Tucker Carlson revealed the one fact about Elon Musk buying Twitter that terrifies Democrats

Elon Musk made the Democrats’ worst nightmare come true by purchasing Twitter for $44 billion.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter ignited a nuclear meltdown on the Left.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the one fact about Elon Musk buying Twitter that terrifies Democrats.

Tucker Carlson celebrated Elon Musk purchasing Twitter as a great victory for free speech.

Carlson then claimed he would show the reaction from inside Twitter’s headquarters.

The tape ended up being of Clinton supporters crying on election night as it became apparent Donald Trump would win the Presidency.

Carlson joked about playing the wrong tape, but noted that there was a freakout on the Left over Musk’s stated declaration to open up Twitter to become a free speech platform.

“Sorry, wrong tape,” Carlson declared. “But the very same idea. What you just saw was the collective grief of people who thought they were going to be fully in charge. Who totally believe they’d be able to rule without limit. You’re watching those people learn that, actually, other people get to talk too. And that realization is crushing to them. It’s the one thing they fear, and that tells you everything about why those people should never be near power.”

Carlson explained that Musk purchasing Twitter was a great clarifying moment for Americans due to the fact that anyone who complained about free speech and demanded censorship exposed themselves as tyrants.

“Who are the tyrants?” Carlson continued. “They’re anyone who is bothered by the idea that other people might get to talk. That is an unfailing test. It’s 100% accurate. Would you allow people who disagree with you to talk? If you wouldn’t, you are a tyrant. And tonight the tyrants are grieving.”

Carlson told viewers that the reason the Left lost their minds over Musk buying Twitter is that him taking over the company meant the end of the Left’s monopoly on the control of information in America.

“Why are they so mad? Because they’re a monopoly on speech and information — their inability to control what you believe — has been broken,” Carlson exclaimed. “So, once again, they’re resorting to force to get you to shut up. This is not an attack on Elon Musk. They’re not going to tax him into poverty, he’s the world’s richest man. This is an attack on you and your right to speak freely. To express your conscience in public. But for once, it’s not working and the media are infuriated.”

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