Tucker Carlson just got some really bad news about his future on Fox News

Tucker Carlson is one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump’s agenda in the media.

Democrats hate that Carlson draws massive ratings by defending the President’s policies and destroying any liberal guest that comes on his show.

They want him off the air and Carlson just got some really bad news about his future on Fox News.

Left-wing activist group Media Matters – whose main goal is to force Fox News hosts off the air – unearthed decade old audio of Carlson appearing on shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge’s show where Carlson made salacious comments about women.

The Wrap reports:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Sunday refused to apologize for a series of past comments about women and issues like statutory rape that surfaced in a YouTube compilation by Media Matters for America (MMFA).

During call-in segments on “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” between 2006 and 2011, the future Fox News host said that women enjoy being told to “be quiet and kind of do what you’re told” suggested that statutory rape isn’t like “pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting” them and described Martha Stewart’s daughter, radio and TV personality Alexis Stewart, as “c–ty.”

Carlson refused to apologize to the left-wing mob over this coordinated smear campaign.

He posted his statement on Twitter.

This attack came just before Fox News hosted a conference for advertisers to counter the sponsor boycotts that leftists like Media Matters engage in.

The network wants to blunt the ability of ideologically motivated groups to launch fake pressure campaigns against their advertisers.

Conservatives suspect Media Matters dropped this audio as a way to negate Fox News’s advertiser outreach.


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405 Responses

  1. The demorats are losing millions of dollars.
    They cannot except defeat.
    Fox News has been truth filled with reporting as it is, with no false notes.

  2. S. Samani says:

    No, No , No way.
    I will stop watching my preferred FOX New s if that will happen

  3. S. Samani says:

    No, No , No way.
    I will stop watching FOX New s if that will happen

  4. Primo Antonucci says:

    Fox News is the best and so is Carlson. It is too bad the Dumocrats are not s as intelligent as those at FOX

  5. Terry Badger says:

    you got to be kidding, remove Tucker and Judge J. they tell it like it is remove them and you remove me and many others. Are you Fox news going to let the left control you?

    • Canam884 says:

      Freedom of speech is alive and well “UNLESS” you say something that the left disagrees with like supporting America and the American way of life. Then they communicate threats to the sponsors of the program (s) that they will boycott their products, forcing the sponsors to withdraw from the station thereby the station looses money. The result is that the program is dropped and the individual is let go.
      I guess that threats, intimidation and interfering with public communications and freedom of speech are no longer offences. They do it to Israel, so they can do it to US, BDS. It’s too bad that we don’t have a Government legal entity to enforce the Constitutionally protected freedoms.

  6. John Bonsignor says:

    Media Matters should be fined and run out of the media business, the only thing that matters with them is to haunt Conservatives such as Carlson Tucker, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity.. Media Matters and Georgie Soros were able to get the Twin Brother Clowns at Fox James and Lachlan to fire Bill O’Reilly…. And it was Billy O’ who got the Fox Cable off the ground when it first began cablecasting… Fox is slowly turning left of center, which will be to their demise.. Goodbye Jimmy and Lachluster Murdochs

    • Dennis Clements says:

      If the Murdoch boys fire peole like Tucker, Sean or Laura, they should be run out of the news business because Fox News will wind up just like msnbc or cnn.

      • John Bonsignor says:

        The two dummies James and Lachlan were run out of the UK, because of their interference with the media; and now we have to put up them and their stupid decisions… My plea is for RUPERT to take the reins again, and stop filling your plate of cash..

  7. Mike says:

    This is 2 weeks ago news. It went nowhere. And his supporters love him even more because of it! I know, I do.

  8. Cowgirl Diva says:

    Fox News better get their doo-doo together Pronto or they will lose the viewers they have…!! Firing Tucker Carlson would not be a wise business move on their part..!!

  9. Frank says:

    If Fox drops either Judge Pirro or Tucker. they may as well close the doors. I won’t watch and neither will millions of others. And I guarantee, Hannity & several others will find better homes somewhere else. Fox will be stuck the commie in the afternoon Shepard Smith.

  10. Linda Wroten says:

    I want to be able to watch Tucker and Jeanine. If fox starts playing pollical correct, I am gone.

  11. Shirey Aiken says:

    Tucker Carson in one of the few television shows I watch. What is happening to FOX!
    You are lucky to have him, and should keep him!

  12. Sandra Crandall says:

    Tucker should apologize right after Hilary Clinton apologizes for her deplorables comment and not a minute before. The left can call supporters of our President any number of despicable names but they want Carlson canned over unflattering comments made a decade ago when nobody objected at the time. Wake up snowflakes & cupcakes, it’s 2019. Grow up & no one of any consequence is going to hand out participation trophies.

  13. Brian says:

    Fox news is the darling of the left!! I no longer watch fox news! I now watch (OAN) One America News! What a difference. Tells it like it is, like it or not! Better that Fox.

  14. cc says:

    I guess Fake Organization eXtreme is going the same rout as the rest of the fake news outlets so we will have to go back to reading our news in the paper since we will no longer hear the truth or is FOX no longer going to be our news agency of truth

  15. Victor says:

    The liberal media is trying to shut the voice of reason and fact, allowing them to shut or restrict the voices that need to be heard would be a very big mistake, any boycott by any sponsor would be seen as a liberal take over of the station and would not be accepted very favorably by the people watching the program. We the people see what’s going on in the media today by the constants bias from the far left media who continues to feed the public false narrative just to suit it’s agenda. Mr. Tucker Carlson is a fixture on this nightly program which if removed would affect not only your ratings but also your standing In the general population of this country.

    • Metal says:

      Nobody had issues with what was said years ago. Now bc some thought Nazi organization is searching every conservative’s voice out there history for comments that today the oversensitive PC culture finds “shocking” ..it should matter?
      10 yrs ago, we were at war in Iraq, our soldiers were getting blown up by IEDs , nobody had issues saying things about Iraqis ..now these fascists are taking comments out of historical context, and applying them to today’s sensitivities .

  16. Angeline Boyd says:

    Actually, Tucker is the only Host I tune into on the Fox line-up! I was a faithful viewer of all the evening programs on Fox until they got rid of O’Reilly!! He was the kingpin around which the rest of the lineup viewers gravitated. Then came Martha McCallum to replace Gretchen followed by the rest of the female hosts…all of whom lack the magnetism it takes to be number 1. Megan Kelly had it: Smart, charismatic and mind catching, but they didn’t hold her either:) Hannity??? Well, I know he’s a great guy personally, but someone needs to tell him that his monologue is way too long and intrinsically repetitive…he opens every night by declaring a misnomer that goes something like this: ‘Breaking Bombshells on tonight’s show etc. and then go on to repeat what’s been talked about the whole of the day! As soon as Tucker’s hour is over I shut off the TV and pick up a book. Fox would make a grave mistake in getting rid of him!

  17. MaxP says:

    Fox seems to be moving a bit left as of late! I have written and complained about it. Now there is a new cable news channel called “One America News” It’s even better than Fox I say.

    So, I ask “how does one become a left wing democrat”? Just go to our public schools and college.

  18. Dan Mayes says:

    Media Matters is a just a non-media source with a destroy any conservative in the Nation with crap that happened years ago.

  19. KM says:

    Fox News & their sponsors should consider this:

    Media Matters solicits hateful Democrats to contact Fox & their sponsors to get Tucker taken off the air. They can’t stand Free Speech. You agree with their extreme Liberal Democrat agenda or else…..

    How many of those Democrat nut jobs actually watch Fox News? Probably none.

    Soooooo… do the advertisers really want to cut off their nose to spite their face by bowing to the Liberal haters like Media Matters who troll everything Conservative in an all out assault to destroy everything not Democrat?

  20. Jon Exner says:

    Perhaps they should look up the definition of statutory rape, it is nothing more than having consensual sex with a minor. Meaning an 18 year old boy having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend.
    Illegal and perhaps not acceptable to a majority of people but is very different than 70 year old muslim men bringing in 12 year old girls to marry. No problem with that 70 year old marrying a 21 year old girl if that is what the wants but the 12 year old is not capable of making that decision.
    Perhaps these people condemning Carlson do not understand the words, sarcasm, and comparison either.

  21. Kurt Walter says:

    I don’t trust other networks to be as fair and balanced as Fox. I agree that resisting pressure from advertisers who are pressured by leftist groups is not easy.
    Tucker, Judge Jeannie, and Hannity are our voice of conseritives. Silence them and we have lost our country. Keep America Great and do not remove these great commentators and journalist from the air.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Sadly, Fox is being controlled more and more by leftist. Won’t be long before they lose their number one spot. Going after Judge Jeanine Pirro for her comments about Omar is wrong. It is Omar who should be removed from this country as she believes her cult overrules the US Constitution and the government behind it.

      • A says:

        I agree, Fox is becoming another turncoat since the younger generation took over the station…sad. OAN (OneAmericaNews) is a good station to watch and Newsmax. Hopefully the great conservatives from Fox moves over to one of these stations.

  22. Norman McKee says:

    Some people would rather believe a lie rather than to hear the Truth History is repeating its self just like the BIBLE (The Truth all in one Book) says would happen in the last days. Wake up America or we will see here what is happening all around the globe. Its Time To Pray Like You Never Have Before Getting Ready Before Its To Late. JESUS is Coming GET READY, GET READY, GET READY.

  23. Marcia Nash says:

    I’m still upset about Greta Susteren and Bill O’Reilly! If either Jeannine OR Tucker go (or Hannity or Laura), not only will I go, but will boycott ALL of Fox News’ sponsors and will ask all my friends (of which I have a LOT!) and family to do the same!!

    • Mona says:

      I feel the same way. The left will do anything to get rid of anyone that tells the truth. I hope all Conservatives quit watching Fox if Jeannine or Tucker leave. Newsmax seems pretty good anyway.

    • Cy says:

      They are the only four I watch on Fox. I missed Jeannine on Sat

      • Sarah b Lucas says:

        me too so I will be saying farewell to fox news and go to another cable station Fox news is being taken over by the lefties so let them have it and they will be sorry, Hannity is next

      • daddy boy's mama girl says:

        we missed her saturday too! and we DID NOT watch anything else FOX in her place either! and guess what? WE WILL NOT WATCH ANYONE ELSE IN HER PLACE IN THE FUTURE!! Fox just will NOT be happy until they lose ALL their good people and can fight CNN for LAST PLACE EVERY WEEK!! They have been number one for so long… but, cow toed to the pressure of left… cant understand why people cant leave a GOOD THING alone… It is NEVER the time to FIX WHAT AINT BROKE!!

    • Deborah Berger says:

      I will stand with you in that!!!!! Thank You!!!!

    • Lora Bradford says:

      Me too all ready upset with Fox they are scared of their shadow and cannot handle the truth. All ready watching OAN after Fox pulled JudgevJeanine awful

      • clint says:


    • rich gangi says:

      I will do the same and not tune into fox ever again. this is the only channel that tells it like it is. Advertisers take heed, you will ultimately loose. Rich Gangi

  24. HDMania says:

    Stupid speech ?..like you landmark ?

  25. G.Ken Uechi says:

    Fire Hannity or Carlson . . . . .. bad mistake! Liberal media outlets would never cowtow to rightwing pressure. C’mon , FOX . . . . . show some cajones

  26. salvosally says:

    Hit Fox where it hurts the most. Watch only Hannity and Carlson, and forget the rest for a while . Let Fox know that you will be not be watching the rest of Fox until they bring Judge Jeannine back. Watch the ratings drop when they have no watchers for the rest of their features.

    • Linda says:

      I’m in. In fact, I’m disgusted that as soon as some jerk or group complaints they take the host off the air. I don’t understand with the Fox executives doing that. Look at all we put up with from the democrats. The democrats are really trying to get Fox off the air and if the execs keep pulling this, they will be off because none of us will be watching. For now, I will watch Hannity and Carlson but that’s it. They are really trying to get Carlson off the air and he gives it to them right back, I like that.

      • JIM says:

        They pester the sponsors like little spoiled children until they pull their ads. People who advertise need to replace those ads as soon as they cancel.

    • Klaus Beyer says:

      Leftwing Democraters….the scourge of our age

  27. love Tucker and his show”’sad that FOX is turning out to be another AMERICA hater””who hate OUR PRESIDENT ””’ an
    d anyone who backs the president if he is gone and judge is gone ”’so am I”””””’

  28. Bill says:

    A suggestion to Fox, dont fire or even chastize Tucker in fact if every one of your stars were as honest and straight forward as Tucker then the worried other sites would not try to piss any one there off . Yes even the liberals, Juan, Shep and Chris should do the same and the truth can come out. Keep on your weak kneed bowel busting actions will move these stars to NewsMax and Fox will be just another MSNBC or Gold forebid, CNN !

  29. Babbo says:

    Tucker Carlson is one of the most articulate, eloquent newscasters on the air. If FOX is stupid enough to can him I will never never never watch them again. FOX has a huge audience because only of their conservative stars. That will all go away. Wake up FOX; you have one of the best; don’t screw it up.

    • deebe says:

      Thank you Babbo,
      You are on the money Fox will tank and there will be another Conservative News Station to take its place, they are waiting in the wings as we post.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Fox is going to drive their own ratings down. One America News and Newsmax both will pick up viewers. CNN claims to be the most trusted name in news. Yep, we trust them to get it wrong 99% of the time. The student’s lawsuit against them and the others is going to cut into their money badly. Fox had it correct from as soon as they got the unedited film. But being right often can be wiped out by being wrong once if the wrong is far worse.

  30. Monkey says:

    Fox should be going after the Media Group that is owned by George Soros, the most evil human alive today………..he and Obama that is……Soros destroys entire countries…..and news media, and anyone that is not progressive………time to Destroy all his money makers……

  31. Mike says:

    BRING BACK, JUDGE JEANINE, AND , KEEP, TUCKER\!!!! Drop them, and, I’m done!

    • M. D’Souza says:

      Let Fox News first get rid of their Associate Programer – Hufsa Kamal Khan. She’s the one who tweeted that Judge Jeanine’s comment re. Ilhan Omar were inappropriate. Google this woman’s name & learn more about her.

    • Dash says:

      Put Judge Jeanine back on the air, FOX FOOLS!!!

      She told the TRUTH!!! EXCUSE HER!!!

      Did you FOX FOOLS get bitten by the PC BUG!!!

      If you disks, you’re no longer Fox News, and you’ll lose your Viewers!!! Same thing with regard to Tucker!!!


    • jclandmark says:

      Fox needs to clean house of the wackos: Ingraham, Coulter Carlson, Hannity and become a real station with actual respectable journalists like all the other stations.

      • Roger says:

        Don’t you have a date with a picture of AOC? Don’t forget the tissues.

        • D.A.N. says:

          😀 He/she/it can’t stand the truth being exposed about the Dems and the crooked top dog FBI and DOJ officials. Loretta Lynch and Barry had better take their best shots now because they can still end up wearing prison orange.

      • Klaus Beyer says:

        Judge Jeannine can lock me up for life anytime……..in her boudoir!

        Signed: Red-blooded male and contemptuous of left-wing Democrats and other enemies of America

      • Coni Ross says:

        I like all of those people, they tell the truth. You need to read and watch elsewhere. When you say what you just said, it is obvious that you DON’T watch them. Judge Jeanine was merely telling the truth, and you can’t handle it. if FOX fires Judge Jeanine because of one offended person they are cutting their own throat. After what they did go Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly they will be gone if they continue this.

    • Harry Brown says:

      me too

  32. Stan says:

    Tucker Carlson is one of the few voices of reason on the air, because he won’t cave in to the demands of the DemonicRats, who control most of the air waves. Keep standing Tucker, don’t give in! There are a lot of people who need and want to hear the Truth!

  33. Clyde says:

    I have decided to stop watching Fox until the executives grow a set! I refuse to watch a station that have loyal followers who support a station with loyal anchors who established themselves and have been loyal to there employers, but the 1st accusation or of comments made a decade or more ago or even Judge Jeanine opinion last week of Ilan, are we not aloud to express opinions. Fox News is losing all sensibility and grit. I’m watching more of OANN these days than of months prior. Until Fox stands up to these bullies and fear mongers I’m gone.

    • jan says:

      Fox keeps firing people then they might as well close up shop, Last week it was Judge Perrio, they are letting this free speech seems only the let has free speech and if you do not agree they try to ruin you. Fox keeps at it and they are letting them ruin them, everyone has said or done something someone may not like but live with it they have started this crap cannot hurt some ones feelings what about the millions that watch Fox News do our feelings not count?

      • daddy boy's mama girl says:

        As FOX continues to show its TRUE COLORS we see how important what the liberals have to say is to them!! Instead of continuing to have a line up that is what THEIR VIEWERS/SUPPORTERS want to see and ignore what the negative liberals have to say since THEY DONT SUPPORT AND VIEW YOUR PROGRAMS … the only reason I can see for Fox to do this is so their viewers will leave so they have a good shot at competing with CNN for LAST PLACE!! cause if they want to please the liberal viewers… then they lose the viewer base that put them at number one!! they deserve to be at the bottom if they find it SO IMPORTANT TO PLEASE THE ONES THAT HATE THEM!! I am starting to see what some one told me way back … DONT BE FOOLED … THOSE RUNNING FOX NEWS ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES! THEY ARE JUST AS LIBERAL AS THE REST … THEY ARE JUST CAPITALIZING IN ON THE MONEY OF THOSE THAT LIKE CONSERVATIVE TV AND GOT LUCKY TO SIGN UP A FEW CONSERVATIVES FOR THEIR MAIN TIME SLOTS… BUT, DONT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THEM … WHEN THE PUNCHES COME TOWARDS THEM … THEY WILL SHOW WHICH SIDE THEY ARE REALLY ON!! I have defended Fox many times… and now I guess I will end up with EGG ON MY FACE!!

  34. Robert Michael Heinrich says:

    OAN get your checkbook ready and you may be picking up those FOX thinks disposable.

  35. Look what happened to Dixes sporting goods, they turned their backs on their customers and they are suffering the consequences. You do the same thing to your viewers and will suffer the same outcome.

  36. silvernotes says:

    Some people at FOX rise above the partisan rhetoric and report facts and have real intellectual discussion. Hannity, Judge J., Tucker are all in this category (as was O’Reilly). The left has gone after the sponsor money instead of debating the issues (because they can’t win an intellectual discussion) as an attempt to shut down these shows and opposing free speech in general. My understanding is the trouble makers contacting the sponsors don’t even buy their products.

    If FOX buckles under again, I’ll be getting my news from other sources….Glenn Beck has a network now.

  37. Roy Parcell says:

    Fox Needs To Leave Tucker Carlson If Let Him Go I Am Finished With The Network. Fox You Mean You Let Corrupt Leftists Tell You How To Run Things. You Should Never Listen To Crooked & Corrupt Leftists Because They Can’t Even Run Their Own Business

    • Katheleen Camp says:

      Fox Network, bring back Judge Jeanine and don’t fire Tucker Carlson. If you let the other networks bully you and the leftist shut your station down we won’t have much to watch . We don’t want to listen to the crap the left keeps bringing up.

  38. Mona says:

    FOX you get rid of either one of these excellent reporters SHUT YOUR GODDAM DOORS FOREVER WE WILL ALL BE GONE

  39. Lee R Larkey says:

    Fox News will lose its base of followers.

  40. Patti LeSage says:

    FOX management : Be aware that the possible firing of our favorite Judge Jeanine Pirro and now a question of Tucker Carlson?
    And to cave into Media Matters run by Democrats and Leftist groups will be the death of Fox.
    Conservatives have only 1 News station that wasn’t poisoned until this week and if he goes, WE ALL GO. Watch the snowball effect if you let the left win!
    Bring Jeanine back and our trust in FREE SPEECH will be restored. If you remove Tucker, watch Fox News fall

    • Richard Paul says:

      Fox news better realize if Tucker and Pirro goes so doesn’t FOX.
      We the people will see it happens. Beware FOX.

  41. Barbara S Muller says:

    Bring Jeanine Pirro back and keep Tucker. I’ve been watching Fox for years but if the good guys are gone. so GO I !!!!!!!!!!

    • Donna says:

      I agree, I’ve said it once and I still feel the same, keep Tucker and Judge Pirro!! Don’t cave to those people! I look forward to Fox News, but if you fire them I won’t watch Fox News anymore, I’ll just go back to reading! This the only news station that I’ve felt tells the truth so please….

  42. Marshall says:

    When will all the liberals on CNN and MSNBC be held to the same standards from things said in there past! Hmmm they won’t!

    • daddy boy's mama girl says:

      their past??? hahahaha They arent even held accountable for THE NOW!! no way anyone will look in the past and care!

  43. FOX NETWORKS,,,,You have many viewers that support and patronize your channels. For many years we have been loyal to the services you’ve provided to the American people because of your honest,, fair and unbiased reporting. As a long time loyal customer of Fox News. I truly believe in your commutators reporting the greatest news ever. As I ,,,And most of your viewers are asking you not to bend to the Leftist Propaganda by digging up dirt on your News Anchors. Please do not terminate Tucker or Judge Jeanine.

  44. Seenitbeenthere says:

    Get RID of Political Correctness & there Would be NO Problem with What ANY Party has to Say! GET OVER IT, DEAL WITH IT! BFD!

  45. Timothy Toroian says:

    And I’ll bet he called somebody a dumb son of a bitch when was 9.

  46. Fedup says:

    The fight is on !!! The first amendment is being ignored and violated again. Guaranteed free speech is not to be trifled with. Democrats “If you cannot run with the big DOGS stay on the porch !!! We demand a list of the advertisers that are canceling their contract with the only real media station that we have left. BE WARNED !! We will boycott all of you.

    • Robert says:

      Fox! Re: “Tucker” Carlson. How can you muzzle a man who boasts of having learned his political savvy at the knees of Bubba the Love Sponge?

  47. Trudy says:

    Ask yourself are you perfect this is just another attempt to take FOX down and they don’t have to agree with everything their host may say but unless they are blatantly threatening the nation or particular people they should be backing their hosts. CNN’S team stays true to their people even when they get away with all the crazy talk they do . FOX better get it together or that network will become irrelevant. What is it you have some staff from inside wanting to change direction of network BIG mistake!

  48. Garnet Raby says:

    If fox news fires these people when the left has smeared every conservative that speaks their peace then Fox News ratings will drop to nothing. Trump is right stand strong and behind what you believe.

  49. Jacob R. Quimpo says:


  50. Jacob R. Quimpo says:


  51. Bring Judge Janine back and leave Tucker Carlson alone, don’t be controlled by the Communist Left, you’re playing right into their hands. I’ve been with Fox News for so many years and if you continue going in this direction then I will definitely stop watching FOX as will so many others.

    • Bernie Korab says:

      I agree, don’t fall in the left’s trap. The left smears us all the time, and nothing is done to them. My friends and I always watch Fox, but we will stop if they don’t stick up for its people.

    • Klaus Beyer says:

      Isn’t this what the left-wing mafia is doing extortion and interference in free speech in addition to how a business (Fox) runs his affairs? Time for a lawsuit.

  52. Sally meredith says:

    I refuse to watch any network but FOX. All others are so against Trump. Please don’t get rid if Tucker and Judge Jeanine. They are so important to keeping a network on air that is balanced. If Fox takes off all these people my TV goes dark. There are millions of us out here who appreciate a network who won’t bow to the pc police. Listen to your viewers.

    • JoLa says:

      Well written Sally — I speak (write) for at least a dozen adults in my little circle who will drop ALL Fox shows if Tucker is taken off the airwaves. By extension — If we drop Fox another dozen or more will be influenced by the action of each one of us. Before you know it the 12 will become 144 which will become 20,000 PLUS. — LEAVE TUCKER WHERE HE IS.

  53. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This is just another attempt to drive fox news off the air. The Dimwitcrat party is extremely determined to crush anyone or news organisations that opposes them and impose their communist beliefs on all of us whether we agree with them or not.

  54. John M Redd says:

    Tucker is an asset to FOX and should be venerated by owners. The best remaining with FOX.

    If he goes, I go to OAN. Have been a FOX fan for years. Grow a pair and tell the lying crats to ##### off. Fox will suffer a great loss of views if Tucker is let go.

    Losing Jeaneen was almost too much for me. Any further action against Tucjer will be the end.

  55. Tim says:

    The left wants their cake and eat it too. Do what we want or else. Tucker, Judge Janeane and Shawn Hannity are the middle and right people’s commentators. And Fox used to stand for the middle and right. But lately they are ever so slightly edging to the lefts demands. Either back you’re people or lose your people. It’s just that simple. Your base will leave, viewers and your Analysts.

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      Right Tim
      I’m already gone after what they did to Jeanne Perro
      Let them feel the HEAT
      XM SIRIUS RADIO is were I’m at now until things change with FOX NEWS…PERIOD

      • Donna says:

        I agree, I’ve said it once and I still feel the same, keep Tucker and Judge Pirro!! Don’t cave to those people! I look forward to Fox News, but if you fire them I won’t watch Fox News anymore, I’ll just go back to reading! This the only news station that I’ve felt tells the truth so please….

    • Gail Myers says:

      I agree!

  56. Tony Granito says:

    Keep Tucker. If you don’t it will embolden the left and they will just push harder to sabotage other level headed commentators.

  57. Joan says:

    FOX…enough is enough….something said in ones youth or something said many, many years ago is not criteria for removal from ones job…There is no one better than Tucker….He says it right up front….we need him and Judge Jeannine, tooo… Please don’t succumb to the level of the rest of the media….You have a duty to your followers..

  58. Linda says:

    Well I am a big FOX supporter
    But their lack of support forTucker and Judge Jeannie this week is such a sad display of loyalty
    If they keep this up they will lose their viewers
    I am so sick of all of this PC stuff
    FOX standup now and support your viewers and your great host

    • LINDA LOU M says:


  59. Tubalcain says:

    Why is it that conservatives and traditionalists have to capitulate to the left most all the time? Conservative laity and clergy have bailed out of mainline Protestant denominations that all went liberal. Conservative teachers have bailed, or been forced out, of public schools and universities. Conservative celebrities have lost work for their views, and even their faith traditions. Conservative employees are starting to be terminated, or harshly reprimanded for not following the lefty Silicone Valley’s nefarious agendas. Fox needs to defend and retain Carlson, and not waffle. Employees remain loyal when employers are in turn loyal to them.

  60. Randall says:

    The best part of Trump is that he hasn’t backed down to the hard left Democrats, the best part of FOX is that they have helped to give Trump a voice on the only Network that has an inch of objectivity. Don’t lose TUCKER or we lose the voices that can give the USA, as we know it, a chance. Cheers to TUCKER for taking a strong stand!!

  61. MIKE says:

    leaving fox news is EXACTLY what the other cable news stations are HOPING WE DO. THATS THERE PLAN. BREAK US UP. THEN THERE STATIONS WILL HAVE THE HIGHER RATINGS.

  62. JOE says:

    its about time fox news ex grow a pair ,tell liberals to f— off

  63. michael zitterman says:

    The management of Fox should be changed.

    Objectivity, common sense and clarity are vastly superior to being PC.

    michael zitterman

  64. Randy says:

    Fox News has cowtoed to every retorec spewing piece of crap out there CNN can say and do what they want at least stand behind your employees there the only reason people watch you channel

  65. John M says:

    Fox Management:
    Are you out of your mind?
    Your evening lineup from 8pm to 11pm is solid.
    Why cave into the mob?
    Do you really think the other low rent networks would can one of theirs over an ancient post? They don’t reprimand their anchors for indiscretions they say in the last 48 hours! Cave in and you give them the edge.
    Keep CARLSON!

  66. Robert Casper says:

    FOX New needs to stand up and make sure they stand behind their loyal followers. If they do not then they will soon become like NBC, CNN, MSNBC down in the lowest of ratings categories.

    People do not like everything or everyone on their programing but for the most part they believe the are getting the best factual information available.

    It is tough to watch the other news outlets because most of what they tell you are lies, or simply do not fit most conservative ways of thinking. Conservatives believe in fairness, but they also understand that one must follow the laws, and this comes above fairness. If you can not or will not follow the laws then you lose your rights!!! If you are here illegally it does not matter how you got here, you do not get to act like you are a US citizen nor do you get the treatment as if you are a citizen.

    People need to follow processes, they do not get to jump ahead in line. That is simply wrong. As for the States that do not obey the Federal laws, they are on their own and if these State are overrun my criminals and illegals then they need to follow federal laws and the federal government will help them to regain control of their States…. Period!!!

  67. Violanda says:

    I watch Tucker every night he’s on. I am a Fox watcher ., if you take him off I will stop FOX.

  68. Charles Stanton says:

    Tucker Carlson is far and away the best thing on TV! He tells the truth and Media Matters can’t handle the truth. Tucker is the best thing to ever happen to TV commentary.

    • Rick says:

      Actually like every other announcer he is telling what he is told he may say no fifferent than walter cronkite .

    • Linda says:

      Who cares what Media Matters says. They are deliberately looking to stir up trouble and hurt Fox. I am sure you can find Replacement advertisers. You are the #1 show and you have a big following. You will lose us if you cater to the left and start firing people for things they say that are the truth. That CongressWoman has said terrible things and she is still on the Foreign Relations Committee. No one is Firing her!!!PELOSI said she didn’t mean it. So that makes it ok…Bring the Judge back and dont fire Tucker!!!

  69. mike says:

    An attorney General in Minnesota beat up his girlfriend . She has the medical records and police report to prove it…he is a Muslim and black , he also still has his job and has never been charged . Then the Lt. Gov of Virginia has been accused of multiple rapes…still under investigation (over a month now) both accusers are available and want to testify., He is black and still has his job. Now Anderson made a remark ten years or so ago and the left wants him fired for it…sure right after the left cleans up their own messes. Start in Minnesota and then Virginia …calls us when you are done.

  70. James Barry says:

    Fox News is cleaning all the racist White nationalists out of its organisation
    Praise the Lord

      • L.T. Himself says:

        These fools are not “liberals,” Betty (and all). Classical “liberals” have been for the liberation from tyranny. But that was centuries ago. These twerps are left-wing cool-aid drinkers who can only mindlessly parrot the swill concocted by their Marxist leaders. That’s how we got Obama. Onward, Tucker!

    • Cliff says:

      Apparently you are one of the many DEMOCOMMUNIST MORONS that cannot stand the TRUTH being told.. Go back to your COMMUNIST blogs with your “own people”. TROLL.

    • Dash says:

      YOU’RE A FOOL,Barry!

      Cut that BS White Nationalist Crap!!!

      IT’S A CROCK!!! It’s the DEMOCRATS

      who are THE TRUE RACISTS!!!

      YOU NEED NEW TALKING POINTS that aren’t BS!!!

  71. sharon says:

    They need to take off don lemon off CNN, he brings negative views and people against Trump because of his personal vendetta…also joy reid MSNBC , because of her illegal immigration, because she is a immigrants and shows disdain for Trump,

    • Fox should have fired Shep a long time ago and Juan williams

      • For sure bit good to hesr the wonks cover for their buddies. This question about Tucker is also kinda of about Trump. Keep Tucker his ratings are good and tells it like it id, rare in the media Fox stay unafraid!!!!

      • Cliff says:

        Wallace (the TRUMP HATER needs to “go” (perhaps to CNN where he will fit in nicely) also, as well a s “JERRY RIVERS” (geraldo rivera) That is as two-faced as you can get.
        I don’t mind hearing “both” sides of an argument , but it bugs the HELL out of me when they talk over one another. Williams is famous for not SHUTTING up even when it is the other person’s turn to speak. (typical DEMOCOMMUNIST)

      • Sally Healy says:

        I agree Patricia. Get rid of shep and juan

      • Pat says:

        Juan Williams is an idiot

      • Donna says:

        I agree, they do need to give them their walking papers and send Chris Wallace out the door with them!!

  72. mary robson says:

    FOX is the ONLY truthful station for news on TV and Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Judge Janine, Martha MacCallum, and the other news people are wonderful and say the truth. PLEASE keep ALL of them and restore Judge Janine. Was appalled she was not on last pm. My favorite Sat. eve. show.

  73. Linda Perez says:

    If FOX does not defend Tucker I will immediately go to OAN. This PC stupidity needs to stop on what a young person has said decades ago! Tucker please don’t apologize!

  74. Pete says:

    Tucker goes and both my wife and I go.

  75. Metal jacket says:

    Tucker is not going anywhere , the 3 companies that pulled out ars corps that are not on stable ground and are doing this to get attention from liberals since they mostly cater to millennials , one is a never heard of credit card with , the other is an online eBay wannabe never heard of either..the third who gives a sh t , nobody heard of them either ..they’re doing it for publicity.

    • Ben says:

      YES we all need to stand by any one on FOX that tells it like it is I wish that FOX would let the sheriff that wore the cowboy hat back on FOX because he spoke the truth I think he was from Wisconsin

  76. BAD BOB says:


  77. Trish says:

    So they finally found some crap to use to get tepid of Tucker. Of course, every day some leftist makes far worse comments about our president and that seems to be okay. We need Tucker out there standing up for our president and our country. Fire him and lose even more viewers. Ridiculous.

  78. Robert says:

    I have trouble supporting an ally of Bubba the Love Sponge who peddles brutal fantasies about pubescent girls.

  79. Timothy D. Merola says:

    Fox News leave Tucker Carlson alone, to continue reporting & making commentaries, Fox News & Staff have done an outstanding job of reporting.
    The Only person on Fox News that should be fired is Juan Williams, he is 1000 per cent a Obama Lover & Hater of President Trumps. His comments sometimes offend me.

  80. arthur says:

    Tucker–anti deep state—anti Polo-ci—anti-Sluumer—anti Mules—anti Chill-a-brand—anti-dam- the crates–You can always come to work for me –Tucker tell it like it is –the best–

  81. We love Tucker. The left hates him because he tells the truth. and they can’t handle We love
    everyone on Fox except Williams’ and SHeppard Smith. He belongs on CNN. HE IS A LEFT. ALSO CHRIS WALLACE.

    • Don R. Shaw, Jr says:

      I don’t know why Shep is on FOX but do have to say he has a good voice, and looks nice. Just that he is such a Democrat and so obviously dislikes the President. Sounds good, dresses nicely and does not look bad, I think I have an Uncle who said that was enough reason to vote for someone, and look what that got us.

  82. bob jones says:

    tucker carlson should quit fox and run for congress. we have too many muslims in washington.

  83. bob jones says:

    george soros and tom steyer is leading this country to shut down conservatives, these 2 communist should be investigated for treason.

    • C. Schroeder says:

      Why is it they just can’t seem to shut George Soros up? He is essentially committing TREASON, send him back to where he came from I understand they have a warrant out for his arrest.

  84. Peggy S says:

    I love Tucker and watch him daily. I watch FOX because of the people who are hired to tell the News and share their reviews. If they start firing people I am 100% through watching it. They are superior to any other station that I perviously watched.

    • Jackalyn Morrison says:

      I admire Tucker,Judge Jennine,Hannity,Laura Ingram ECT but see what happens when they give us their opinions but when sheppard,wallace and Williams give their’s it is ok again double standards!! We have to fight to keep our freedom of speech!! God Bless America and God Bless Trump

  85. I just phoned FOX News and told them that if they delete Tucker Carlson, I will delete them. They will respond to negative market share.

    • Liz says:

      I agree- we need conservative voices also- so far FOX is the only station. I’m concerned with Disney purchasing all FOX corporations. This was announced yesterday. Wonder if this will effect FOX news? Scary times

  86. Bruce House says:

    Tucker needs to be tucker and I’ll always watch his show! He’s upfront and to the point and Fox shouldn’t knuckle under like they did with there past host’s. If the liberals get what they want Fox won’t be number one. I believe fox is the most honest news network out of all our major news networks. CBS ABC NBC CNN and MSNBC are all liberal and refuse to tell the whole truth and are nothing but talking heads and I’m finding that there hosts are nothing but liberal racists and talk out the sides of their mouths! Especially the guy who said old white guys are the problem! He is a racist! Fox better follow there viewers advise and keep tucker and any other host who speaks out against outlandish liberals if you want to stay no.1 Don’t be a PUTS

  87. Jim Wildrick Jr says:

    I stand by Tucker Carlson and Fox’s decision to back him.Media Matters is a Soros funded group that specializes in political hit jobs.They have tried to smear Sean Hannity and Laura Inghram also.They have not succeeded and we won’t let them do this to silence conservative voices.

  88. Jim says:

    Have no idea what/who mm is and couldn’t care less. Sponsors should take a look at the Fox audience and who they support and what their spending habits are, then decide if they really want to risk losing this base of consumers!

  89. george mora says:

    I trust you will stand by this stout young man,if you dismiss him like other brave outspoken patriots I too will leave Foxx ,I am a faithful supporter of Foxx and encourage many of my friends to tune into your programs daily. THIS IS MY VERY FIRST TIME THAT I HAVE ADDRESSED THIS MATTER,george mora

  90. george mora says:

    I trust you will stand by this stout young man,if you dismiss him like other brave outspoken patriots I too will leave Foxx ,I am a faithful supporter of Foxx and encourage many of my friends to tune into your programs daily.

  91. The reason Fox has the ratings it does, is directly proportional to its commentators like Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Judge Janine and Laura Ingram.

  92. Rick Johnson says:

    Fox had better be careful here. They canned O’Reilly and lost a lot of following. They’ve gone after Judge Jenine which is a huge mistake and now they’re attacking Tucker. It seems that they’re going after the hosts that bring the most viewers. Fox had better listen to it’s listeners/viewers.

  93. Craig Murphy says:

    Tucker defended himself last night and tonight. Fox better have the nads it didn’t have with Bill O’Reilly. Screw Media Matters.

  94. Ann and David Triplett says:

    Tucker is so refreshing. He is a real asset to Fox News. I like being able to view a show that gives so many facts and interviews so many people about the issues. Fox News would be foolish to retire Tucker. Someone else would pick him up in a heartbeat.

  95. BOB MING says:


  96. Mona says:

    If Tucker leaves I won’t be watching anything on Fox. He only tells the truth. He is my favorite person on Fox.

  97. If you let Tucker Carlson go because of his conservative beliefs, you will also lose me, my family and MANY of my conservative friends!!!! Rev. Charles Mays

  98. Karl Stecher says:

    What an absolutely stupid and incorrect headline to this article. Being smeared by far left Media Matters is a plus, and has nothing to do with Fox News.

  99. James Barry says:

    Fox News own and run by people who are Not even Americans

  100. Brenda says:

    I love Tucker’s show. I also watch Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham and Jesse Waters. These people tell it like it is. Nowadays it takes courage to stand up for what you believe in unless you’re a democrat.

  101. This is what leftists was planning for Tucker

  102. Tucker Carlson is doing an excellent job on Fox! Tucker Carlson belongs on Fox, as many of the comments that have been listed stated- Fox would loose many viewers if they did not continue with Tucker Carlson!

  103. DARRELL says:

    Tucker no matter what happens stay after them don’t let up, keep up the good work tear them all down expose all the lies dirty tricks and all the deceit that they’re putting out there we the people will always be behind you thanks for everything

  104. Coni Ross says:

    Fox News needs to leave Tucker alone. If they do Tucker the way they did Bill O’Reilly, they will loose a lot of us. I hope they know that.

  105. Ken says:

    I wonder what kind of dirt we would find on these dirt diggers if we wanted to lower our self to their level?

    Odd they are never concerned that Joe Biden has his paws all over young girls or that Bill was having sex with a barely legal intern in a federal workplace (and as a retired federal employee I was told was a felony) It all just shows once again that liberals are hypocrites.

  106. It’s all Bologna To fire Tucker Carlson for not being liar

  107. Julio Flores says:

    Every week night we look forward to Carlson’s program. Tucker does not hold anything back with any of his guests. He is NOT afraid of confronting anyone, nor afraid of being confronted by any of his guests. My wife and I love his program, and FOX would lose out a great portion of his viewing audience if he is removed because of what other liberals think of him.

  108. Big Ed says:

    Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are the three top performers on cable TV and Fox has them all. Oddly enough, George Soros’ gang of thugs and trolls have made moves to get all three of them off the network (just as they have attempted to get Rush Limbaugh off of the radio). It’s just so much easier to win if all of the other team’s stars are on the sideline and not in the game. Real, honest to God, competitors want to play and beat the oppositions best-not so with Democrats. Democrats would be very happy to eliminate all of the other team’s stars and then cheat to boot. Democrats aren’t about fairness, they are entirely about winning and gaining power. If Carlson leaves Fox, so will I.

  109. Chuck says:

    I guess Fox News isn’t interested in viewers since they want to get rid of the only commentators worth listening to.

  110. Ken says:

    Odd how all of these people that have nothing else to do other then to dig up dirt on conservatives and what they “SAID” in the distant past without regard to their life style in the last decade never said a word about how Biden has his paws all over young girls and goes skinny dipping in front of his female secret service agents without regard to them or when Bill Clinton had sex with a barely legal intern IN the Oval Office which is a federal work place and thus since it as not his wife is illegal. It all simply shows liberals are hypocrits.

  111. Ellie says:

    Tucker is the one of the reasons I watch FOX at home 4 TV’s are on FOX to watch the show he gets to the point ask great questions IT IS A GREAT SHOW now I have to change the channel and wait for Hannity show IT WOULD BE A BIG MISTAKE TO DROP TUCKER LOVE HIS SHOW!

  112. Ernest Weston says:

    tucker is the only tv news reporter/commentator I trust and listen to EVERY NIGHT. Do not let the losers rub Fox.

  113. Brenda says:

    Wake up world we are letting a group of people tell us what to say and how to act. Tucker isn’t afraid to tell the truth. We better wake up to what the Dim Dens are doing to our Country, ANERICA, LAND OF FREE SPEECH.

  114. Tom Lewis says:

    Hey Fox NEWS it time to turn out the lights and lock the doors.

    Your credibility has just gone to minus zero.

    You Really are pathetic.

  115. ONTIME says:

    Why on earth would anyone in FOX management listen to a bunch of whining A-Holes on the left who have no idea where the truth is anchored…..Let the left pound salt and lick their own crotch….

  116. Ernest Rachinski says:

    Does FOX TV want to become like CNN and be classified as fake news. Leave Mr. Carlson on TV otherwise you will lose many viewers.

  117. If they take Carlson off thats it for me Ill never watch another fox news again!

  118. Karen and Jim says:

    If you remove Tucker and/or Hannity, you remove reasons to keep on watching/listening to Fox.
    wife of RET/DAV/USA, central Florida

  119. Sue Sparacio says:

    I agree fire Tucker we will fire Fox News . Get a backbone!!!

  120. JerryG says:

    I am a loyal FOX watcher and have been for many years. If FOX reprimands or fires Tucker Carlson, I’m finished with that network.
    Tucker, be strong and give them hell!

  121. Lois Glenn says:

    If Fox fires Tucker then that’s it for me with them. As it is I don’t watch anyone other than Tucker,Hannity and Laura. I’ve been turned off by almost the rest.

  122. Charles D Kowalski says:

    They should fire Tucker only after the member of Congress who called our President a M……fer is fired from Congress. Why have two standards?

  123. Jesse Garcia says:

    I don,t think Tucker likes or dislikes anyone person. I listen to him because he breaks down the ignorance and lack of true comprehension of the matter at hand. His highlighting of erroneous comments made by his guests due to the lack of proper research makes the listener align with the truth.

  124. Mimi Farrell says:

    FOX NEWS, If you dump Tucker, Hannity, Laura or Judge J, I will dump YOU. You have half the country watching you BECAUSE of those people. Find conservative sponsors if you must, but you will LOSE big time if you get rid of the ONLY voices “We the People” can trust. Go ahead and find out. Cannot believe you would CAVE to a Soros funded yellow journalism rag mag like media matters. Pitiful. Weak.

  125. Ege Shegava says:

    All Tucker has to do is take ‘a-p-a-r-t’ each of the Demorat puppies trying to beat Trump by demanding their appearance on his PROGRAM. G-d Fox has no say! They’re a pimple on President Trump’s butt anyway. So Tucker: Call them out to fight, each feckless Demorat stariting with the girls and include the 3 Muslim frosh that are surely going to die by the hands of true Sanderites from New England. Interview them too before they are ‘sliced-bread’.

  126. Bob V says:

    Funny how the left can brush off anti Semitic remarks as misunderstood, but someone from the right who said something years ago which has nothing to do with today and they want his head. Stand your ground Tucker, as we go if you do. Got that Fox

  127. Carol says:

    My opinion is that Disney bought out Fox just to ruin it. Let the Fox beware! My favorite is Mr Legend on OACC as a good second choice to Hannity. Rush Limbaugh is good! Americans beware and be strong to support Trump.
    The has beens at CNN, and even PBS don’t get my time any longer.

  128. libra says:

    Keep Tucker Carlson– I stay up late to watch him. He is a breathe of fresh air and honesty. Political correctness is part of Marxist strategy now sweeping the country. The Murdocks should sell Fox before they destroy it by going Marxist. They are slowly destroying the WSJ and now FOX.

  129. Janet Lewis says:

    Why on earth would Fox fire one of its best Hosts. That would be so stupid! If we can’t rely on Fox where do we go for fair and balanced? CNN, yeah right!!

    • Karen says:

      It’s hard to find truthful news. I have found “The Right Media”, And “”Derrick Grayson”, “Brandon Tatum”, “Davis J. Harris “, who analyze politics and civic matters.

  130. Helga says:

    Media Matters should be sued for letting the Fake News Networks continue and wanting to destroy the only Network which actually exhibits some sanity and truth about our Country!

  131. Phyllis Stumacher says:

    Tucker is one of the smartest guys in Washington.
    The Left cannot fight him on Policy so they are trying to take him down.
    We ALL need to defend him and make sure FOX continues to use Commentators who tell the Truth to the LIARS and Destroyers of FREE Speech

    • Lorna Rudnikas says:

      all the more reasons to fight like hell to keep Tucker exactly where he is….and let the lefty media choke on it!!!

  132. Patrick Thomas says:

    Just like Tucker to tell these leftist assholes to kiss is ass. Something FNN should do too, but they’re caving in. How sad.

  133. Al Lofaso says:

    SO the idiots on CNN and MSNBC use words like Scumbag, etc. and media matters want Tucker Gone? Heh Media Matters. GO TO HELL.

  134. Richard R says:

    I find it amusing that when I confront Libs with facts that I hear when I watch Tucker, invariably I get the same response. They say: “Gee! I didn’t know that. Where’d you hear that?” When I provide them with the source (Tucker, as well as his source), they mumble their “default”, feeble response that Trump is a racist.

  135. Sue New York says:

    Just another leftist tactic to undermine a news program that gives honest and fair information. It seems to me that anyone who is a conservative or moderate is not entitled to have a show that echoes their beliefs. If Fox news big wigs terminate Tucker Program my family will terminate watching Fox . There must be fairness somewhere in the news world . You go Tucker don’t back down on this one. Too many people are behind you !

  136. Charles says:

    Media Mater should be declared a Terrorist Group and be dealt with accordingly.

  137. Nathan Paris says:

    David Brock of Media Matters, what a Clinton/Democrat sympythizzzer. This guy dreams up all kinds of crap, believe what he says as far as he can be thrown!
    Keep telling it like it isTucker and Fox.

  138. Grampa says:

    I have found out all the products that have pulled their advertisements and discontinued their use. this is an action I have urged many to do I also write daily to the manufacturer and tell them.———–Grampa

    • Rick Salvo says:

      Here is a partial list of companies that pulled sponsorship from Fox:
      TD Ameritrade, Bowflex, Minted, Jaguar, Ancestry, Pacific Life, Indeed, IHOP, Scottvest, Just For Men, Smile Direct Club

      Boycott them all. Decisions have consequences!

  139. All the other major News Organizations should be shut down until they learn to be fair and balanced like Fox News.

  140. Jim says:

    If Fox keeps moving left, they will cease to draw the great ratings and audience they currently enjoy. People know that they are the one news source that is at least not totally bias for the left. Tucker Carlson is one of the reasons people are loyal to Fox, if they “eat their own” they are not worth the loyalty they get. Man up and defend your people, Fox!

  141. Ruth says:

    Tucker Carlson is an excellent host on Fox News. I am a bit disappointed that he would say what he is accused of saying and would not think ill of him if he apologized. Here again, IF he did say something ugly. A sincere apology is a good thing and should not be dismissed just because some apologies are pro forma and not sincere. There is a campaign against Carlson and can be fought by a campaign of support. Pick out a couple of advertisers who support him and write to them thanking them for their support.

    • Kat says:

      If you go back in anyone’s past and now get politically correct, that’s jusy ridiculous where will it end. The left msm can say anything they want without facing ramifications from there news outlet. I am so sick of there being double standards. Enough start backing up your newspeople. U didn’t see juan getting lashed over his bunker comment, he just wasn’t addressing his 5 panel that was aimed at all trump supporters

  142. Most of TV is a wasteland of Left-wing garbage. Fox and Carlson represents an oasis of refreshing liberty where freedom of speech is still allowed vs. the babbling of loony nonsense spewed by the likes of CNN commentators. We’ve participated in polls about Hollywood & the extreme left hijacking of the airwaves & the moneyed demographic [those over 45] – 90,000 of us in just one poll, responded that we’re tired of the BS from the Left & have stopped financially supporting it wherever possible.

  143. John J says:

    Some one who makes a statement, backs it up AND doesn’t babble out some cowardly apology “unheard of”

  144. Barb Brown says:

    Stay where you are Tucker…Fox will have a LOT few folks watching if Tucker is gaone!!!

  145. Wayne says:

    Like the Democrats after the President , They will lose !!! Tucker you been doing a Great service to the President & the Country !!!! Thanks !!!

  146. Dianne says:

    We watch Tucker, Hannity & Judge Jeanine. They are the only ones that have the guts to tell it like it is!! If you fire any one of these 3, we will stop watching Fox Network & have all of our friends stop watching it too. Over the years you have fired several great news people. Don’t fall for this BS these people are trying to feed you !!! What someone did years ago, should not go against them now!!!!

    • mike grunewald says:

      if Fox removes them I will also remove Fox from my TV lineup Newsmax,OANN or even RT are better then Fox News I will still watch Fox B

  147. Patricia Overbey says:

    I watch Fox all the time & if they do not defend Tucker Carlson & apoligizes I am done & their ratings will take a nose dive.

  148. Dianne Hoffman says:

    We watch, Tucker, Hannity & Judge Jeanine. They are the only ones on that network that have the guts to tell it like it is!!! If you fire any one of these 3 , we will stop watching Fox Network & have all our friends stop watching it too!!!! Over the years you have fired some really excellant news people . Don’t be stupid & fall for all this BS these people are feeding you !!!

  149. arthur helfat says:


  150. 1PatriotForever says:

    If it’s TRUE – it’s TRUE and that was true – It’s the Liars and the ANTI America’s that need to e removed from their jobs in CONGRESS

  151. Karin says:

    I quit watching every one of the MSM (LBM as I call them) and the only time I watch the local channels is when the weather is reported. (They even guess at that). I have watched FOX since 1994 and now it is the only news I watch. Why? Because of Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Fox and Friends, Outnumbered, and Outnumbered Overtime. There are a few that I turn the channel to Fox Business because I cannot stand their attitude. Then I watch beginning with Bret, the Five, and Life, Liberty, and Levin, Judge Judy, Charles (can never remember his last name).
    Hope The FOX Network does not cave to the Leftists. Of course then my TV bill would go down.

    • Billy Vincent says:

      I will start recording the FOX shows I want watch and when I watch them, I will SKIP THROUGH ALL COMMERCIALS ! I WILL NOT WATCH ANY OF THEM !!!

  152. manuel says:

    If Fox News fires Tucker we should boycott them this democraps are trying to take away our freedom of speech where is the GOP on this still sleeping I guess.

  153. Ric C says:

    Media matters is just a left wing propaganda commie news, to hell with them

  154. BONNIE says:


  155. Frank says:

    If the Democrats and the media can “FORGET or IGNORE” that Pilosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democrats voted to fund a border wall a few years ago, then Tucker Carlson can be forgiven for comments he made on what was obviously a comedy show.
    If they can’t or won’t then we need to pull out every gaff made by every 2 bit, half assed Democratic politician has made for the last 50 years.

  156. Gregory Poor says:

    Tucker is great at his job!

  157. Mary Sham says:

    I also TOTALLY agree with you Nick. I watch Carlson every night
    and if Fox fires him, I am GONE. I would boycott all of Fox sponsors.
    I watch Hannity too. If Fox fired either one of these men, it would be the dumbest thing they could do and would be their downfall.

  158. Ray says:

    maybe they could just have him apologize for his “hurtful comments. House Democrat Leadership issued a statement Monday afternoon condemning Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), calling her anti-Semitic comments “deeply offensive” and insisting that the freshman lawmaker immediately apologize for her “hurtful comments.” if it works for them why not do the same for Tucker, he is to good to lose Fox could cause an uproar and lose a lot of viewers, me for one. listen to your viewers please!

  159. Ernie says:

    Tucker and Hannity are the only ones that keep us sane these days. With all the corruption on the left that has gone unpunished, it’s hard to keep from going nuts. Seems like it never stops. Thank God we have Trump who will never give up. God is still in charge and Trump will win and so will America.

  160. Carlos says:

    Tucker and Hannity are the 2 biggest stars holding Fox together, can them and Fox is done!

  161. Babbo says:

    You insane leftwing morons got rid of OReilly but won’t do the same with Tucker. He is knowledgeable, attractive, well informed and most of all intelligent which the rest of the news people aren’t. Fox would be beyond stupid to get rid of Tucker. The rest of you news people would kill for his talents.

  162. Joseph M. Langone says:

    Since I am a nobody to fox it probably does not matter when I say That if they fire Tucker It would be the Straw that broke the camels Back for me. They have a total Jack Ass on weekdays from 3 PM to 4 PM. But are to scared to get rid of him.. Tucker’s show is an opinion show for the most and anyone who goes on his show knows that at the least he/she will be give his/her opinion no matter what.

    • JPDIII says:

      So do you think that CNN and Msnbc only broadcast factual news and never give their opinions ? Is this how the world is viewed through liberal eyes ?

  163. DaveD says:

    What Tucker Carlson (or anybody else) said or did 10 years ago is a tempest in a teacup. Democrats need to keep up their bulls..t “investigations” and character assassination attempts, which will insure their massive defeat in upcoming elections. Tucker’s fine book, “Ship of Fools” says it all. Too bad the Liberal retards can’t read it. They might learn something, but I doubt it.

  164. Gregory Sullivan says:

    If FNC cans him he’ll just move his show to Newsmax TV just as Bill O’Reilly did and the FNC will loose more viewers. If that’s what they want, so be it.

  165. Allen says:

    Until Democrats and Media Don’tMatter does something about Bubba Clinton, I could not care less what happens to Democrat women. F them.

  166. Maryann says:

    I won’t watch if Tucker goes. He and VHanity are the best.

    • Rebecca says:

      Fox is just made because the Democrats have blocked them from the debates. They want fake news and all the questions before the debate so their candidates look good.

      • D.A.N. says:

        Hey, who was it that gave the questions in advance to Hillary for her debates? Sure wasn’t FOX. Is that why they ( DNC ) are so mad? Because even when they cheated, they lost. Also do you remember the ” He invaded my space” debate? Where it was Hillary who moved, not Trump. If they fire Tucker, then Omar, and the hate wing of the left in Congress need to be removed from office. And when are the Dems in Virginia going to resign? Now CNN has been caught in the lies about the student vs the Indian. When the whole episode is shown, it was the Indian group that harassed the students, not the other way around. How do we know that this wasn’t selectively edited too?

      • Freda Cheung says:

        I m with Tucker Carlson.
        If Fox news just become one of the fake news, why. should we stay with you.

  167. White Beard says:

    what is all this battle where Coulter is calling Trump a weakling and he is calling her a nutcase?!? Seems our party is fracturing!

  168. Deb says:

    Fake news and demorats just can’t stand to hear the truth from anyone. If you go after Carlson or any of the Fox News people it will be the end for all sponsors and Fox, as this is the only channel with real honest, truth seeking people, you can count on to be honest. I will boycott any and all and will spread the word wherever it can be heard. Stop trying to be a communist bunch of ass bats and leave Fox people alone.

    • Shirley J Blake says:

      Tucker Carlson is an amazing new anchor. If Fox News lets him go i will no longer tune in to your channel. Keep Tucker as he is awesome at telling the truth in this day and age.

  169. Bill says:

    Leave Tucker alone and dont ever put a muzzle on him ! If youi should fire him I will follow him to NewsMax TV ! Keep up with soft headed thinking now in management at Fox and I will be relgated to only Fox Business News and NewsMax tv and mayber a newe one to me OOAN

  170. Judith L. Maier says:

    Media Matters is funded by George Soros who is probably the most evil person in America. He funds all the other major networks and will do everything in is power to destroy American and make it a communist state.. He has destroyed other countries by manipulating their currency.. He should be sent back to his own country where they would readily take care of him. He should be tried in our country for treason. His funding goes to all of the organizations that have caused all the uprising in our country. FOX NEWS is the only news I watch and will also be gone if Tucker is gone.

    • Sandy Phipps says:

      Oh so correct Judith L. Maier, Soros needs to be deported so they can hang up!

    • a says:

      Try OAN and NewMax too Fox Business is still good. Only watch a few ppl on Fox nowadays, Tucker, Hannity, ingram and Judge jeanine only. Unfortunately Fox is starting to lean

    • gretchen says:

      Ita! Soros IS truly evil..he will get his KARMA someday…can’t come soon enough!

    • Metal jacket says:

      I agree Judith
      Fox will probably do the right thing here
      The libs pull some shock jock radio act from the days when radio had freedom , and jockeys saying outrageous stuff was the norm , like you’d think he ate a baby for lunch, not even libs care , truth is they think and say much more than what was said on that show, but they are shocked bc Tucker said it , give me a break , they are so fake.

  171. Scott Simpson says:


  172. A Jay says:

    I’ve been tuning into OAN lately. They did in Sebastian Gorka who was really great.

  173. Janine Betts says:

    Tucker is one of my most reliable and informative Fox Shows. He tells it like it is and will call out both sides for stupidity. He allows you to form your own opinions without shoving his down your throat…he believes in free thinking and handles the difficult guests with facts and truth to shut them down. He is FOX…if not for him, I might drop it for good. Not a single living soul is free of skeletons in the closet…we know who he is now and I trust him 100%. Get rid of Shep and Juan…no one watches them! I stand with Tucker and where ever he goes.

  174. Navy PO says:

    FOX News has obviously decided to become a toady for the Demoncrats. Obviously FOX News is now being run by a bunch of candy asses

    • Sam Car says:

      I’m with you Fox has gone to the left also! We are doomed by this blue wave! There’s thousands turning 18 this year called the millennial their primed to vote liberal because of the libertarian trash that’s taught in public schools these day’s! Looks like we as a free people are doomed to lose are freedom very soon!

  175. lisamains says:

    Fox news need the grow a pair balls and tell all the commies to get a life ! I already got rid of most fox news ,except for Tucker Hannity and Lou dobbs I enjoy OAN great news network !!!!!!!!

    • george says:

      since Fox sold out to Disney, they have been slowly turning to the liberal side, theres more liberal commentators on there than in the past, and until they get rid of Sheppard smith, and a couple others i think tucker is safe! i have been thinking hard about Blaze TV

  176. Kara Wright says:

    Leave Tucker alone. He is our FOX sources for the truth.

    • sandyj says:

      And yet the talking heads on other networks continue to spew their idiotic support of democrats and what do we hear?….crickets! Leave him alone!

  177. Gerry Johnson says:

    Be careful attacking Tucker for revenge. He made his name by helping give viewers unfiltered news. He took arrogant self-proclaimed elitist “experts” from the media protected good old boy club to task by challenging them & they collapsed. I & many others trust him more than most in the media club.

  178. Patricia Blair says:

    I have been a Fox watcher for a very long time because you didn’t fold to stupid people. If you fire anymore people because those stupid organizations and news agencies are putting the pressure on you I will never watch your station again. You need to grow up and tell them and the advertisers to go take a walk (which they won’t).

  179. ang says:


  180. Nancy says:

    Fox would be ‘Stupid’ if they fured Tucker! If they do…then we are threw with them! He is great..one of the best!

  181. Colleen Roach says:

    DO NOT fire Tucker!!! DO NOT cave into the a**hole idiot liberals. Grow a set and stand up for your personnel. I will not watch Fox ever again if you allow these liberals to get their way.

  182. Angelo says:

    There is nothing about the audio thats deserving of loss of livelihood. Truth is some women do seem to enjoy playing submissive or they wouldn’t get back together with abusive partners repeatedly. So, nothing but truth minus the kid’s gloves. As for statutory rape, those cases are nearly always consenting relationships, usually only a couple years age difference, but the girls parents hate the boyfriend. So, if the boy is unlucky enough to turn 18 before the girl, some parents pouce on it and bring law enforcement in to control a situation they couldn’t. So, another blunt fact, when you compare it to actual rape it isn’t even close to the other. Not even similar. Even though Tucker could have maybe been more eloquent, nothing he said was untruthful. And definitely not enough to scare away people who watch Fox News. In fact, you will lose more viewers if you cut him, myself included. Tell David Brock & Media Matters to kiss your asses and dont ever let Hillary’s propaganda machine henchmen (or henchqueen in Brock’s case) punk you out. Remember this is the top half of the Comet Ping Pong’s owner Alefantis…or probably the bottom (half).

  183. tucker should be given high accolades for standing up to fake news and democrats dont let them force you into making a mistake keep tucker on the air

  184. Carley says:

    If you fire Tucker I am gone.

  185. Dsc says:

    Do not fire Tucker Carlson!

  186. Liz says:

    If the Lying Fake News can say the most foul things about Trump and anyone who is with him and get away with it then what Tucker allegedly said back in the Stone Age can also get a pass. Bunch slimy hypocrites.

  187. mary says:

    I rarely watch fox news since O’Reilly got canned. I mabye watch Fox & Friends and Tucker or Hannity once in a while. My T.V. was on Fox 24/7 until Bill left. Now I have no
    interest in a business that pays people for their opinion and then fires them for their opinion. We me get out of line with me I Take care of it all by myself. And have for 50 years. You only have to put them in there place a few times and then they keep their mouth shut because no man wants to be humiliated in front of his buds. TRY IT.

  188. Nancy says:

    Tucker, Sean, Laura are the only truth tellers on TV. Their ratings are So much higher then any cable or mainstream network. When they say fair and balanced they mean it. Do not take any of them off or another viewer is gone!!! Never ever bend to the left rule Fox is so much better then that.

    • Brady says:

      right all the way, FOX is big enough to back their people. Somebody needs to stand up to these people, Tucker is right to invite them to a face to face, and not to apologize. He has the right of opion and the right to change as he grows. That’s what growing up is about, and these left yoyos have the idea they can say anything about anybody, and get them fired. Meet him face to face and don’t hid.

    • george says:

      Not really, not since Disney own Fox now!

  189. N says:

    Swamp News, MSM=Fake News, Fox News.The Pravda Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  190. Gary says:

    Fox needs TUCKER and we need TUCKER.

  191. Millie says:

    Leave Carlson alone!
    I promise if he goes, so will my family.
    We will let ALL our family and friends know.
    You will lose many once this gets around.
    Have a backbone and stand for real truth.

  192. Michael Brown says:

    If Fox News gives in to Media Matters they will lose me as a die hard listener. When Bill O’Reilly left I only stayed on because of Tucker. The MSM sucks and A. Cooper is a lout. MSM is not news they only attack the President over and over and over.

  193. Barbara says:

    Here we see the tyrants at work again trying to stop free speech and pushing their agenda against the American people——- it’s like seeing hitler coming to power all over again in history. We are seeing history repeating its self and we better wake up and stop it in its tracks now. WE CAN’T ALLOW THEM TO WIN IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.!! WE HAVE TO FIGHT HARDER THEN EVER , FOR OUR KIDS.!!!

    • Vee says:

      I completely agree with everything you just said.
      America needs to rise up and fight back against these leftist or we all are doomed.
      So much of our freedom is on the line and we will lose if we don’t fight back for our rights and freedom and for our children & grandchildren.

  194. Ron Ronchetto says:

    Tucker Carlson is a fantastic host and commentator….. he needs to STAY….

  195. Grace says:

    How can the obnoxious Dems say a thing considering the situation in Virginia. If Fox isn’t careful they will not survive. We live in a very dangerous time. It reminds me of the Dr. Zhivago.

  196. Mike Parkerson says:

    Democrats as a group strain at a Republican gnat while swallowing the camel of Obama’s qualifications to be President! One wonders how far, if at all, the collective (think hard on that word, dear hearts) intelligence of the left reaches much above 75!

  197. A.W. Linville & Family says:

    If Fox news gives in to Media Matters/George Soros they will lose a lot of viewers from their entire network. We are pleased with Carlson, Hannity, Dobbs and a few more on Fox News & Business channels.
    Don’t screw up your # 1 ratings by giving in to blackmail.

  198. Johm says:

    Hell they need to watch Lyons ass CNN and MSNBC they say a lot worse then Tucker or Hannity and get away with it this media watch group just has a problem with the truth like all dems and liberals

    • Janet says:

      I agree with this and the media says so many nasty things they shouldn’t be on the air. If fox news goes a long with this garbage from media matters they need to be sued till they have nothing left!!!

  199. Tim Toroian says:

    Fox has lots of people on staff. Start trolling the media backgrounds of the people from Media Matters and dig up whatever is there and PUBLISH IT. TWICE a day!

  200. Sue says:

    Commentators like Tucker, Hannity, Judge Jeanine, etc. get snowballed for telling the truth, while left-wing radicals like Omar can actually go on TV and spew anti-Semitic garbage and get a slap on the wrist, and her own Dem cohorts are too damn gutless to say anything! U.S. politics is going down the tube because of GUTLESS politicians who are too scared of the truth!

  201. Candy Clanton says:

    I don’t think Tucker should be fired. After all, Virginia has a governor, attorney general, & Lt. governor all admitting (well, the attorney general is saying not guilty), but the other two have admitted to their discrepancies & have stated they are not stepping down. The Attorney General is stating the same thing although there are witnesses & the Virginia Governor is standing next to the AG! So I think Tucker can make it through because of some comments he made over a decade ago!

  202. Kevin Hagus says:

    Listen up Fox! If Tucker Carlson is removed from the air, and you capitulate to the leftist traitors in this country, I will never tune into Fox again…..not only for news….but anything you broadcast. I will also start a boycott action against you, and take as many people as possible with me! Don’t screw this up! You’ve seen what mass boycotts can do to big corporations! Nuff said.

    • Janet says:

      Kevin: I agree 100%. How dare they even consider firing Tucker; he’s one of the best commentators on TV. How many of us have done something or said something in our youth that was not quite acceptable? I know I have! Damn it, we all have. No apologies for being human!

    • Terrence says:

      I too will join and encourage many Christians and others to boycott. Do not surrender to blackmail by the left. What is wrong with these bozos they have already the majority in the media what more do they need . We are the minority tremendously outnumbered.

  203. Joe Connor says:

    Tucker is awesome. we get honest great coverage. Since when does the truth go unrewarded ? What in the world is going on ? Tell the truth and you’re fired ! If Tucker goes Joe goes also !!!

  204. John says:

    If you fire Tucker or Sean, You will lose a viewer.

  205. js says:

    This is exactly the problem. The Demoncrats get away with anything while we all follow. If Tucker is taken off, we will never watch FOX ever again. We will make sure everyone we know will never watch again.

  206. JD says:

    Leave Tucker alone! He’s got a great show!

  207. Steve / Mr. T. says:

    I doubt that anyone who is real can not have a public comment float up from many years ago that may in some way offend some segment of the population.
    As many have said here and other places, Tucker Carelson is a very ballanced and fair commentary voice.
    Tucker should be able to continue as is . Fair and Ballanced.

    • Janet says:

      You got it, Steve!

    • D.A.N. says:

      You should see the tapes of Uncle Joe Biden when he was in Congress. Now there are some really bad remarks. Media don’t Matter is worried that cnn and their buddies in the newspaper business are going to be put out of business by the student’s lawsuits.

  208. Lawrence McRae says:

    Tucker is great!
    I agree with his viewpoint and admire his show.

    • Karen Sutton says:

      Can we just agree that EVERYONE has said things they wish they hadn’t or things that perhaps they believe but shouldn’t have said. How many years do you want to go back because I promise you, you will find derogatory comments by every single liberal, including those on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC. This isn’t a conservative issue so stop making it out to be. Realize that this is the liberals trying to extinguish every conservative on air. Freedom of speech only applies to what they believe or what they’d like you to believe. It’s all crap and they know it. Perhaps they don’t want Tucker on because he speaks the truth and calls it like he sees it! Leave the man alone.

  209. ken says:

    Tucker is the best thing that happened to FOX news the past several years;
    The DemiRats party is dying; Carlson needs a raise in pay

  210. I watch Tucker every night and watched Bill O’Reilly when he was on. The left is unhinged about the rights of half of the Country.

  211. Mike says:

    First you took O’riley off. If you take Carlson I will never watck Fox News all channels that are owned by Fox

  212. Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-a-hoe tribe says:

    If they want to have Tucker Carlson fired they should also fire those hose bags on The View. Yes the fat and ugly hose bags. They can always lose weight.

  213. Judy Stinger says:

    If Fox gives into this pressure from Media Matters they are done. They would be no different than CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the bunch of anti-American media. Carlson is a uayriot and a straight shooter. He runs a great show he gives people a chance to speak And give their opinions but he also calls them on their hypocrisy, lies and anti-American nonsense.

  214. Janie says:

    Please leave Tucker Carlson alone. He is a breath of fresh air and we always watch him EVERY NIGHT, even if we are out somewhere, we will rush to get home so we can view his show. He and Shawn Hannity are the two most popular shows on Fox and you will suffer if either should be removed.

  215. Hugh Turner says:

    Disney owns Fox. They say not the news division but since the purchase I notice Fox news is no longer the outsider they are slowly falling in line with fake MSM

  216. Brian says:

    Until Media Matters goes after left wing commentators, anything they say is ludicrous. Have them appear on Tucker Carlson, Hannity, or any other program to explain to the American public how they became the media police. Of course, there is one answer…….SOROS.

    • Stella Honeycutt says:

      A Wonderful Post and I agree with you Brian.

    • JanetW says:

      Didn’t know Media Matters was a SOROS production. He is the reason for so much of our left wing issues. Except for OAN (One America News) which can only be had on Frontier, FOX is the only channel left that actually challenges the left and exposes their lies. I agree Brian!

  217. Walter says:

    Carlson a is a breath of fresh air something we all need…Leave him alone.. Fools

  218. AP says:

    My self and my family are long time fox watchers that will END if you give in to these asses . These Domicrats are afraid of hearing the truth. Carlson should get a raise.

  219. Nick says:

    Fox would be totally crazy to fire Carlson. People will stop watching the channel and we will boycott all Fox sponsors. Just DARE TO TRY even to touch Carlson!!!

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