Tucker Carlson revealed the jaw-dropping way Joe Biden picked Jen Psaki’s replacement

When Jen Psaki announced she was leaving the Biden administration, the speculation immediately turned to who the President would select as his next Press Secretary.

Now Americans have an answer.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the jaw-dropping way Joe Biden picked Jen Psaki’s replacement.

Tucker Carlson devoted a recent monologue to Jen Psaki leaving her post as Press Secretary.

Carlson couldn’t believe someone as unimpressive as Psaki held the job in the first place.

“How did somebody like Jen Psaki – someone so demonstratively talentless, a humorless gender studies major from Greenwich – how’d this person get this much authority in our government?” Carlson asked.

The Biden administration selected Karine Jean-Pierre as Psaki’s replacement.

That led to Carlson mocking Jean-Pierre as even more unqualified than Psaki.

“Who’s gonna replace her?” Carlson wondered. “Is anyone qualified? Is there another person in this country as shallow, nasty, and partisan as Jen Psaki is? Well, there is. Her name is Karine Jean-Pierre.”

Carlson explained to viewers that the only reason Biden picked Jean-Pierre was because she fit the right diversity, equity, and inclusion criteria, as she was the first black, female, homosexual Press Secretary since the position came into existence in 1933.

“Karine Jean-Pierre is our first out LGBTQ+ White House Press Secretary and that’s all you need to know,” Carlson stated. “It’s a good thing, shut up and celebrate. That’s why she got the job. She’s in the right group and in the Biden administration, which thinks exclusively in terms of groups and never in terms of individuals because individuals are messy and inconvenient. The group is all that matters.”

“Show us your picture and we’ll tell you if you’re qualified for the job,” Carlson exclaimed.

Jean-Pierre brings plenty of baggage to the job.

In past tweets, Jean-Pierre directly attacked American democracy and potentially incited insurrection by amplifying the Big Lies that Donald Trump stole the 2016 Presidential election and that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stole the 2018 Gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams.

Jean-Pierre also smeared Donald Trump, Fox News, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and countless other conservatives as racists.

In some respects, Jean-Pierre is the perfect White House Press Secretary for Joe Biden.

Jean-Pierre meets all the right identity politics criteria while excelling in playing the race card and saying anyone who disagrees with Democrats is a racist.

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