Tucker Carlson shut down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with just one question

There is no doubt Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the leaders of the Democrat Party.

Ocasio-Cortez uses her social media account to set the party’s talking points and policy agenda.

But then Tucker Carlson shut down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with just one question.

Americans were horrified at images from New York City where violent anti-cop protesters stormed subway stations in protest of police that enforce the mass transit fares.

Anarchists jumped over the turn style where subway riders pay the fare when entering the station.

The protesters also expressed violent anti-police sentiments to “kill cops.”

This was all met with an approving tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Tucker Carlson had former police officer — and candidate for Queens District Attorney — Joseph Murray on his show, and he asked Murray about Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of “punching cops.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Extremists on Saturday protested in New York City over the price of mass transit and aimed their anger at the police who enforce the law.

The weekend protest encouraged people to “kill cops” and to avoid paying the $2.57 subway fare. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted her approval of the demonstration Saturday, comparing “mass incarceration” with enforcement of the fare.

“Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community,” she said
. . .
“What do you make of a sitting member of Congress endorsing the punch a cop movement?” Carlson asked him.

“Disgusting. I’m all for the First Amendment. People should express themselves. But when you are talking about encouraging people to commit crimes, particularly striking police officers, that’s outrageous,” said Murray.

Public officials are supposed to stand for the rule of law and respecting institutions like law enforcement.

Instead, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez praised violent thugs who want to harm cops.


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120 Responses

  1. Jerry says:

    AOC = piece of deplorable s—t
    Nothing but a worthless b!!!h
    Prison or deported
    Hey Nancy piece of trash I will vote for my choice not yours bitch

  2. James says:

    Just the loss of amazon in her district should make the citizens realize she has no concern for anybody or anything except her agenda. She is a perfect example of the demoncratic party. All mouth and no action. Tear up the opposition, but do nothing that is constructive for her area and the United States. She belongs in Iran heating up one of their furnaces. Her party has advocated so much violence perhaps they need a tour in some of these war torn areas to learn how life can really be miserable. One thing for sure, the demoncratic party of baby killers will certainly according to my bible pay their dues. AOC just wants to be somebody so her ego can be fed.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Did anyone hear AOC’s new campaign slogan? saying if you see a cop to punch him. She should be along with the “squad” should be punched for even suggesting it.

  3. kadok says:

    Wonder how congressional members would feel if they were punched over $2.57 , they can start with cortez.

  4. Anthony K says:

    I’m thoroughly confused. Am I wrong? All House and Senate members take an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic and foreign adversaries. Did Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez not take this oath? Also, why has Nancy Pelosi not considered her actions as “insurrection” against the laws of the United States?
    Folks, the reason Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez gets away with this is because our federal government elected officials . . . Democrats in particular, could careless about the “Rule-of-law” they so quickly claim to hold to.

  5. Johnny says:

    AOC needs to be kicked between her legs! Real hard!

  6. Leonard JOHNSON says:

    Cortez should be expelled from U. S. territory.

  7. Lt. Robert Polans USMC, Special OPS., ret. says:

    What does she think of killing do absolutely nothing democraps who are wasting $millions? That’s as legal as jumping turnstiles and punching cops.

  8. Hopefully waiting to read she was Gang Banged by 25 Members of MS-13, what a sweet day that would be for America.

  9. Bill says:

    AOC. The loonies who elected her in 2018 will probably vote to re-elect her in 2020. I realize that I am making disparaging remarks about a lot of people living in the district she represents, but I have little confidence in the collective wisdom on anyone who would vote for such a creature in the first place. Surely there are some good candidates those people can rally behind so sanity can prevail.

    • Austin G says:

      Her district has over 100,000 registered voters. The ho-hum New York voters in her district who thought the incumbent would win handily, stayed home and didn’t vote. Less that 20% turned out to vote. Now the party says the have two competent challengers to run against her, and they will support them. Her re-election may be in doubt, but this is a prime example of voter apathy.

      • Randy Humphries says:

        Real b1tch is that even if she gets voted out, she still gets to enjoy her $175,000 salary for the rest of her life!

  10. Roger W. Reeve says:

    I thought protecting criminals was a crime. How do democratic politicians get away with giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants?Nancy Pilosi said no one is above the law.

  11. Joz Lee says:

    Sharing this: Bruce Baker writes: So, if she approves of Punching A COP… Can I approve of Punching AOC in the Face too? Fair is Fair… what you do unto others… Others Can Do Unto You? Just a thought…

  12. Janis says:

    As the wife of a retired NYPD police officer, I have to wonder why anyone would take that job nowadays. Back in the day, when my husband served, he knew when he strapped on his gun, who the enemy was – criminals. In today’s NYPD, the enemies are the young radicals who throw water and garbage at the cops, work as a mob, and the Mayor and top brass who back the leftist anarchists over the police officers.

    • KATH says:


      • Randy Humphries says:

        Problem in NY is the population of the NYC area and Erie county out number the conservatives in the state. Like CA and IL, NY needs an electoral college so the rest of the state can have a say in state politics. As it is, most of the states’ counties are red, but the population of NYC out numbers the rest of the state. We’re all screwed because the libtards have the numbers!

    • Irma Vela says:

      This world has gone MAD:
      SO, SO, SAD.

  13. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    ….Can’t afford 2.75?….so they make veiled threats to kill….This is what AMERICA has produced….offspring BRATS sprung from the loins of Baby boomer BRATS….This is what America has produced…GARBAGE IN=GARBAGE OUT……..Something like this 40 years ago was unthinkable, today it is main stream…If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders like AOC. Term limits ain’t going to do any good; you’re just going to end up with a brand new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans. So, maybe, maybe, maybe, it’s not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here…like the AMERICAN PUBLIC….The same people you see like AOC, protesters who can’t afford a 2.75 fee to ride the subway , but want everything handed to them just like their useless baby boomer brat parents did enabling these modern day brats at every step, handed everything without responsibility

    • DEM777 says:

      Shamus McQuade, WELL SAID! I agree with your post.

    • Rodney says:

      I am a baby boomer!!!!!! I have two (2) daughters and they both were raised to respect their elders!!!!!! I raised them just like I was raised!! SHOW RESPECT AND YOU WILL GET RESPECT!! I ruled my household with a iron fist, my house, my rules, if you don’t like it I will help you pack!!!! Both are now grown with families of their own, and their children are well behaved and listen to what people have to say and if they don’t agree, they have been taught to talk wisely and debate the same, without throwing a fit and cussing you out!!! aoc is just a spoiled little brat, and that is all she will ever be!!!!!

      • Papusa says:

        May I add spoiled, brainless little brat.

      • Randy Humphries says:

        I’m also a boomer, offended by the comment that our kids are the problem. Yeah, there are a few that might have contributed to the stupidity, but not all. I’m a Vietnam combat vet, disabled, and have 2 sons that were raised to respect others. Both have kids raised the same way. As boomers, our kids are in there 30’s or 40’s on average years old, in my opinion, it’s the next generation that began the situation we have today. Boomers were until 1964, giving birth at 16 years old the child would be 39 this year, AOC is 29.

    • J says:

      Just more proof that 2 out of the three democrats are just as stupid as the third demonRAT.

  14. Mary Johnson says:

    The Democrats talk of President Trump cause racism and hate but the true is they are the haters and the racist . The Democrats are the lawless. The Democrats are the criminals. Everything the Democrats have accused President Trump of doing the Democrats have and are doing. Where as President Trump has always been proven not to have committed these crimes the Democrats have been proven to have done so. Yet the Democrats are left free to continue with their witch hunts and nothing is ever done to the Democrats. The topic was AOC and her attack on the law enforcement she should be removed from office . There is a code of conduct and most on the hill fail that code.

    • DEM777 says:

      Mary, I agree with your post.

      Wish that there could be a cleansing of the Liberal Democrats in Office and some RINO’s.

      • KATHYKOOL says:


        • Austin G says:

          We need to get the Supreme Court to over rule themselves on campaign contributions. Elections are being controlled by the likes of Soros and Bloomberg. You need to look no farther than Virginia, went from 60 years of red to blue, based on the money of those two.

    • It’s called projection. Accuse someone else of what you do. Hey if you are willing to murder babies punching a cop ( I am a retired chief LEO) is not a far stretch. These people have no morals.

    • Randy Humphries says:

      The return to the racism in this country is thanks to Obama, that Muslim sympathizer took race relations back 50 years. Almost to the point of the race riots of the late 60’s and early 70’s. He brought us Black lives matter, Occupy wall street, the pink vagina hat brigade, ISIS and not to be overlooked, ANTIFA! Thank you Obummer!

  15. Dave says:

    hell this demorat leftist a$$ hole couldn’t even be a bartender/waitress . she needs to dry up and quit bad mouthing America.

  16. Marsha Smith says:

    Allah is not in hell. You have to exist first. Someone thought it up then said alllah was the moon god. I worship ELOHIM (some call Him YHWH, others Jehovah). He is the one/only TRUE GOD Who CREATED the moon, the sun, the stars, all that we see in our universe w/telescopes AND all that our telescopes can’t focus on, yet. He is God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: ELOHIM.
    To everyone who believes in Him in his heart, confesses with his tongue AND his lifestyle, He will give eternal life.
    Thank you, Father.

    • Debbie Downer says:

      Allah is Lucifer. The greatest lie Satan has deceived most with is that he does not exist.

    • OBAMA HATER says:

      whats wrong with you this post hass nothing to do with the topic, get a life

    • DEM777 says:

      You have forgotten to mention JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross that mankind may be saved.

      Jesus Christ suffered on the cross and bled and died a horrible death that we mere humans can have eternal life in heaven.

      JOHN 14:5-7
      5“Lord,” said Thomas, “we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?” 6Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. 7If you had known Me, you would know My Father as well. From now on you do know Him and have seen Him.”…

      Allah is in hell!

      I worship God Almighty Father, Jesus Christ (God in the Flesh), and the Holy Spirit (God). All three is God!

    • Faithful says:

      Praise the Lord!!!!! The truth will ser you free (the bible)

    • Randy Humphries says:

      I am a Cristian, Jesus Christ is my savior, Muhammed follower of ALLAH was a barbaric pedophile!

  17. Joe Giliberto says:

    People listen up! We have got to stick together and vote these radical beast’s out! Period!

  18. Joseph Botbol says:

    AOC has the IQ of a turnip. having said that, why insult the turnip?

  19. Walter says:

    Can someone please tell me why this isn’t an impeachable offense. A member of Congress backing violence. There are better people in Washington to get out than the only President who has put America and her people first

  20. George says:

    Occasional Cortex imagines that people around the country are in awe, or are inspired by her, like that climate fraud Greta Thunberg thinks she’s important. But she’s just another uneducated, unimportant, insignificant, one-term loser who will probably have someone write a book for her that no one will buy. Most Americans can see that our current president uses something rare, something that’s not taught in institutions of higher learning, it’s something liberals don’t possess, it’s called common sense. Attacking police? Really? Why? I think it’s time to bring out the Conan’s of the world to the police force, let’s see them deal with a police dog! All teeth, lol! Al Bagadadi was scared *”!?less!

    • Janet says:

      George: I agree 100%. Donald Trump MUST win in 2020 to finish the job! It is so disturbing when some people become so brainwashed their sense of right and wrong doesn’t enter into their actions. The police are the only ones standing between us and complete lawlessness!

  21. hayward stewart says:

    Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if someone punched that bitch !

  22. John J says:

    This banjo eyed asshole should be in prison

  23. B. Hicks says:

    I voted in the poll that asks if this creature should resign and of course I voted YES. But any thinking person knows that she will not resign from her plush criminal position in congress. So here is a heads up for all of you sitting on the fence about who too vote for come election time. As much as I despise casting negative aspersions on others, this is very different. The democratic party is out for themselves and do not care one whit about the LEGAL American voter and citizen. So if you are looking for a better future, then it would be in your best interest to vote REPUBLICAN and help President Trump clean house so that we the American people can take our country back. The Rooster Has Crwoed!!!

    • DR. CALDER says:


      • hayward stewart says:

        Doctors orders: I like your prescription for her mental illness. I think it is from years of using her head as a suppository

    • Janet says:

      B. Hicks: I voted “YES” also; and it was interesting to note that the majority voted ‘YES!” I believe George Soros is funding every left-wing criminal group against the Constitution of the United States. I have voted since John F. Kennedy; and I have NEVER seen such lawlessness , also backed by the media, in my entire life. Let’s take our country back, and its fundamental valued!

  24. Nellie says:

    I thank God every day for Trump and our country. Hillary’s winning president would have been open borders, Obama would have found a way into our government. Huma was doing Hillary’s job. Making Hillary’s decision. Hillary was booking Bill’s Middle east talks. Bills Foundation profiled from these jobs. Saudi Arabia gave Bill 100,000 donations for his birthday. Thank God for Trump
    Trump 2020

  25. Deplorable Lanie says:

    As much as I would like to see that (AOC resigning in disgrace), I highly doubt she has the daring and common sense to do it. I do, however, think that something even worse may happen to her. I think she may lose re-election. And to a Republican, of all things! An ex policeman, and retired teacher is running. And he has actually lived in the district his whole life. Unlike AOC who moved away when she was 2 years old, and grew up in Westchester! He knows the people and actually cares about them and not his twitter following.

  26. 2004done says:

    I voted NO, because “Congress” MUST vote to EXPEL her out, after her PUBLIC Trial for Sedition, Resignation is for a junior employee who doesn’t want to do her, or his, job: NOT for an Anarchist who promotes VIOLENCE in ANY workplace!

    • Bob says:

      Demoratts talk about the constitution like they read it and respect it. Then why when a Congress man helps illegals cross our borders and steal campaign money and tell people it’s ok to punch a cop isnt a constitutional crisis

  27. Eliot says:

    AOC is a lesbian with many girlfriends!

  28. Cindy says:

    Aoc is such a salamander. Waste of time to even comment. She is a disgusting bitch from hell. She will get hers. She will need one of our brave law enforcement officers some day. Hope she gets what she deserves. She is only promoting lawlessness. She is from hell for sure. Take a good look. This is what a demon looks like portraying a human.

    • herbert says:

      She is doing what all fascists do. Fascists like Cortez promote violence. Cortez is mistaken for a commie. She is not a commie she is a fascist. A brown shirt who helped the Nazis gain power.

      • Libertarian58 says:

        She is both. The only difference is the spelling. The proof of this is that both ideologies have the same exact result, tyrannical government and loss of all liberty.

        • B. Hicks says:

          You are so correct in your assessment. To bad many other people do not realize this yet. I truly hope that they open their eyes before it is too late to do so. The Rooster…

  29. Edmond Ramirez says:

    I have no idea how this ignorant, anti-American, with everything she had done, is still in office – however, I understand why the pusillanimous Democrats won’t censure her or throw her out, not even out of the party as they did to Joe Lieberman for just one vote – they won’t do anything to her because it would seem to help President Trump and the Democrats don’t need any more bad press that would seem to help the President.

  30. Nick Wiltgen says:

    There is no allah, why it is not capitals.
    The idea that he exists is STUPID.

  31. AB says:

    AOC is filth
    Ugly bitch

  32. The Real M says:

    AOC is a waste of space and oxygen! People who don’t respect law enforcement, deserve no respect themselves! One day she will need a cop, I would hate to know I had to respond to her call for help!

  33. Truckman says:

    they should get a judge to issue an order banning her from entering the city or state take here home away


  35. Laurel says:

    LOL, Mexico wil pay for the wall indirectly. Think of how much we will save on feeding, housing, and providing free medical care and tuition for the illegals thst sneak over the border!
    Saving that money is as good as having them pay for the wall to keep them out! Let Mexico support them!
    So what was your point again?

    • Annabel says:

      Laurel: They will also pay when Trump taxes to high heaven the money illegals send out to their respective countries. This is billions on which many illegals do not pay taxes. This is what Trump meant by making Mexico pay NOT expecting them to write a check. How naive were the leftists.

    • The Real M says:

      Laurel, You are absolutely correct!
      However, your logic as to saving money because we built the wall and kept illegals out who would undoubtedly become a financial drain on our welfare programs is far too complex for the average Dem to comprehend…………… 🙂

      • Granny Neets says:

        Hee Hee!!! Ya THINK? Poor little people, they ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait to they get ‘in charge’ and companies move back to other lands, coal miners are out of work, sanctuary cities flourish, needles on streets of Washington DC, illegals storm Pelosi’s mansion and massive land…… Awwwww, go for it if that is what you you want.

      • OBAMA HATER says:

        All illegals should be taken off the welfare rolls and they will self deport, I hope they all starve. I wish you guys would proof read your posts before posting, lol

  36. Thomas says:

    Redman who the hell are you to belch out crap I just read. Your Allah crap don’t fly in the US. Go back home
    and continue your miscible life.

    • The Real M says:

      Thomas, RedMan is a troll, its job is to agitate and disrupt, please ignore!

      • PDW says:

        The Real M
        I find that the red racist manbaby is hilarious. I have never seen such repetitive and boring rhetoric.

        However it’s doing a fantastic job of helping Donald Trump 2020 campaign.

        So keep encouraging his rhetoric.

        • The RedMan says:

          Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain, smells like teen spirit, teacher, leave dem kids alone ahahahahahaha

  37. LOL says:

    Spin central. The real question Tucker asked was”would you date a guy who wore bow ties and was effeminate like me?

  38. William says:

    I think AOC (Asshole Of the Century) should be arrested for exciting riots. She hasn’t done anything for our country or people except cause problems. How and idiot like her got elected is beyond comprehension, shame on you New York

  39. Robert Ratto says:

    polititions who avocate violence should be immediatly removed from office. Over 99% of police officer are honest people. Unfortunately avery small group aren’t. Most of what they are accusedof is false.I have notice in many cases people lead with their emmosion and not with analytical minds. I have been guilty of it. When I sit back, remove all emmosions, and analize each step, with all the know facts. I quit often see a differant picture. All I want is the real true and not some baseless emmotional responce. I just wonder what would happen if the police were pull out of some neighber hoods where they are not wanted corden off that area and deal with the criminals only when they leave that area.. I wonder how long it would be before the residents start screaming for the return of the police.

  40. The RedMan says:

    Their warm bodies came together in the temple. Bodily fluids intermingled with some bleeding, and half-breeds were bequeathed onto us. Peace be upon them, and Allah be praised forever. Amen!

    • LOL says:

      And Happy Quid pro Quo Day to you, RedMan! “There was no quid promo ” as as legit as “Mexico w2ill pay for the wall.”!!!!

      • j says:

        They are paying for the Wall stupid. Listen to what is being said. Try watching and seeing and hearing the proof of things on fox Tucker, Hanity, Pirro, Ingraham. You really miss allot when you listen to the other media. They show no proof at all for their lies.

      • The RedMan says:

        Yo momma gots lice. Yo poppa rolled da dice. Now yo eats rice ahahahahahaha

        • Randy Humphries says:

          And you’re an ignorant libtard troll that has no comprehension of the truth. Following ALLAH kinda puts you in the pew of Muhammed, a barbaric pedophile!

    • Laura Wagner says:

      You are obviously confused. We are talking AOC here, not Ilhan Omar. Although they both need to be removed from Congress. Vote the bums OUT!

    • Daniel Brofford says:

      You can praise the devil ( Allah ) if you want to but I’ll stick with the real God. The creator of the heavens & the earth and everything in it. Thank you Jesus for all that you do for all of us. Even the people who worships the devil (Allah ) you love them to and hope that they one day before they end up in hell with the devil ( Allah ) they will come to the knowledge of truth. We know you will never take anyone’s freewill dear Jesus but hopefully they will come to you on their own.

    • Nick Wiltgen says:

      Allah go to hell, but he is already there.

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