Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers this difficult truth about the coronavirus

Tucker Carlson spent months warning about the dangers the Chinese coronavirus posed to Americans.

Now the outbreak is upon the country.

And Tucker Carlson told Fox News viewers this difficult truth about the coronavirus.

Despite Tucker Carlson sounding the alarms early about the Chinese coronavirus, the popular Fox News is often critical of governments for taking the wrong approach to combat the spread.

The latest target of Carlson’s wrath was the city of Philadelphia, which recently announced the police would no longer arrest criminals for violent crimes like burglary and car theft.

“In many cities, authorities are actually ordering police to stop protecting the public, to stop doing their jobs. In the city of Philadelphia, police have been ordered to avoid arrest, even for significant crimes: drug offenses and prostitution obviously are tolerated. But now burglary and car theft is getting a pass,” Carlson began.

Philadelphia was not the only left-wing city to decide criminals get a pass because of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak.

Carlson told his audience that “In Los Angeles county, that’s a jurisdiction with 9 million people living there, the sheriff’s department is only arresting 60 people a day. In a jurisdiction of 9 million. That’s down from 300 a day before the coronavirus.”

Finally, Carlson warned what would happen when there are “millions of teenagers with nothing to do […] So how will they behave when they realize they can loot stores, steal cars, or trash public places without police responding to it? What do you think this is? You know what it is. It is a recipe for chaos, and people can feel it.”

Government’s main job is to protect the safety of its citizens.

But in a time of fear and panic some left-wing mayors are choosing to allow violent thugs to roam the streets with no fear of any consequences.

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65 Responses

  1. Johnson says:

    True Dat LJ !

  2. LJ says:

    I agree. If we don’t lock up President Trump, the biggest criminal on the planet, there is no justice! Of course, if he were to ask his lover, Kim Jung Un for sanctuary, we, the people would probably say that’s okay. Of course, Dennis Rodman could visit both!

  3. HOW does anybody think that NOT arresting criminals is going to help with this virus fiasco ?? This virus NS has gone on for long enough ! Time for people to revolt against these morons that come up with these INSANE ideas!

  4. Barry Hollis says:

    The world should arrest every extrem ly dangers person know thru out the world before more serious issues arise by not enforcing the Rule Of Law ,but not over petty violations

  5. paul says:

    I live in New York. You could move to New York. Surely there’s safety in New York. Oh wait, we don’t arrest anyone anymore. Buy a gun!!

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