Tucker Carlson just learned this disturbing truth that has people thinking one word about Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s Presidency is about to be consumed by another massive scandal.

This could be the worst one yet.

And Tucker Carlson just learned this disturbing truth that has people thinking one word about Joe Biden.

The Biden administration recently scuttled plans to run a Ministry of Truth out of the Department of Homeland Security.

The administration claimed the Ministry of Truth would only monitor foreign disinformation from Russia and smugglers looking to traffic illegal aliens across the border.

But Missouri Senator Josh Hawley found out that was a lie.

Hawley appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to reveal that the Ministry of Truth planned to monitor and censor social media posts if American citizens questioned the outcome of the 2020 election, the effectiveness of masks, or the COVID vaccine.

“As it turns out, Tucker, the people that the Biden administration thinks are the real threat to America,” Hawley told Carlson. “It’s not the drug cartels. It’s not foreign threats. It’s you. It’s the American people. If you have questions about COVID, if you have questions about COVID masks, if you have questions about the COVID vaccine, this administration wants you to be monitored. This Disinformation Board was set up to go after you. That’s what the documents say.”

“By the way, election integrity, same story,” Hawley added. “The documents specifically mentioned that they needed to be a Disinformation Board because some people were having questions about election integrity. Some people had questions about January 6. Well, we couldn’t have that, and this Board was set up to monitor that. That was what was in their sights. And I’ll tell you, Tucker, it just gives the lie to what they were saying in public.”

The documents Senator Hawley obtained also showed the Ministry of Truth planned to partner with Big Tech to censor Americans on social media.

This is unconstitutional.

Supreme Court case law established that if a private entity censors on direct orders from the government, then it is a violation of free speech, as the private entity is now acting as an agent of the government.

And this revelation has many Americans wondering if Joe Biden should face impeachment over a scheme to censor the internet.

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