Tucker Carlson issued one big warning about the effect of the coronavirus vaccine

Joe Biden and the media are demanding Americans take the coronavirus vaccine.

Some members of the public have some questions.

And now Tucker Carlson issued one big warning about the effect of the coronavirus vaccine.

Now that the vaccine is widely available and around half the adult population is fully vaccinated, American life is returning to normal.

State’s dropped mask mandates and lockdowns.

But Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm that some states are taking vaccination to the extreme and one effect of the vaccine being widely available is a new form of segregation taking hold.

The state of New York is moving to require businesses to demand customers provide vaccine passports to enter bars, comedy clubs, and Madison Square Garden for New York Knicks playoff games.

Carlson stated:

Just this morning, The New York Times informed us that unless you can prove you have taken the injection that the Democratic Party demands you take, you are no longer permitted in bars, comedy clubs, even some dance competitions in the State of New York, you’re too dirty to appear in public. You’re not welcome near normal people.

You want to watch the NBA playoffs in person? You had better be vaccinated to do that. Otherwise, the New York Knicks will bar you from Madison Square Garden.

Carlson blasted this new status quo as “Medical Jim Crow.”

Vaccine passports have not been widely accepted in America.

New York is one of the few states to adopt segregating residents based on vaccination status.

But that does not mean that other states won’t later on adopt a policy of forcing Americans to download an app on their phone to have their vaccination status confirmed so they can participate in everyday life.

And Tucker Carlson is worried that vaccine passports – or “Medical Jim Crow” – could be coming to more states across the country.

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