Tucker Carlson revealed the scary reason Kamala Harris keeps the border open

Kamala Harris serves as the administration’s border czar.

But instead of cutting off the flow of illegal aliens into the country, the crisis is spiraling out of control.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the scary reason Kamala Harris keeps the border open.

Tucker Carlson appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss his reporting on ICE emails showing the Biden administration actively trying to keep violent felon illegal aliens in the country.

Carlson explained that the Biden administration wants to destroy the country.

“This is the administration bringing felons, violent criminals into our country on purpose. Why would you do something like that? Only to destroy it,” Carlson stated. “There’s no other explanation for this. It’s not an act of compassion, it’s an act of hostility against the United States, in order to change it forever.”

Carlson claimed that even Democrats like Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin admit they want open borders and mass migration because changing demographics means more Democrat voters.

“The strategy is to change the demographics of the country. When you say that, they have a heart attack and call you names, but they say it out loud. I mean, they say it on the floor of the Senate, Dick Durbin did two weeks ago. This country is changing in a way that benefits the Democratic party. More Democratic voters. There’s no other upside in this policy…The only beneficiaries are the people who run the Democratic Party and this is an effort to change the country, and we should be honest about it, and not be bullied into silence as they take our country away and import violent criminals,” Carlson added.

In the month of July, over 200,000 illegal aliens crossed into America taking advantage of the open borders policies Kamala Harris and Joe Biden supports.

Harris was supposed to solve the border crisis, but instead matters are worse.

Harris is looking the other way as record numbers of illegal aliens stream into the country.

Democrats prefer this outcome because it means more Democrat voters in the next round of amnesty, which Democrats included in the $3.5 trillion spending bill they hope to pass on just party line votes.

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