Tucker Carlson just revealed one thing about Joe Biden taking drugs that will leave you speechless

Americans knew there was something wrong with Joe Biden.

The situation may be even worse than anyone could imagine.

And Tucker Carlson just revealed one thing about Joe Biden taking drugs that will leave you speechless.

Polls show Joe Biden sinking to record low approval ratings.

Other polls show a majority of Americans do not believe Joe Biden is mentally fit to serve as President.

It’s all collapsing for Biden, as members of his own Party and the media demand he not run for re-election.

On his show on Friday, Tucker Carlson slammed the media for covering up Joe Biden’s senility during the 2020 campaign.

As Carlson noted, the press knew if it told the truth about Joe Biden’s mental state, Donald Trump would win the election.

Carlson told his viewers that a source told him the only way Biden was able to make it through the campaign was his wife Jill would allegedly feed him drugs that would stimulate his mind.

“How did he manage to get through the campaign? Well, it turned out, we learned later, his staff supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance, checking the time in at a certain hour, giving him a dose of something. Now, it’s not a guess. We’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times,” Carlson stated.

Carlson added that before taking the drugs, his source told him Biden could barely function like a small child.

“Now, before taking the medication, this person said, Biden was ‘like a small child. You couldn’t communicate with him,’” Carlson continued.

Carlson warned Americans that Biden was still taking these drugs, as they were the only way he could make it through a day as President.

“He changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs. No one’s pushing to know what those drugs are. We should know. But the point is, Joe Biden’s dementia was perfectly obvious to everyone around him more than three years ago. So, we never thought this could happen. You can’t make a senile man President of the United States. This is our country. This is a real country. It needs a real leader, even one you disagree with, but someone who is in full possession of his faculties. No one would ever do that. It’s crazy,” Carlson declared.

This is a national security threat to the United States of America.

And it helps explain why members of Biden’s own Party are increasingly speaking out against him running for re-election.

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