Tucker Carlson revealed one disturbing fact about a police shooting in Atlanta

Americans are disturbed about the violence they see in the streets and the attacks against police.

Black Lives Matter is fueling this unrest by smearing the police as racist.

After the latest flare up, Tucker Carlson revealed one disturbing fact about a police shooting in Atlanta.

Black Lives Matter protestors in Atlanta burned down a Wendy’s after Officer Garrett Rolfe shot and killed Rayshard Brooks after Brooks fought off Rolfe and another officer, stole his taser, and fired it at Rolfe.

The Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard charged Rolfe with felony murder and Rolfe now faces a possible death penalty.

But to make matters worse, Tucker Carlson revealed Equity Prime Mortgage fired Rolfe’s stepmother, which Carlson claimed was only because of her relation to Rolfe.

“Until today, [Rolfe’s stepmother] — her name is Melissa Rolfe — was the H.R. director at a place called Equity Prime Mortgage in Atlanta, Georgia, but today she was let go and she is no longer in that role,” Carlson added. “Apparently, she was fired and her only crime was being Officer Rolfe’s stepmother.”

Carlson used this as evidence of the Stalinist climate of fear Black Lives Matter and other proponents of cancel culture are imposing on America.

“No other explanation was offered, and honestly, no other explanation was needed. It was obvious what happened,” Carlson continued. “Rolfe has already been scrubbed from the company’s website, wiped away like the Bolsheviks did with those who lost favor with Joseph Stalin.”

It’s not enough to threaten Officer Rolfe with death because Black Lives Matter and other left-wing activists hate the police and want to see the institution dismantled.

Now corporate America is stepping up and stripping people of their livelihood just because they are related to police officers.

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25 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    I can’t believe all the people carrying the Black lives Matters instead of All lives Matters. Kind of dum for a different race to carry a sign that says their lives don’t matter but black lives do. I believe that all lives matters and would never carry a sign that doesn’t say so.

  2. Louis Albano says:

    Antifa and BLM are both like ISIS was/is??? They should be dealt with harshly!!!

  3. Gary Chambers says:

    The black lives that matter the most aren’t screaming gibberish up and down the streets of America. They’re not burning cities and looting businesses. This incoherent group of idiots DO NOT represent the majority of true American black citizens.

  4. Mark Allen says:

    When was Black Lives Matter created??

    When was Antifa created??

    When was ISIS created??

    There are no coincidences. They’ve been planning to use these entities against America, and We, the People, since all three entities were created. They hate America, and the values, which we hold dear.

  5. bob says:

    Black Trash Matters has got to go !!! Give Trump 4 more years and he’ll straighten out once and for all , the looting , burning , rioting , and , stealing .

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