Tucker Carlson released a secret audio tape that has one CNN host sweating

It is impossible for CNN to call itself a news organization any longer.

The true nature of CNN is out in the open.

And Tucker Carlson released a secret audio tape that has one CNN host sweating.

Tucker Carlson read the transcript of a second audio clip of a conversation between fake news CNN host Chris Cuomo and disgraced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

In this clip, Cuomo walks Cohen through a script of how their interview will go on Cuomo’s primetime TV show.

“I think the way this conversation goes is almost exactly the way we’re having it right now. Which is, where I say, ‘This looks shady,’ and you say, ‘It looks shady to you because you’re coming in with a specific intention,'” Carlson claimed Cuomo told Cohen.

Carlson walked his audience through how Cuomo instructed Cohen to answer the charges about setting up a Delaware, LLC to pay porn star Stormy Daniels alleged hush money to keep quiet about a supposed affair in 2006 with Donald Trump.

“He then told Cohen how to dodge questions about a shell corporation he had used to make the Daniels payments. Quote: ‘I’m not being shady,’ Cuomo instructed Cohen to say. ‘I was being legal, and I did it my right way. You’re wrong about the LLC. I’ve used it for other things. I have tons of LLCs. I did not form it just to do this. And even if I had, my whole point would have been to keep it quiet. But that happens to just not be true.’ End quote,” Carlson added.

Carlson then went on to recount how Cuomo instructed Cohen to threaten to sue Cuomo over questioning Cohen about if the Trump campaign paid back Cohen or Cohen was responsible for the payments to Daniels.

“And why didn’t you just let it all come out and let the people decide? ‘Because it’s not a fair process. They wouldn’t have had any of the counterfacts, and they would have had her — if she was somehow convinced to do it, and people decided to believe that her denials were somehow less true than her admissions. I didn’t want to play that game. Everything was tilted against Mr. Trump.’ And that’s what it is, and then, either they’ll believe, or they’ll say, ‘F— that. There’s no way he didn’t know,'” Cuomo added.

This conversation led many Americans to believe that interviews on CNN are scripted like pro wrestling matches where guests and hosts get their shots in to gin up emotion in the crowd.

News organizations don’t do that.

But political and entertainment companies do.

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