Tucker Carlson exposed one scandal that Democrats hoped to keep buried

The civil unrest sweeping the nation is unnerving millions of Americans.

Citizens are wondering who is behind this wave of domestic terrorism.

That horrifying answer became clear when Tucker Carlson exposed one scandal that Democrats hoped to keep buried.

The Fake News Media tells the American people the mobs in the street are a spontaneous grassroots movement.

Tucker Carlson called nonsense on that.

In a monologue that went viral, Carlson pointed out that the mobs are encouraged by the Democrat Party and work on behalf of the Democrat Party.

“In the City of Philadelphia, both the Mayor and the District Attorney, Larry Krasner, we’ve told you about repeatedly — cheered as mobs set fire and destroyed public property there,” Carlson began.

Carlson contrasted the Democrat officials in Philadelphia cheering rioters and vandals while at the same time threatening to prosecute patriotic working-class residents guarding a statue of Christopher Columbus.

“But when a group of working-class Philadelphians tried to protect the statue of Christopher Columbus from being destroyed, Krasner threatened to prosecute them. You’d think the mob will ever show up at Larry Krasner’s house? Not likely. In fact, No, never. And by the way, Nancy Pelosi is also safe at her estate in Napa,” Carlson added.

According to Carlson, this was because Democrats lived in no fear of the mob because the mob knows elected Democrats are on their side.

“Democratic politicians don’t fear the mob. Notice that. Why? Because they don’t need to. They control the mob. The mob operates with their permission. These are their foot soldiers. This is their militia,” Carlson concluded.

For days on end Carlson detailed the Cultural Revolution the Left is waging to overthrow the way of life that made American the freest and most prosperous nation on earth.

And the point Carlson tried to hammer home is the fact that there is not one inch of separation between the mob in the streets and the Democrat Party.

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35 Responses

  1. Rhina says:

    Every American Patriots has a roll even if it is as simple as not wearing a mask. Give me liberty or give me death! God Bless America

  2. Larry Lee Luckjohn says:

    What we need now is constant prayer for God to stop all the evil these people are inflicting. He has promised to answer. We also need to recall our senators and reps and tell them they haven’t kept the oath they swore to keep when they took office. There are others who can replace them.

  3. G. says:

    I don’t understand what the democrats see In Biden its a disgrace that his family is putting him out there and humiliating him and I don’t think he realizes it.

  4. JM says:

    We need President Trump, Keep Senate Majority and Take Back House! VOTE!

  5. Elizabeth Lele says:

    Democrats has no back bone; if they dont like the way Trump runing the country ; they should step aside; Pelosy; Schuman; ect; jogn Bolton; step down and give your job to a newly graduated youth who has student loans and No Job; why these guys have a 40 year undisturbed job? Lets get the broom and down with tham who playing game against our President

  6. Lynn says:

    And, the Kenyan Marxist will probably get off with his penitentiary offenses. Barry Soetoro is a worthless person.

  7. julie broadwater says:

    We need to go out and burn all of the peoples’ homes and all their businesses that are protecting these criminals. We the people have been stepped on and screwed over too many times by our government officials. Enough is Enough !!! Trump needs to send out the troops, shut this down right now to protect all of the law abiding citizens. No law in the world is going to stop Racism!! It starts at home, with the way people raise their children. We do not need any more stimulus to be handed out either, we have already crippled the next two generations with the funny $$$ we already printed.

  8. elaine says:

    Trump has taken so much B.S. from the democrats. i am sick of it. i can not believe he is able to stay so calm. if we republicans ever did half of what they have done you would never hear the end of it. such a sad sad day. i grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. always believing in how great this country was. too bad they dont teach that in school anymore.

  9. Suzanne Moody says:

    The primary democratic leaders must be held accountable and prosecuted for tyranny, at the very least!

  10. David Billsborough says:

    Tucker Carlson is right about Dems they don’t care about America they don’t care about black lives they don’t care about anti government croups don’t care about History don’t even care about sleepy Joe. All they are is fixiated on taking down one of the best presidents in the history of our country no matter the consequences ! We the people need to figure out a way to once and for all get rid of these worthless Dems! They are worse than the virus itself. What a bunch of Jack asses

  11. John says:

    Too add why do you think President Trump says what he does which is the truth. He and his family and supporters have been attacked since he was elected. He was elected because he knows how to run a business and has done a great job running the country even during this Corona Virus and is still doing pretty damn good considering all of the corrupt politicians (mostly Democrats but also Rhinos) trying to take him down. They called him the Great Disrupter because he is trying to stop the Deep State swamp. My family believes in him and will vote for him again. The Democrats are afraid of him because they have tried to falsely accuse him and lost. So they bad mouth him because he fights back and will never give him the respect he deserves. I say give him another four years as POTUS and vote to remove these corrupt politicians. Obama and Sleepy Joe stay in the WH for two terms and what did they accomplish? What about Bill and Hillary Clinton who really disgraced our WH and country? Do you really want to elect a President with Dementia and a history of corruption? If you do then you must be part of the problem!

  12. Larry Turman says:

    IF our great PRESIDENT is not reelected its going to be one HELL of a civil war.

  13. Neen says:

    Yes we will Stewart yes we will. I’m ready.

  14. Neen says:

    Democrat party is the party of hate, no hope and racism.

  15. frank says:

    4 years of Academia Marxist training and America looses the leaders of tomorrow only to become worker bee’s for the Democrats, Our whole society is becoming tainted”””Where are yesterday’s Patriots?????

  16. Corruptionhater says:

    What Tucker finally figured out is exactly what I have been saying for months an many of these web sites. The Democrats are doing everything they can to take down America. They are doing it on behalf of China whom is paying them to do this so when we are at our weakest point, China will invade America. the one thing the Democrats don’t seem to realize is China will take them down, too, along with all the elite. Dem’s think they are safe, the last laugh will be on them and I cannot wait for that to happen.

  17. JOAN B says:


  18. sharon says:

    Sue them personally. People need to get together for joint lawsuits against the mayors and the DA. The business owners and the insurance companies should be going after these two. as well. Failure to their jobs while in office and protecting the public and businesses. The DA should be disbarred if he’s even a lawyer.

  19. Dr. J.D. (real one) says:

    Democrats are Marxists, and the mob are their foot soldiers just like Pol Pot had his Khmer Rouge, and Hitler had his Brown Shirts, and Fidel Castro had Che Guevara and his henchmen.

  20. stuart says:

    DEMOCRAT party be WARNED! The PATRIOT PARTY will take you down and replace you!

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