Tucker Carlson just discovered this disturbing truth about Nikki Haley

South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley, Photo by PDM-owner, via Wikimedia, public domain

Nikki Haley is the last Trump opponent standing.

She is trying to convince Republican voters of a lot of things.

And Tucker Carlson just discovered this disturbing truth about Nikki Haley.

For the last two years, establishment RINOs like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell raced into action anytime Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded Congress and President Joe Biden fork over taxpayer money to secure his country’s border.

Romney and McConnell showed no such urgency to end Biden’s open borders here in America.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) disclosed the fact that half the Republican caucus in the Senate agrees with McConnell and Romney that protecting Ukraine’s border is more important than securing America’s border. 

“It gets to me when I see people who I think care more about the borders of Ukraine than our own Southern border,” Paul began “And I see these people every day because they are the entire Democrat caucus up here, but they are half of my caucus.”

Paul warned that these globalist RINOs were preparing to sell out America by voting for a phony border bill that increased immigration into the United States because they linked it to flushing another $61 billion down the drain in Ukraine.

 “Half of my Republican caucus is, as we speak, ready to sell out, and they’re ready to sell out fake border reform in exchange for what they really want, which is to send more of your tax dollars to Ukraine,” Paul added.

Paul drew this back to the Presidential race saying former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley fit comfortably within the pro-Ukraine caucus.

“I think Nikki Haley fits right in that camp,” Paul declared.  “I think she’s from the McConnell/Dick Cheney wing of the party. And this is the antithesis of everything I believe in.”

Back in 2016, Haley opposed Donald Trump’s border wall and chastised him for calling illegal aliens criminals.

In this race, she made pouring money into Ukraine her number one policy promise.

Senator Paul believes it’s clear that Nikki Haley is just another RINO from the McConnell/Cheney/Romney wing of the party that looks at American taxpayers as a giant piggy bank to fund their push for war with Russia in Ukraine.

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