Tucker Carlson exposed this secret that Democrats wanted to hide from Americans

Through three nights of the Democrat Convention, the Biden campaign has tried to tell one story to the American people.

And that is one which claims Donald Trump is a danger to America and Joe Biden is a bipartisan moderate.

But that is all a lie. And Tucker Carlson exposed this secret that Democrats wanted to hide from Americans.

During his broadcast on Wednesday night, Carlson compared what Democrats wanted the TV viewing audience to see – a procession of former Republicans praising Biden – and what the Democrats broadcast to the base during the daytime via livestreams.

The comparison was stark.

During the daytime, speakers called for abolishing the police, abolishing capitalism, kneeling for the national anthem and altering the pledge of allegiance.

The Daily Caller reported:

Over the next several minutes, the Fox News host played clips of various happenings including an alternate rendering of the Pledge of Allegiance that concluded with the word “someday” as well as participants being told they can “rise or kneel for the Pledge.

Later, Carlson played a clip of transgender activist, J Mei, calling for “a world without prisons” and “abolishing ICE.”

“You’re starting to get some sense of why they are not putting this stuff on TV,” he said. “Democrats and their faithful lackeys the media have been telling you for weeks that none of this is real, you’re imagining it. Democrats don’t really want to take the cops away and leave you defenseless. Yes, they are voting to take billions from police departments across the country, but that’s not really defunding, it’s redistributing. Not a big deal, calm down.”

It’s obvious why Democrats want to hide this aspect of their party from the public.

None of these stances are popular and Donald Trump would win re-election if America saw the true face of the Democrat Party.

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