Tucker Carlson revealed the scary way Nancy Pelosi plans to take your guns away

Tucker Carlson continues speaking truth to power.

The Left’s new effort to ram gun control through Congress is even worse than you think.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the scary way Nancy Pelosi plans to take your guns away.

During a recent broadcast of his popular Fox News primetime show, Tucker Carlson eviscerated Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the gun grabbers.

Carlson noted that while Democrats supported defunding the police and promoting the Black Lives Matter insurrection, they never wavered in their need for armed bodyguards who carry so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines.

“It turns out, Democrats are not serious about protecting you or your family. That’s why they defunded your police and called you a racist when you complained about it as your city collapsed,” Carlson told viewers. “What they care about deeply, more than anything at all, is protecting themselves. That is why their bodyguards will continue to get any kind of magazines they want.”

Carlson explained that the Democrats wanted to take your guns away, and they would use nebulous terms to accomplish that goal.

“What’s an ‘assault weapon?’ Any gun that Nancy Pelosi’s bodyguards have that you’re not allowed to have,” Carlson added.

There is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”

Democrats made up the term to describe “scary” looking guns.

A so-called “assault weapon” can be anything the Democrats drafting the gun bans want it to be.

During Joe Biden’s primetime speech on gun control, he stated that the 1994 “assault weapons” ban listed nine different classifications of rifles that the government prevented Americans from owning.

Any new so-called “assault weapons” ban would operate under the same standard, where the Democrats would define an “assault weapon” as anything they wanted, thus allowing them to pass a large-scale gun ban.

But Democrats aren’t just content to ban guns.

Democrats also want to confiscate guns.

That ‘s why the gun grabbers are pushing so hard for red flag confiscation laws.

Carlson warned viewers that red flag confiscation laws would allow judges to order police to barge into your home and seize your firearms if someone is offended by something you say.

“Under new ‘red flag’ laws, if someone doesn’t like the cut of your jib, you lose your Constitutional rights,” Carlson said.

Gun grabbers like Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy are lying when they say they only want a “narrow” gun control deal.

In reality, they want far-reaching legislation that would amount to the largest gun ban and confiscation scheme in American history.

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