Tucker Carlson revealed one truth about Black Lives Matter that should frighten every American

Black Lives Matter protestors are taking over the streets in cities across America.

Americans cannot believe what they are seeing on TV.

Tucker Carlson revealed one truth about Black Lives Matter that should frighten every American.

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson took on the growing political power of Black Lives Matter.

Carlson presented poll numbers that showed Black Lives Matter was more popular than any politician or political party in America.

But as Carlson explained, Black Lives Matter was not out engaging in a debating society to convince politicians to adopt their anti-police agenda.

Instead, Black Lives Matter used violence to get their war.

“Black Lives Matter doesn’t make legal arguments. They are not trying to convince you of anything.

Black Lives Matter believes in force. They flood the streets with angry, young people who break things and they hurt anyone who gets in the way. When they want something, they take it,” Carlson stated.

Carlson expressed outrage that no one in power was standing up to looting, rioting, and arson to force political change.

“Our leaders are happy to talk about everything but the collapse of the centuries old civilization tumbling down around them. They have no idea how how little credibility they have. They have no sense of how irrelevant they have become. If you can’t tell the truth when the truth actually matters, then nothing you say matters. Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter becomes more powerful and more popular with the public,” Carlson added.

Carlson detailed to his audience why politicians continued to give Black Lives Matter everything it wanted and bowed before them.

“Make them mad and they will set your business on fire. Annoy them and they will occupy your downtown and declare a brand-new country.”

Rioting as a tactic is working, which will only encourage more violence by Black Lives Matter.

Carlson predicted that unless someone stood up to Black Lives Matter the violence will continue.

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58 Responses

  1. Esther says:

    I can see us involved in a civil war, for about a day. Do the math. I figure 2 maybe 3 million or even 10 Million people will side with BLM/ANTIFA. There’s probably that many regular citizens who have guns. And we have the military, are able to re-supply food, ammo, etc. We have a population of 330 million or so people in the USA. What chance do they think they have? It would just be easier and faster to win at the ballot box. Vote a straight Republican ticket on 11/3

  2. Allan Walker says:

    The BLM thugs and their ignorant followers are no better then the Taliban terrorists. When the Taliban entered an area that had art work representing the locals beliefs and history, what did they do? They blew up whatever treasure it was. Remember the Buddha statues that graced the country side when the terrorist’s overtook that area in Afghanistan? What did they do but blow all of them up. Such a waste. Such a crime.

  3. Will Penny says:

    Lazy black and whites , JUST LOOKING for money to scam off of whitey the tax payer , the liberal commies have them bent over a stump , pouring the meat to there butts , doing as their told , not thinking for themselves . good job Libbys , keep them STUPID , lolxx

  4. Anne says:

    Come to my house and you will find out that all lives matter, BEGINNING with MY LOVED ONES. Screw with that and it will certainly be the END of your Ranting!!!!!

  5. joe1cr says:

    Time to arm yourselves and do what the government and the police should be doing to these home grown terrorist. They want to burn, loot and murder then it’s time to lock, load and shoot to protect your property and love ones. BLM has been summed up along time ago and it’s still true today.
    “Pure democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.” – James Madison, Federalist 10, 1787

  6. A Seeker says:

    Every Life Matters from the womb to the Tomb! Soul has no COLOR! It is the SOUL one will be Judge by what One did under the COLOR of one’s skin! That is the reason for different skin colors! “Love one another as I have loved YOU!” Love has no COLOR, neither does HATE!

  7. Sheron says:

    Blm are a bunch of loser kids living in moms basement getting an allowance and money from Souros. They don’t buy anything, all they do is scream at you like Sharpen and all the other radical demoncrats. Wake up America, your town is next.

  8. Esther says:

    Shouldn’t feel strange the Democrats have always been pro-slavery. It took a Republican, Abraham Lincoln to end slavery.

  9. Edwin Buck says:

    This is a scam. Black lives matter only if thee police kills a black man Should blacks kill blacks that’s okay. Why doesn’t our conservative politicians ask these questions to these communists. More black babies are killed by abortionists. That’s okay to them

  10. Carlson’s description of BLM tactics sound similar to the SA or Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Is Carlson attempting to set a precedent. I think he is. There has to be more hard facts and irrefutable evidence to establish that correlation. Just because they are present at rallies does not make them the bad guys. Although I’m no fan of theirs I’m certainly not their enemy either.

  11. Peter Giger says:

    They want our money. Nothing more. Just say “NO!” And stand your ground within reason of cy. The point is money is nothing to lose your life over. They have said “Your money or your life.” But in reality they would never lay THEIR lives down for it. They are PLEASURE SEEKERS and like “easy money”. That’s why their powers of suggestion and pseudo political buildup is so important. They can’t leave room for discussion because they’re not prepared with the involved rhetoric of the leadership. I’m taking about the “man in the street” like BLM. Fancy “racism” is just an alibi to gain access to financial resources and information.

  12. Will Penny says:

    You communist liberals are just begging for it , Oh well , let’s ” Get’er Done ” , talking isn’t going to stop them , you should know that by now .

  13. Peter Giger says:

    Face it. Tragically this is all only over money. So the solution is simple. Don’t do business with them. NO SALE.

  14. Older than the Simpsons says:

    The sentence “Black Lives Matter” is very exclusive. It’s not loving, It’s like someone put their hand to stop you. But when you say “Black lives matter, too” That is inclusive, like holding your arms out and and making a circle, like the circle of love. Where everyone matters. When will we ever learn?

  15. Tim Toroian says:

    They have taken lessons from old Soviet communists on how to get their way especially if it is not a good way. If you’re under 40 or so don’t argue with me until you have studied the KGB, Soviet propagandists and world history of the period before the Berlin Wall went down.

  16. ANY REPUBLICAN that backs this terrorist organization should be VOTED OUT in the next election !!

  17. Will Penny says:

    Our goverment officials, need to grow a pair you might say , it’s time to put these thugs down with whatever it takes . All Lives Matter , that’s the truth ,

  18. Sue says:

    I wonder what the BLM organization thinks about being the Democrats slaves once again

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