1 and you will see that you are a liar, backbiter and stabber. Read chapter one is your profile! So you cannot be trusted in anything that you said

    • Rachel says:

      Those that have been brainwashed only believe what they are told from certain people. They do not think for themselves! YOU Would Not RECOGNIZE the TRUTH if it spit in your face! Lost unclaimed Son of GEORGE SOROS! The Wanna be HITLER # 2!

      • sherri says:

        No one lies more than Schiff, Pelosi, Shuller, Nadler, CNN, Hillary, Obama, Debbie Weissman, Loretta L., Loretta & Hillary said our military didn’t have time to get to embassy in Benghazi, fight was 13 hrs. our military was less than 2 hrs. away. America ,wake up. Russia wasn’t the biggest hack. China & Ukraine were, that’s why Hillary smashed her emails. Didn’t China give Hillary foundation $20 Mil? Ask Nancy & Diane how many Govt. contracts their husbands got under Corp. names.

        • Trump has told over 6,000 lies or more since he took office – e.g., immigrants are all criminals contrary to report from FBI and Cato Institute. He abandoned our Kurdish allies thinking that the war was over contrary to the generals in the field. FBI reports and increase in hate crimes since he took office. Most South Americans want to come here because of the drug cartels, gang violence and oppression, the same reasons many of our ancestors did. The wall is a joke – you only need a ladder to cross over. Most immigrants want to work and take on menial jobs in hotels, etc. Farmers in California who supported trump now worry about not have enough field hand to manage their crops – so we might be paying $50 for a head of lettuce. Sherri, I am surprised that you a woman would support a man who cheats on his wife, has sex with prostitutes, demeans women, and thinks they are sex objects – I am sure you would not want your daughter dating a man like this. He has no loyalty to his family, country and requires adulation from his supporters because he has such a week ego. Psalm 146: do not trust in men nor the princes of men for they are here today and gone tomorrow. Put your trust in God. One cannot reason with a person who is prejudiced. I think you should spend some time reading the Bible and contemplating what Jesus would want you to do – Christ would not approve of his policies or behaviors.

          • Eileen Trent says:

            Illegals r NOT immigrants, and they r a financial drain 2 the tune of $150 billion a year.

            Education, free breakfasts and lunches in the schools 4 their bambinos, free healthcare, WIC, food stamps, public housing, free, free, free, let’s go 2 America…….YEA!!!!!

            When my ancestors came in from England in the 1600’s, there was NO WELFARE!!

            They were PIONEERS, not immigrants….since they settled this land, fought in the Revolution, and the Civil War….our name is all over England and America…..pioneers…..not welfare leeches!

            Do u seriously think they would be coming if there was no government programs 4 them or their kids…..boy r u dumb!

            Which is exactly what is now pouring over the border, leeches that expect free everything!

            Especially their kids, who we know thru DNA tests, r not even their kids, our border patrol r busting the same kids 7 or 8 times with different adults……scum- scamming illegals!!

            BUILD THE WALL!

            And deport all illegals and their not kids!

            GO ICE!

          • Uncle Hoppy says:

            Christ didn’t get involved in politics and there is no person that is not a sinner.
            The farmers in California might be worried because of all of the fires which are caused by poor government planning with land management.
            Yes Trump is a scoundrel but the alternative would spell the end of America as we know it. What democrat would you trust for president, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Biden? You’d have to out of your mind to vote for one of them.

    • VGF says:

      GHD..YOU have VERY Clearly Identified YOURSELF With EACH word YOU Were Spouting .. YOU are Guilty OF ! YOU KNOW President Trump IS NOT a LiaR>!>He HAS Nothing To LIE about. The TRUTH serves HIM Quite WELL>And YOU really WANT to BElieve It..and..Did Not Even Bother to Check YOUR source. YOU would never make IT..Out here in the REAL World !

      • Hillary lost, get over it. says:

        Why would GHD, which is his initials for GottaHaveDicks, ever want to leave mama’s bosom, or basement? Why would he/she/it ever get off the government free stuff plantation? It wouldn’t. Its a lost case. I just wonder how many of them mexican flag waving illegals it has living with it? How many is it supporting? None. Of that, I am positive.

    • Roy Zitzman says:

      Oh and no one on Democrats side lyes, and you don’t and nobody but President Trump does, Jack A— —.

  13. wittsend says:

    Thank you Tucker for setting the record straight. That’s why your ratings keep climbing…..because you aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!!! Keep telling the “LIARS” that they’re the ones telling the lies! Thanks for loving our president!

  14. Thomas Banacek says:

    Tucker Carlson is a worthy replacement in the time slot formally held by Bill O’Reillly, who the left wingers were able to silence. Let’s hope something similar doesn’t happen to Carlson and that the wimps who run FNC grow a pair of balls not caving in to the hateful left.

    • AbortThySelf says:

      What’s rich is that, from Leftist Politicians to Leftist brainwashed, puppets, these fools actually look down their nose at rural America. They detest rural people. Well Leftist Einstein’s (not), these illegals crossing over illegally, are 200 times more rural than American rural. Many probably only schooled up to the 2nd grade, if at all. Many don’t know the meaning of good hygiene. Never used a flushing toilet, had electricity, know what a garbage disposal is, a washing machine, anti bacteria soap, deodorant, a daily bath or shower. But Dems are fawning all over them. Wish they would go worship them in their own country.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        And that’s why they come.

        They’ve never seen indoor plumbing, flat screen tvs, any modern conveniences we have in U.S.

        The illegals in the camps the Dems. were complaining about drinking toilet water, had never encountered an indoor bathroom with the sinks that were on top of the toilets, thought they were drinking toiket water. It’s a seperate system, which the border patrol tried to explain 2 those dumber-than-rocks illegals!

        There should be an IQ test 4 everyone immigrating 2 U.S.!

        And they have 2 prove they can support themselves and their kids, not b a drain on the system.

        And we need 2 support POTUS and his Executive Order to end birth right citizenship.

        Ten states r now reporting illegal aliens r outbirthing U.S. women…….losing ur country 1 illegal birth at a time……

        TRUMP 2Q2Q

        • Eileen Trent says:

          That doesn’t just mean illegals coming across the border.

          Wealthy Chines wonen r flying into U.S. 8-mos. pregnant, being set up in elaborate birthing centers, dropping that kid and BAMM!! Automatic U.S. citizen!!

          Then flying back to China with their dual citizen….

          This has to END!!

          Support POTUS EXECUTIVE ORDER to end automatic birth right citizenship…….or lose ur country……

  15. Johnny says:

    I applaud Tucker Carlson! We need more journalists cut from the same fabric. The ‘New’ Demochats HATE America and, the old Demochats have demonstrated their ineptness,

  16. Debbie Downer says:

    Democrats favor illegal immigration because they hope someday to grant amnesty and increase their voter base. For Democrats, it’s never about what’s good for the country, but always about what’s good for Democrats.

    • Dr. J. D.. says:

      They don’t need to do that since the numbers are going their way already – – – they have strong female support and strong support among the young, while Trumpers lead only in the category of white males over 45. In addtion, the census demographics show the rates of increase among minorities is greater than among whites. IN years to come, you will see that Trumps attacks on minorities are going to really hurt them at the polls. Trump’s support among A-As is only 9%!!!

      The real problem centers on Congress, which has NOT been doing its job in creating and adjusting immigration laws. And if the laws were applied that actually penalized employers, that would really make a difference because the illegals would have no financial incentive to come here.

      • VGF says:

        DR ?? jd ..I don`t know where You Gather your info..but it is Nothing more than a lot of HOOEY !! The only thing I could Even Consider Was correct..IS>. you at LEAST have Enough ”Brains to Put THE immigration Fiasco Exactly Where IT belongs ( With congress NOT Getting Its` S..t together And Fixing The Immigration ”Laws” that Should Have BEEN “”Remedied MANY Years AGO>>..To Signal THE FACTS as they ARE….That This Country CANNOT Afford YET Another Illegal Immigrant Who SNEAKS INTO this COUNTRY>>Expecting TO BE Supported By the TAX paying Citizens >>Who ARE already OVER-Strapped Trying TO Live ON >Perhaps You Should PUT UP Or Shut THE H..l Up. Better YET, GO Back TO wherever YOU Came FROM>>And STAY There. YES>>JUST GO

      • H Lee says:

        jd: YOu just made up /lied when you said “Trump’s attacks on minorities” He has done more for the minorities than any other group.

      • Tennessee Hawk says:

        WHAT attacks has PRESIDENT Trump aimed at minorities? Lowest unemployment EVER? Finally showing them the marxists demonrats have sicced planned parenthood on them? Showing them the marxists have kept them slaves for the demonrats’ own pockets? Just because you marxists spew it doesn’t make it true.

      • Mark the 2nd says:

        Well JD, at it again I see. The first part of your comment was utter BS, the second part I can agree with. The DemonRAT controlled House has definitely NOT done anything remotely like “it’s job”. All the communist morons have focused on for 3 years is IMPEACHMENT! – IMPEACHMENT! – IMPEACHMENT! , with absolutely NO CONCRETE PROOF! JD , you prove time and time again the political arena is not your forte. You said before you’re a “scientist” of some kind, you need to stick to that. I’ve known a number of scientists in my travels and most of them have a very narrow focus. They often believe that because they’re learned in their particular field or fields they know everything and are more intelligent than all the rest of us. Not true – never has been, never will be. If you were truly that smart JD, you wouldn’t be a communist.

      • Debbie Downer says:

        Doc, when you say Trump attacks on minorities do you mean when he rightfully says drugs, drug dealers, rapists, and gangs members are coming across the border? Or do you mean when Trump said they are not sending their best people over here?
        In addition to penalizing employers for hiring illegals the citizenship question should be on the federal census and adjustments can be made on the electoral college votes for high illegal population states like California. Of course democrats oppose that for the obvious reason.

        • Mexican immigrants are all criminals – false, Muslims are all terrorists – false, he is great – false, he has alienated our allies and who can trust a treaty we make or who would fight on our side in a war, e.g., abandoning our Kurdish allies. I doubt if you really know what a Marxist is all about – have you read Das Kapital by Marx, do you know the historical events that led up to Marx’s book, do you know what 2 philosophical theories Marx used and do you know what Pope stood for the workingman which was one of Marx’s major criticism of capitalism. I doubt you do so
          stop calling people communists if you do not know what you are talking about – only shows how ignorant you are. For your information I have degrees in both philosophy and theology and am in a better place to know about communism than you.

          • Debbie Downer says:

            Joseph, W. Strychasz, I have no idea what you are talking about with Marx and I did not call anybody a communist. You are clearly confused. I have no idea what Karl Marx has to do with this conversation.
            I will add that when people start listing there credential on here its a clear sign they are idiots with low self esteem. You go have a nice day now and maybe you can find that person you meant to post to.

      • Eileen Trent says:

        Read my post Doc.

        I just told u 10 states have more illegal alien births than U.S. women, that’s where their new voters r, Doc!

        They know these people will sell their souls 2 the devil to keep their government handouts, hence, ready-made dem. constituents, Doc.!

        End automatic birth right citizenship now!!

        Before u lose ur country 2 a 3rd.- world invasion…….

  17. The Real M says:

    Way to go Tucker! You always call a spade a spade and heck no that wasn’t a racist comment!

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