Tucker Carlson revealed Joe Biden’s secret plan to rig the 2024 election

Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm.

The top-rated Fox News host noticed something disturbing going on in swing states.

And Tucker Carlson revealed Joe Biden’s secret plan to rig the 2024 election.

The Biden administration boasted about evacuating over 100,000 people from Afghanistan.

But fewer than six percent of the total was American citizens.

And only 7,000 of the evacuees were Special Immigrant Visa holders – the translators and other Afghans who assisted with the U.S. military effort.

That left Americans asking who the rest of the Afghans the Biden administration evacuated and what would come of them.

Tucker Carlson warned they were refugees that the Biden administration intended to place in swing states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas so Democrats could retain power in the 2024 election.

Carlson found this information on the State Department’s website where it listed “welcoming communities.”

Carlson stated:

Three of these communities are in Texas. The state the Democratic Party has tried to flip for years. Now it’s their first priority. One of these cities is Austin, one is Dallas and another is Houston. The State Department has also urged Afghans to go to the state of Pennsylvania. Does Pennsylvania need more people? Probably not. A lot of unemployment between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. But Pennsylvania is also a state that Donald Trump won in 2016. So maybe they should go there.

Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Nevada, Colorado, they’re also on the list. Are you surprised by this? Funny. One swing state that’s not on the official list is Wisconsin, but they’re getting a lot of refugees from Afghanistan, too. This hasn’t been publicly announced. We learned on Monday when Rep. Tom Tiffany joined us to describe his visit to Fort McCoy in the state of Wisconsin. He said of the two thousand Afghan nationals there, none were special immigrant visa holders, meaning none had worked for the U.S. military. None of them were, quote, allies, the people to whom we owe free health care. He also said that these Afghans, despite not being allies, were free to walk off the base any time into our country and just move here, whatever. No paperwork for them, nobody was stopping them. And they’re about to be a lot more people like this at that base. CBS News is now reporting that Fort McCoy is being asked to hold up to 13,000 Afghans. Is the governor of Wisconsin aware of this, what are the people of Wisconsin think of it? Nobody cares what they think. It’s not their country.

Critics on the Left attack Carlson for Carlson’s contention that the Democrats want to use mass migration to change the electorate and continually win elections.

But Democrats such as Illinois Senator Dick Durbin publicly boasted that changing demographics would help the Democrats win elections.

Only a small percentage of the people evacuated from Afghanistan were Special Immigrant Visa Holders or American citizens.

Tucker Carlson argued that’s because the Biden administration’s true intention was to import new voters.

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