Tucker Carlson got accused of one crime that carries an unthinkable penalty

The Left will not stop attacking Tucker Carlson.

Leftists are playing for keeps.

And now Tucker Carlson got accused of one crime that carries an unthinkable penalty.

The Left is resorting to the establishment’s favorite game of accusing anyone who refuses to support foreign intervention as a traitor.

Left-wing MSNBC host Nicole Wallace accused both Tucker Carlson and President Trump of disloyalty and treason for their refusal to line up with the Biden administration’s talking points on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I want to put up this kind of axis of Putin, Trump, Tucker Carlson, because I think we have mistakenly thought that world events or tragedies or a red line or the slaughter of innocents or as Tony Blinken says, ‘the commission of war crimes,’ that these things could be defrosted, they could be put on ice, but it is clear they are not. Tucker Carlson has been amplifying Russian disinformation: March 8, blamed America for Russia’s war, March 12 far-Right embrace of the bioweapon conspiracy theory as the bombs were falling on Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities. And then, on March 13, we learned that the Kremlin feels it is essential to feature Tucker Carlson. Have you ever covered one of the two American political parties associating themselves with an American adversary at a time of war?” Wallace asked her guests.

Tucker Carlson argues nightly for a cautious approach to the invasion while the corporate-controlled media yells about the need for establishing a No-Fly zone over Ukraine that would lead to direct confrontation with Russia and potential nuclear war.

Add to this the fact that Joe Biden is clearly senile and in the middle of clear cognitive decline and America faces a risk of catastrophic conflict not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

When President George W. Bush initiated the War on Terror and authorized the invasion of Iraq, Democrats who opposed Bush’s policies claimed dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

But now that Joe Biden is President and threatens to bungle America in World War III – which could result in the deaths of hundreds of millions – the left-wing media claims dissent is treason.

Leftists spent the last several years trying to silence Tucker Carlson or force Fox News to fire him.

Now the Left believes the universal condemnation of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – condemnation that Carlson joined – presents the opportunity to cancel him once and for all.

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