Tucker Carlson hit Nancy Pelosi with this harsh truth about her illegal haircut

Nancy Pelosi’s illegal haircut exploded virally on social media and on cable news.

It was the number one story in America for good reason.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson hit Nancy Pelosi with this harsh truth about her illegal haircut.

Tucker Carlson explained what the video of Nancy Pelosi not wearing a mask inside and violating California’s lockdown order really meant.

Carlson began by noting the hypocrisy that Pelosi doesn’t think the coronavirus restrictions she regularly supports are necessary because she isn’t abiding by them.

“Pelosi is 80 years old, at mortal risk of death from coronavirus, they tell us, but she is not wearing a mask. It turns out that everything Pelosi demands you not do, she is doing herself and she seems very happy doing it,” Carlson began.

Carlson then noted that Pelosi blamed the salon owner for “setting her up” and how liberals always blame middle and working class Americans for the nation’s problems.

“Michelle Obama scolds America for racism and inequality from her $12 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Joe Biden blames America’s problems on beat cops, working-class guys who make 50 grand a year to risk their lives protecting us from criminals. ‘The cops did it,’ Biden yelps. ‘It’s their fault,’” Carlson began.

Carlson compared this to how in Biden’s speech on the riots on Monday Biden blamed Trump supporters and the police for the civil unrest.

But Biden ignored how powerful interests such as tech companies, hedge fund billionaires and communist China degraded middle class life in America which is the source of so much unhappiness.

“Biden never mentions the people who cause those problems. His friends at Google, his donors in private equity, his allies in the Chinese government. Biden never blames them. Biden never takes on the powerful. No one on the left ever does.” Carlson added.

Carlson pointed out that the Left’s primary target is always the middle class voters that don’t vote for the Democrat Party which they punish and degrade and humiliate at every turn.

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