Tucker Carlson humiliated a top Trump critic by issuing this bombshell challenge

Leftists have always been able to say whatever they want and get away with it.

But not anymore.

Tucker Carlson humiliated a top Trump critic by issuing this bombshell challenge.

One of the greatest misinformation campaigns in American history revolved around elected officials, members of the corporate-controlled press, and Big Pharma all pushing the Big Lie about the COVID vaccine.

When the shot first became available late in 2020 and into 2021, Dr. Fauci and other so-called public health officials falsely claimed it would prevent Americans from catching COVID and transmitting the virus.

Left-wing activists in the press quickly adopted this talking point and tried to shame Americans who looked at the data and claimed the public health sector and pharmaceutical companies were not telling the truth about the vaccine.

One of the most zealous supporters of the COVID vaccine was Chuck Todd.

Todd spent years calling Donald Trump a liar when critics contend that in reality it was Todd spreading the falsehoods.

Tucker Carlson played a clip from July of 2021 where Todd pushed the false claim that there was a pandemic of the unvaccinated and said anyone questioning the vaccine was contributing to the deaths of Americans.

“Please get vaccinated,” Todd ranted. “If you know someone who’s not vaccinated, find a way to convince them to get vaccinated. Literally, the only people dying are the unvaccinated. And for those of you spreading misinformation, shame on you. Shame on you. People are needlessly dying because of your misinformation. Think about it. I don’t know how some of you sleep at night who are doing this for a living on television.”

Americans now know none of this was true.

The vaccine does not stop transmission of the virus and vaccinated Americans are dying from COVID.

Carlson mocked Todd’s false claims and challenged him to come on his show and admit he was wrong to push the vaccine based on false premises.

“‘Literally, the only people dying are the unvaccinated’” Carlson added. “Shame on you, you’re killing people.’ Now, that was last year and of course, now the data are – because it’s plural as we scientists know – the data are in. And it turns out ol’ Chuck Todd was spreading disinformation, which probably killed a few people, not that we’re judging. We’re merely offering Chuck Todd an opportunity to come on to this show and revise his assessment and maybe throw a few apologies around and be a decent person. So, that invitation remains open.”

Democrats, the media, and Big Pharma will never actually come out and admit they were wrong to push this vaccine on Americans.

The closest Americans will come to seeing an admission of wrongdoing is the fact that governments and corporations are dropping their vaccine mandates because everyone knows the shot does not stop anyone from contracting or transmitting COVID.

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