Tucker Carlson predicted his firing in this shocking leaked video

Conservatives still cannot get over Fox News yanking Tucker Carlson off the air.

But it appears Carlson had an inkling this change was coming.

And Tucker Carlson predicted his firing in this shocking leaked video.

Leaked videos of Tucker Carlson keep popping up in the hands of left-wing media outlets.

Media Matters and The New York Times – two pro-Democrat Party communications shops – that dedicated their time to destroying Fox News, got their hands on videos of Carlson joking around and swearing in between segments.

The sick irony is it looks like Fox News provided Media Matters and The Times those snippets of footage.

Now new footage leaked of a video message Carlson delivered to CPAC Hungary.

Leftists hate Hungary because the country’s conservative leader Viktor Orban defends traditional family values and believes in a secure border.

Orban also opposes the globalist agenda on combating climate change.

Other than Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, there may not be a world leader the Left hates more than Viktor Orban.

In the video, Carlson – who appeared to record this message just before Fox News showed him the door – mocked the Left’s disapproval of Hungary by telling the crowd they “owned the libs” just by showing up.

“Greetings to CPAC Hungary and to all you Americans in the audience, you are very brave,” Carlson stated. “You have wounded up on one of Samantha Powers’ lists! The State Department is keeping track! You went to a forbidden country!”

Carlson – who once broadcast a week’s worth of programs from Hungary – joked that if Fox News ever fired him Hungary would be a country he could move to.

“I wish I was there in Budapest,” Carlson exclaimed. “If I ever get fired and have some time and can leave, I will be there with you. But in the meantime, Godspeed. We are thinking of you and cheering you on.”

Within weeks, Carlson was gone from the network.

And what continues to frustrate conservatives is the fact that Fox News keeps carpet bombing Carlson with leaks designed to embarrass him despite the fact that Carlson kept quiet and has yet to attack his former employer.

This scorched earth campaign is not helping Fox News as the channel’s ratings continue to flatline in the wake of Carlson’s firing.

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