Tucker Carlson revealed the shocking way George Soros is trying to bring down America

Tucker Carlson is sounding a major alarm.

This one is serious.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the shocking way George Soros is trying to bring down America.

Tucker Carlson explained that society collapses without the right to self defense, as it means you have no right to your own life or property.

Carlson described how George Soros sought to undermine this universal ideal by installing District Attorneys who ignore the rule of law and allow criminals to flourish.

The latest example came from New York City, where a 61 year-old bodega clerk named Jose Alba faces murder charges after allegedly killing 35 year-old Austin Simon – a violent felon who previously spent three years in prison for assault.

Simon attacked Alba after he tried to stop Simon’s girlfriend from stealing a bag of chips when her government-issued food stamp card ran out of money.

After the two men struggled and the younger Simon – who has no job but wore a $300 t-shirt and gold earrings – gained the upper hand, Alba allegedly stabbed him multiple times, killing him.

Carlson told viewers that Alba facing murder charges is an assault on a free and civil society.

“Self-defense is the cornerstone of all liberty. If you can’t defend your own life and property, you have no rights at all. That was obvious in America for centuries. This was a country whose leaders encouraged decent behavior, who held up the common man as a hero, but that has changed. Jose Alba wasn’t lauded for his bravery or his resourcefulness. He wasn’t congratulated for defending himself in the face of a violent felon much younger than him. Though every single normal person who watched that video on social media applauded, every single one, and yet Alba was arrested at the scene and he was sent to jail,” Carlson began.

Because of the Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Carlson explained that Alba sat in prison with bail set at $250,000.

“An openly racist Soros-backed prosecutor called Alvin Bragg, then charged Jose Alba with felony murder. He sent to Rikers Island, a jail famous among Democrats because it’s so squalid and so dangerous that they have spent decades trying to shut it down, but it wasn’t so bad they didn’t send Jose Alba there and then Bragg set his bail at a quarter of $1,000,000—$250,000 in a city that very recently was considering getting rid of all bail,” Carlson added.

George Soros-funded DA’s are why crime runs rampant in Democrat-run cities.

The Manhattan DA allowing career criminals to waltz out of prison after police arrest them with no bail while throwing the book at a convenience store clerk defending himself shows why cities are descending into crime-ridden hellscapes.

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