Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers this difficult truth about the coronavirus

Tucker Carlson spent months warning about the dangers the Chinese coronavirus posed to Americans.

Now the outbreak is upon the country.

And Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers this difficult truth about the coronavirus.

Despite Tucker Carlson sounding the alarms early about the Chinese coronavirus, the popular Fox News is often critical of governments for taking the wrong approach to combat the spread.

The latest target of Carlson’s wrath was the city of Philadelphia, which recently announced the police would no longer arrest criminals for violent crimes like burglary and car theft.

“In many cities, authorities are actually ordering police to stop protecting the public, to stop doing their jobs. In the city of Philadelphia, police have been ordered to avoid arrest, even for significant crimes: drug offenses and prostitution obviously are tolerated. But now burglary and car theft is getting a pass,” Carlson began.

Philadelphia was not the only left-wing city to decide criminals get a pass because of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

Carlson told his audience that “In Los Angeles county, that’s a jurisdiction with 9 million people living there, the sheriff’s department is only arresting 60 people a day. In a jurisdiction of 9 million. That’s down from 300 a day before the coronavirus.”

Finally, Carlson warned what would happen when there are “millions of teenagers with nothing to do […] So how will they behave when they realize they can loot stores, steal cars, or trash public places without police responding to it? What do you think this is? You know what it is. It is a recipe for chaos, and people can feel it.”

Government’s main job is to protect the safety of its citizens.

But in a time of fear and panic some left-wing mayors are choosing to allow violent thugs to roam the streets with no fear of any consequences.

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61 Responses

  1. DD says:

    I think I need to tell my wife we had better look at getting guns and a license to carry! I think in time we will need it, even where we live!

  2. Well folks, there are certainly no shortage of IDIOT decisions being made right now like the one in Philly. Other places are releasing inmates because of the virus ! I would have thought that the inmates would be better off IN jail, than out.

  3. Jim Jackson says:

    Police officers are leaving their jobs and taking jobs a security guards in airports and big business buildings, because the loony left wing politicians are not supporting and protecting them in their efforts to keep the streets and highways safe for law-abiding citizens.

  4. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Honestly, what do we expect the police to do?
    If the police shoot and kill a criminal then they get fired and or sued.
    If that weren’t bad enough now they have a real chance of getting very sick if they go into these areas.
    “Mr policeman, just so you know, there’s a possibility you might get shot, and a possibility you might get sick, and a possibility if you have to use your service revolver you might lose your job or worse. But anyway, have a nice day”

  5. Jeff DiMarco says:

    These crooked politicians are letting hardened criminals out of jail at the same time threatening to put regular people in jail if we dont adhere to there quasi martial law
    shelter in place policies. AMERICA WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TO LATE !!!!!!!

  6. jreb57 says:

    The leadership in Philadelphia evidently thinks it is better to risk infecting the general public than to risk infecting people already incarcerated. This is putting the best interest of criminals above that of the general public. It is like the immigration policy, putting the interest of illegal immigrants above that of American citizens. I know the Democrats need the votes, but this is ridiculous.

  7. George says:

    lawlessness is most common in third world countries and the one world order would love to see the USA as a third world country in order to collect more money into their greedy pockets…

  8. Tim says:

    It can not be that difficult to put one in incarceration after committing a crime. I guess those that commit murder should be excicutied for what it says in the bible. There would be plenty of room for the rest of the criminals caught…Put them in jail don’t let them run our cities. Another thing at this time any state can call out the National Guard. If locals are in fear then call to a higher official…..

  9. Helga says:

    We’ve seen nothing yet as the saying goes! These Cities and States who are announcing decreased law enforcement are putting all citizens at great risk. Guess that prompted increased gun and ammo sales?

  10. Roger Reeve says:

    I am terrified of the democratic party. We need a 2 party system but the democrats are out of control. Without opposition that could happen to the GOP. The current Democrat candidates are a choice between a communist and a senile old man. If Biden wins he will be a president in name only. We won’t know who is making the decisions. OBAMA!

  11. Patriotson says:

    When rule of law does not exist, society is on the road to destruction and citizens had better arm themselves because law enforcement has been ordered to stand down. Most egregious act ever witnessed.

  12. Terry says:

    They use the corona virus as an excuse to allow lawlessness. This is also the very places that refuse to allow guns to legal citizens to protect themselves from these so called criminals. But you can bet your bottom liberal dollar that if a legal citizen shoots someone protecting themselves or their family that those liberal mayors will be sending their police to arrest them. So what is their message. We won’t protect you but neither should you protect yourself.

  13. This is NOT leadership by the powers to be in Philly. This HAS to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.!! Giving criminals a total pass because of this virus in nothing short of insanity !

  14. Kenneth Barr says:

    Sooo, if someone breaks into a business or someone stealing their car, and they get shot,,, Justice can be served quickly!!! Load your guns people, if law enforcement won’t come help when you need them, We The People will have to protect ourselves!!

  15. JOHN says:


  16. Jim Jackson says:

    The big part of the problem is that the court system is so overloaded with cases. And the jails are so full that there aren’t enough places to put more inmates. This is a serious crisis that has been building up for decades.

  17. Public_Citizen says:

    When the Police stop doing the job We The People expect them to do, expect We The People to resurrect Posse Commitatus and Public Safety Committees.

  18. I pray for our country that Bernie does not become the nominee for the Democratic party. We have the best President running the United States has ever had in Mr. TRUMP. May God continue to be with our Republican leaders, Mr. TRUMP &Mr. Pence and the 51 percent of our Congress. Lord, I pray for their families for safety and guidance for each. God bless America and God bless Mr. Donald Trump, and Mr. Mike Pence, Thank you Lord for the Newscasters on Fox News. Help each one to be a blessing giving them added grace mercy and strength for each program.

  19. Vickie Ross says:

    That is crazy. Their putting the people in jeopardy by not arresting people that commit crime.

  20. Jono says:

    Ridiculous… and NYC should get rid of their idiotic no bail stupidness……

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