Tucker Carlson got accused of betraying America by the last person he ever expected

Tucker Carlson is used to facing the slings and arrows from the Left.

But now Carlson is under fire from a former ally.

And Tucker Carlson got accused of betraying America by the last person he ever expected.

Newsmax host Eric Bolling used to work with Tucker Carlson at Fox News Channel.

Bolling and Carlson also share support for Donald Trump’s America First agenda.

But now Bolling is openly criticizing Carlson on Bolling’s Newsmax show.

Bolling is attacking Carlson for past comments perceived to be sympathetic to Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin.

“Now is the time to come down from the ivory tower, time to speak out against past comments, current comments even, or actions that in any way show support for Russia — or can be used by Russia in a way to show that any of us support what they’re doing there,” Bolling began.

Bolling added that he – like Carlson – opposed war with Russia and believed America’s leaders should pay more attention to securing the border.

“I want to be very clear for our audience,” Bolling continued. “I’m anti-war and I believe we should always secure America’s interests first and foremost, and that of the lives of our own citizens, of American citizens, should matter more than any other. Sorry, but that’s true.”

But Bolling argued that the Russian military committing war crimes forced him to side with Ukraine in this war.

“Blatant and horrifying war crimes committed by Russians against Ukrainian civilians have made it very clear that, yes, this war is in fact more black and white now than ever,” Bolling added. ”If we say anything otherwise then we are on the wrong side of history.”

Bolling then called out Carlson by name for stating his support for securing America’s border before Ukraine’s.

“Yes, Tucker, as you say, Putin did not invade our own border, but Putin did invade a sovereign state, spouting his historical lies,” Bolling said, before asking, “Why can’t we secure our own borders, but also support Ukraine?”

But then Bolling repeated some of the left-wing media smears about Americans who simply question U.S. foreign policy towards Ukraine and fear it could lead to a wider war with millions dead in a nuclear holocaust.

“Last night, Tucker, you said, our leaders always go too far, and I agree,” Bolling concluded. “But now I fear you’ve gone too far too.”

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