Tucker Carlson learned something disturbing about this huge Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court is sitting on a blockbuster term.

Americans are waiting for a decision on one of the biggest issues before the Court.

And Tucker Carlson learned something disturbing about this huge Supreme Court case.

Last week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a pair of cases involving Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates for employers with more than 100 workers and for medical facilities that accept Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Constitutional lawyer Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to analyze the pending decisions.

Dhillon predicted the conservatives on the Court would block Biden’s vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees.

However Dhillon warned that because of the federal funding involved, the Court would let the healthcare facility mandate take effect.

“I think there may be a split ruling out of the Court. I think on the case . . . challenging the large employer mandate, it looks to me like we have five or six votes to enjoin that order,” Dhillon told Carlson. “But on the one regarding medical facilities, because the order is tied to federal funding, I think there are some different arguments there and the Justices seem more likely to uphold that OSHA mandate on medical facilities.”

Since the day Biden’s mandate was to go into effect came and went with no Supreme Court ruling, Dhillon chastised the Court for taking its time in handing down a decision.

This delay caused chaos and confusion in the economy, as Biden’s mandate affects 80 million workers whose job status now sits in limbo.

“Today is day one when the compliance is supposed to be occurring and that’s true for 80 million employees around the country,” Dhillon stated, adding that, “so the fact the court is still sitting on this and hasn’t ruled yet produces tremendous expense, uncertainty, stress and disruption to the American economy. I really hope for the sake of all those employees, employers that the court rules quickly so that we can move on and arrange our affairs accordingly.”

Dhillon told Carlson that if the Supreme Court struck down the employer mandate, it would only be the beginning of the fight as Blue States would quickly take action.

Dhillon predicted that “there will be many states, probably New York, California, and other states, that decide it’s within their power to order this type of thing and we will have a fresh round of litigation over it.”

But since the vaccine no longer prevents transmission of the virus, vaccine mandates serve no purpose other than the government controlling its citizens.

“Meanwhile, we all know that this vaccine is not particularly effective against the current version of the virus,” Dhillon said, adding that, “so it all really undermines both citizen confidence in the judiciary and the legislature and in public health. This is really a bad situation for the future of public health in our country, the way the government is handling this particular situation.”

Democrats and medical tyrants like Dr. Fauci turned public health into a political culture war by issuing vaccine and mask mandates as a way to punish citizens for noncompliance.

The vaccine mandate is the most contentious front in this fight.

And Americans are waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in.

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