Tucker Carlson hit Nancy Pelosi with a coronavirus truth bomb that left her reeling

Tucker Carlson was one of the earliest voices in the media to warn about the dangers of the coronavirus.

Now he’s sounding the alarm about the next phase of the pandemic.

And Tucker Carlson hit Nancy Pelosi with a coronavirus truth bomb that left her reeling.

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are trying to pass an economic relief bill that will preserve the jobs of workers in small businesses and distressed industries threatened by the shutdowns caused by social distancing measures designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But Democrats are holding up the bill.

Tucker Carlson explained his to viewers that Democrats are blocking legislation that could keep tens of millions of Americans employed to force “diversity” requirements on companies regarding the number of women and minorities on corporate boards.

“The bill would require every corporation that receives coronavirus aid to have officers and a budget dedicated to diversity and inclusion initiatives for a minimum of five years after they get the money, because that is going to keep America healthy and prosperous, just like it has,” Carlson declared. “Companies would also have to produce elaborate racial reports for the government listing the skin color and the sex of their officers and boards of directors. They have to prove they give enough money to firms owned by women and nonwhites, and of course how much they spend on diversity initiatives.”

“What does that have to do with the pandemic that might kill you?” Carlson continued. “Not one thing. Just more ugly race politics, the kind they specialize in.”

Democrats know this bill is “must pass.”

So Nancy Pelosi and her allies are holding the American economy hostage because they think this is the moment they can force Republicans to accept a bunch of social justice payoffs to Democrat voting constituencies.

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