Tucker Carlson told one scary truth about what Democrats really think about America

Democrats are looking to win total control of government this November.

Most Americans have no idea what that would mean.

But Tucker Carlson told one scary truth about what Democrats really think about America.

On Monday night, Carlson blasted Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth for being open to the idea of tearing down statues of George Washington.

The popular Fox host explained that Duckworth and other Democrats were showing once and for all that they hate this country.

Carlson explained, “It’s long been considered out-of-bounds to question a person’s patriotism. It’s a very strong charge, and we try not ever to make it. But in the face of all of this, the conclusion can’t be avoided — these people actually hate America. There’s no longer a question about that. And yet paradoxically, at the same time, they desperately want to control America more than anything. And that leads to the most basic of all questions: Can you really lead a country that you hate? Ask yourself, what kind of parent would you be if you hated your children?”

Carlson asked his audience to imagine how Democrats can govern a country that they hate.

“What kind of officer would you make if you didn’t care about your troops?” Carlson added. “It would be awful. The results would be ugly. It would not work. Loving the people you lead, caring deeply about them is the basic prerequisite of leadership. The leaders of today’s Democratic Party do not. They despise this country. They have said so. They continue to. That is shocking, but it is also disqualifying. We cannot let them run this nation because they hate it. Imagine what they would do to it.”

Democrats like Duckworth want to govern it by transforming America into something unrecognizable.

They would eliminate the filibuster, ban guns, grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices, and grant statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. so they gain four new Democrat Senators in perpetuity.

Tucker Carlson is warning Americans that these are the stakes they face this November.

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18 Responses

  1. Ben Matthews says:

    They can’t even run their cities, competently, you’ll have to be a ‘seriously f#€!<ed' in the head to think that they can run the country?

  2. Crowdogg says:

    Trump has called the Russian bounty scandal a hoax. Trump would rather take Putin’s word over his own intelligence agencies. Now that’s what I call supporting our troops…and Trump says Obama committed treason.

  3. Dr. J.D. says:

    BLM and all leftists do not believe in freedom. Their movement demands ideological conformity. They engage in dogma and coercion to push their agenda, and are not interested in open debate or tolerance of opposing viewpoints. Just look how they treat dissenters within their own party. BLM has nothing to do with saving black lives, as evidenced by their refusal to protest black-on-black murders, and has everything to do with instituting Marxism in America, as evidenced by their founder’s admission that they are trained Marxists. Anybody that supports BLM supports Marxism, and anybody that claims BLM is about saving black lives is a LIAR or a FOOL!

  4. john says:

    blowhard27, same old commiecrap , you accusing us of what you communists are like. Don’t waste our time with your lies and communism

  5. Dr. J. D. says:

    Mother Tucker Carlson, who has NEVER faced the challenges of Senator Duckworth, has NO right to judge her patriotism. That so characterizes the hypocrisy of the right wingnuts — – you only TALK about your love for the troops, but will not stand up like Trump, to the Russians who put a bounty on killing American soldiers!

  6. muavae maika says:

    Demo stinks

  7. Kenny says:

    Hey demorats. If you don’t like it here leave. We are not holing you back
    LEAVE THEN!!!!!

  8. jkryanspark says:

    The American right wing has lost its collective mind, and in their wanton paranoia, they’re lashing out at the left. Without the left, we’d fall into autocracy. For all their excesses, left wing America is holding America together against Trump and his base’s insanity; a sickness born out of income inequality forced upon us by Ronald Reagan’s unrelenting assault on the middle class, but blamed on the Democrats.

  9. Robert F says:

    DEMOCRATS DO NOT HATE THIS COUNTRY!! This Country is way more than your sick demented comments. We are a democracy. You might want to read up on what a democracy is, but that’s probably to much to ask.

  10. pierre says:

    agree Dr.J.D …THATS RIGHT ..Complain about this country ,catch a flight out of here and stay out ..

  11. Denise Fernandez says:

    Trump will win beside what these lousy Criminals do, he lasted all this time with their constant harassment. They did everything they could think or pay for to “Get” him. It didn’t happen. He is winning…that is it!!!
    You surely do not have to like him, but you do need to give him the respect he deserves. If not, you are no better than these animals killing kids and people, “FOR NO REASON “!!! EVERY LIFE MATTERS…..defund the police is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of….Good Cops help people.

  12. Travis says:

    well bo27 i truly believe the dum o rats dont give two craps about all the killings of black children by there blm,s as long as it blames trump for it . the dum.s are as RACIST as they are.

  13. Gary Fernett says:

    The 2nd amendment states when your government does not do the will of the people the people will and can take up arms to change the government….for now we vote and see what our leaders do for the people after November. We are the power behind the government and can limit the power of our government…vote in november

  14. Bo27 says:

    Enough with the fear-mongering BS. Every Democrat I know loves this country and wants to preserve its greatness. If you believe nonsense like tucker spews, if you believe democrats want to take your guns, if you believe democrats don’t believe in God, if you believe democrats hate this country…. well, all that shows is how well and thoroughly you’ve been indoctrinated and how unwilling or unable to think and reason you are; and how well you have been taught to not believe the truth and reality right in front of you.

  15. gene smith says:

    Controlling is a very long way from LEADING…not even close. so, hating the Country would probably just wind up making the Dems. evil and mean controllers.

  16. Lucca's dad says:

    100 %.

  17. JeanMc says:

    The Constitution states Washington DC is a district a neutral place where we come together to make our laws. The Constitution says it that settles it!

  18. Dr. J.D. says:

    Democrats have hated America for a long time now. It started with Marxist college professors and teachers indoctrinating and brainwashing our youth. And now we are living in the aftermath of that.
    Nobody wants to radically change a country if they love it. Nobody wants to erase history, and rewrite the constitution if they love America. Any democrat that says they love America is a LIAR!

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