Tucker Carlson ended Ilhan Omar’s career with this cold hard truth

Ilhan Omar quickly became one of the most controversial politicians in America after she won election to Congress last November.

Her anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks have consistently landed her in hot water.

And now Tucker Carlson ended Ilhan Omar’s career with this cold hard truth.

During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson discussed Omar, her hatred for America, and how America’s broken immigration system plays into this situation.

Carlson noted that Omar constantly attacks America as a racist, sexist, homophobic country, even though America welcomed her as an immigrant from Somalia when she was a small child.

Mediaite reports:

“After everything America has done for Omar and for her family, she hates this country more than ever,” he continued, before quoting a Washington Post story on Omar rejecting the idea of America as the “bighearted country that saved her from a brutal war and oblique refugee camp.”

“Omar isn’t disappointed in America. She’s enraged by it,” Carlson added. “That should worry you, and not just because Omar is a sitting member of Congress. Ilhan Omar is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country.”

Omar expresses no gratitude.

Instead, Omar spews venom about her adopted country.

Carlson wondered if the bigger problem was the type of immigrants America lets in.

“Does America do enough to screen out people that offer America nothing but hatred?” The Fox News host wondered.

Liberals recoiled in horror.

Omar responded by calling Carlson a “racist fool.”

But that just meant Carlson won the argument.

The left resorts to name-calling — specifically playing the race card — when the facts and truth are against them.


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109 Responses

  1. a fool says:

    Wonder ing why there were no BETTER people came and ran agianst her…….?

    • Mama says:

      Some ‘stuff’ on Mark Levin radio Tonight W/ a
      Respectable Journalist explaining a Lot.
      Bottom line: Wealthy jews ‘endorsed’ her. &
      NOW, ‘they’ KNOW’ they were Deceived.
      >Find Archives & Listen. You Will LEARN a Lot.

      • Mama says:

        To E 1. Go To Levin 07.15.19 radio Archive.
        Almost a Complete ‘BIO’ of 0mar was Stated,
        In her own words. Listen. & KNOW WTF IS
        going 0n Here IN USA.

  2. Adnil says:

    I think the Courts said that DACA people must be deported. If that is so, so must the MUSLIMS (Somalis and other Muslims) . They are a cult, not a religion! What religion kills you if you leave it. What religion creates a militant ideology that dictates what you think, and how you are to kill those that do not or will not believe as you do ? It is completely antithetical to our Judeo-Christian culture/country

  3. stik says:

    the commierats new bumper sticker “IF IT AINT FREE WE ALLLLL GONNA TAKE A KNEE’

  4. Alan says:

    Omar is so unhappy here that she wants to make the USA like her home country of Somalia. I have one thing to say to Omar and I wish I could say it to you directly: Ms. Omar if you are so unhappy here just go back to Somalia and live there. The United States will never be Somalia.

  5. marleen davis says:

    Whenever anyone, especially someone we have allowed into our Country spews hateful rhetoric and calls us Racists, we need to start our own chant. I strongly suggest we start ranting: “SEND THEM BACK, SEND THEM BACK!

  6. RID DEVLIN says:


  7. Mama says:

    0pen Your Arms / Even Stare the ‘snakes’
    & the ‘Snake’ BITES.

  8. Malcolm Davidson says:

    Interesting comments here. We really are a divided country. 1/2 the country it seems hates the other 1/2. I don’t hate the 1/2 that I don’t agree with, I just don’t understand them very well. I don’t agree with one person’s assessment regarding Fox News, but that’s okay. He is right that when the Republicans had the Senate, the House, and Presidency, not much was accomplished- same goes for when Obama had it all. He got through Obama Care, which I don’t know much about, as I don’t use it, and I am glad I don’t have to.
    I think in the first two years we with the Republicans and Trump we got a tax cut, which I think is pretty cool- a little more $ for me to do as I please. Other bills were passed, but there were a few rinos who didn’t want to work with Trump.
    What have we learned here, if anything? Not much, other than we are more divided than ever, and it seems to me that both sides are looking for some sort of Utopia- Sorry, Utopia does not exist. I think we all need to see right through Gov’t- much of it doesn’t work very well. Most politicians are pretty dam useless, and they don’t care about the people, or the country. They only care about power, $ and control, and that should scare everyone a bit in my humble estimation.

    • Carol says:

      I agree.

    • Mama says:

      To Malcolm re ‘Division’…
      There ARE MORE ppl that support USA than Not.
      MANY SILENT for 0bvious Reason.
      Now, WHEN Demographics Are ‘tipped'(past 50%)
      By Mostly the LEFT ( 0pen Borders) We WILL
      BE in Big Big TRBL. We are NOT ‘there’ Yet. But
      >0mar/Tlaib +2 ‘others ‘ Are Women of a Different
      Heritage W/ Different ‘thoughts’. (seeking Reparation
      According to —)
      >0mar = Souught Asylum (so to speak) & a ‘SAFE Haven
      In USA. * & NOW THEY TRASH What they SOUGHT.
      ( Talk re ‘rigged votes’) Blame Russia ??? LOL what a ‘frickin’
      V. Bad ‘joke’. Anyway ___
      >>> WE , We, WE Will NEVER EVER ‘succumb’ To the
      Take Down of USA thru POTUS DJT/ Patriots etc. NEVER ___

      • Mama says:

        FurtherMore, To ALLLLL that ‘ride Humpback’
        Good luck when SHTF. Got ‘it’ ???

        • Mama says:

          &&& FURTHER FurtherMORE To You
          ‘humpbacks’ . POTUS Has 0nly 4 More, &
          If a ‘some0ne’ Doesn’t Take ‘the Helm’ AFTER \that, You humpbacks Will Wish POTUS (protecting You)
          WAS STILL IN WH!!! got that???
          I’m done, but Could Go 0n & 0n. God Bless &
          Good nite.

    • june says:

      be grateful you didnt have to pay for obama self pay no care insurance. It was forced on all federal employees, made mandatory even if your spouse had great insurance elsewhere you were FORCED to pay for obamacare at at least 600./per month or more as they took it from your pay automatically. On top of that if you had no insurance you either had to sign up for it or be forced to pay a fine for something you never wanted. Either way obozo was going to strip the American public of their hard earned cash. Well at least trump got rid of the forced fines. i dont know about the forced deduction s from your pay

      • Mama says:

        Hi june. i Never Signed (thank god) Work place did not
        force, or i slipped thru the cracks. I said i would sit in
        ‘striped pj’s w/ 3 hots & a Cot’. I was never ‘fined’ .
        Never bought into ‘health ins’ as i took care of myself,
        whatever it took. Now ‘Medicare’ ( We PAID for that –
        a whole lifetime). & No sign up for B & C etc. My $$ is
        Spent on Health products. Period. I Die- i Die, don’ care.
        Have LIVED A FULL LIFE. lol God Awaits. 🙂
        ps i witnessed ems ‘BREAK a dead womans RIBS ‘cpr’
        to bring her back. It WAS AWFUL. (‘Get your ‘med hands 0FF’ of me.’) good bye God bless.
        pps. i feel real sorry for the ‘young’. I KNOW What IS
        Coming ‘down the pike’.

  9. Three Gowdys says:

    Carlson is a shameless shill for the Fox Network, just like Watters, Ingraham, Hannity, The Five, the Morning Idiots, and even Geraldo. If you get a guy who is center right like Chris Wallace you moan and cry and call him a traitor. Figure out why Alan Dershowitz is not a Trump ass kisser.

    • suzanne says:

      well now…..tell us how you really feel…..so I guess you think we should stop loving the freest country in the world, spit on the flag , denigrate our military that actually protects your right to say what you want without fear of reprisal, we are not perfect, that is because we are human. Dershowitz is a liberal …however he is also a brilliant attorney and he is fair in his assessment of both the left and the right and down the middle. Sounds to me as if you don’t like the idea of freedom of thought…..so if you don’t ….why not join the likes of the rest of the people in the country who swore they would leave if trump was elected…don’t like it here pack your bags and go …..but where else would be better? hmmmmmm

      • c says:

        Send him to Canada, but make sure that he has to reside in Quebec (province) and that would teach him a few lessons in tolerance.

      • Three Gowdys says:

        What I said has nothing to do with your accusations. My family sacrificed much more for this country than you can conceive. You are the hater, anyone who can vote for a life long mobster, a serial sexual assaulting sociopath should not be allowed to vote. Trump asked for Russian help and got it hours later with the email dump. Did you notice nothing scandalous was in the emails Clinton had? The right wing has smeared the liberal, BLM, Antifa, workers, unions, the Clintons, the Obamas, and now Biden, meanwhile we have a criminal organization running the White House. You should be ashamed of your support for trump but you are jut another ignorant racist redneck.

    • marleen davis says:

      Oh, I see Three Gowdys. Carlson is a shill for Fox, but MSM is what? The MSM lies and distorts the truth constantly and doesn’t report what is really going on. They ban or “edit” what the President says or never report. They don’t tell the public what is going on at the border or who got beaten up by Antifa or any of those type of things but Fox Network is wrong? You are so blind you probably are laughing right now reading this. Suffering from TDS much? You need to wake up and try to see all sides instead of just wearing blinders or listening to the MSM or the View. I hope you don’t go insane when all of your “heroes” get indicted and your entire world goes up in flames because of your denial of reality.

      • Three Gowdys says:

        Nobody was killed by Antifa ever, or by any left wing groups last year, but 49 people were killed last year by right wing terrorists like the alt right, nazis, white supremacy groups which number in the hundreds. Don’t forget Tim MCveigh years back had militia and KKK credentials.

        • Paul Aldredge says:

          And yet, you talk all your noise without a shred of proof! How ya doin’ Jussie Smollet! You are so ignorant! Antifa has already been declared domestic terrorists since 2016! Look it up! KKK is from the Democrats! Learn history! Tim McVeigh claimed he was against a tyrannical government, like Liberals claim about President Trump. If he were alive today, he’d then be one of you! White supremacists are Liberals. You make all the claims against Conservatives when all these groups are Democrats. You’re so incorrect! Learn before posting!

      • Mary says:

        well said, Marlene,Three Gowdys, you need to be on some type of medication if you truly believe what you say, or perhaps you should stop watching a network which spews untruth and Hate for our country.

    • Humm ..what planet are you living on ?

    • Jt says:

      Thank God for Tucker Carlson, the Democrat Party is pure evil and nothing but the party of Satan.

  10. Three Gowdys says:

    Carlson is a shameless shill for the Fox Network, just like Watters, Ingraham, Hannity, The Five, the Morning Idiots, and even Geraldo. If you get a guy who is center right like Chris Wallace you moan and cry and call him a traitor. Figure out why Alan Dershowitz is not a Trump ass kisser.

  11. Mad ???? says:

    If the detainment center does not suit these terrorist and that’s what you are when you invade a foreign country then close the borders close the detainment center no more requests for asylum and hire more border patrol. That helps Americans with jobs and it would cost less than dealing with these people. Put them back in Mexico or wherever if they come across again send them to Gitmo

    • SUZANNE says:

      I find it extremely interesting that the dems want to give everything to people they know nothing about , they are ILLEGAL. they can’t even take care of the people in their own country who are real citizens….L.A. and SanFrancisco come to mind human filth and needles…my granddaughter just came back from san Francisco……what a vision she saw…..DEPLORABLE……SHAME ON PELOSI, THE MAYORS OF THESE TWO CITIES…….YOU COULD NOT PAY ME ENOUGH TO GO TO EITHER…..AND YET SOME OF THE RICHEST PEOPLE LIVE THERE……..SICK!

  12. D.K says:

    Hey Conservatives, how about DOING Something about these liberal trash instead of JUST talking about doing something. You had 2 years to do something when you controlled the House and Senate but did NOTHING!!!

    • Rach says:

      Because you cannot stop people from breeding more libtards

    • suzanne says:

      I find this interesting…….the congress is acting worse the kindergarten kids on the play ground. all they do is bitch and fight among themselves…They love the publicity and the cameras constantly in their faces . not many of them have the balls to stand up and tell the loud mouths to get something done besides constantly berating the people who are trying to something that they don’t agree with…where in the hell would a loud mouth bartender get elected to congress and tear down the very country and community that put her there. She and her “squad” are idiots and should be ashamed…I SAW THE TOILET AND POTABLE WATER SINK THAT SHE LIED ABOUT. THEY ARE NOT DRINKING FROM THE TOILETS, IF THEY ARE THAT IS THEIR CHOICE/. WHAT THE HELL HAVE ANY OF THEM DONE FOR THE ILLEGALS THEY CARE SO MUCH ABOUT SHE VOTED AGAINST FUNDS TO HELP…HAS SHE LOST HER MIND.? the field of democrats running for president is a bloody joke. the sound of desperation is deafening……..scare tactics at their finest….GOD help us all…….what do they want sex and drugs , murder and mayhem in the streets?

      • Ronald Dunne says:

        Suzanne: “GOD help us all…….what do they want sex and drugs , murder and mayhem in the streets”?
        I think you are too late with this comment, we already have these problems in the streets…

        • GOD will help with enuff people of faith Praying and walking with HIM our Creator.. JESUS loves each and everyone of us,, HE is waiting patiently for all to accept HIM as HE died that we all could have life

    • Paul Aldredge says:

      Ha ha ha! Just like a Liberal! Oooo, Conservatives, why haven’y you done something? Never mind obstructionists from both Liberals and RINOs! How convenient to whine while ignoring FACTS!

  13. Keith says:

    What bothers me is that none of the other elected officials will speak out against Omar and AOC. Where is their backbone?

  14. Roger says:

    God bless America God damn Muslims.

  15. renato says:

    that is what happened when you elect a liberal lunatic like AOC/TLAIB/OMAR
    they are the one who will destroy this great nation from the inside and please
    people believe me because that how they operate from the inside not from the
    outside. example one liberals will going to bankrupt this great nation, how ? by
    over spending the budget/open borders/free health care/illegal alien and once
    liberals overrun this nation because of bankruptcy we are all going down the drain
    and that will be the end of this great nation of ours and we will never going to
    recover again because of the liberals lunatic like AOC/TLAIB/OMAR. VOTE FOR TRUMP/PENCE 2020

    • Sam says:

      That’s true a parasite destroys from the inside and it only takes a few to fool their constituents whereas an army would be fought before they make a difference

  16. Roger Jones says:

    GOD bless America ,God damn Muslins.

  17. CLIFF says:


  18. Rosemary says:

    After 9/11 the U.S. never should have let Muslims into our country. Omar should be taken out of Congress. I hope someone can do this as she is the most disgusting person and never should have been allowed to be in Congress. If she hates the U.S. so much she should go back to the country she came from. We should never allow Muslims into Congress or Senate.

    • Marilyn SDavis says:

      I totally agree with You! She’s also not adhering to a few things she promised when she went throughThe Naturalization Process (IF she entered USA LEGALLY). THE OATH: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_of_Allegiance_(United_States)#Text
      A Naturalization Process Investigation Committee would enter/infiltrate communities that have not assimilated should be held accountable and DEPORTED!

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Oh, goodness ! Are you prejudiced against muslims just because their leaders and preachers all tell them to kill us ?
      And they always demand that we change our rules and customs to suit their murderous book ?
      And again they demand that we allow them to pollute our pools with dirty clothes and dirty bodies ?
      GOOD ! ME TOO !

  19. James Morgan says:

    Iihan Omar is just one example of Muslim’s fulfilling their strategy of increasing the Muslim population through high birth rates and immigration, gain political power, to eventually enforce Sharia law – Become a Muslim, pay taxes for not doing so, or get killed. (Document of strategy discovered by FBI.)

  20. Larry Lews says:

    This “woman” should not be allowed to stay in this country. I will make her this deal: Renounce the United States, turn in your passport, sign a notarized statement that she will never return to the United States and I I will pay for a one way First Class Airline ticket to any country she wants to live in. Does she have the courage to put her money where her big, lying mouth is?

  21. John says:

    Americans did not vote her in, mudslums like herself and white communist demoncrats, and other filth from the liberal lagoon voted this POS in.

  22. Harry H Rainey Jr says:

    Hopefully someone in her district will run against her in 2020 and send her back to her Imam for counseling. If she talked like this in her home nation, the people would have dropped her in a hole before stoning her dead.

  23. Eliot says:

    Ilhan Omar is a lesbian and has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! All four are subversives and subhumans! They are Dirty Dykes!

  24. Shelia says:

    She is obviously a racist herself. I see no racist issue. I do not care what color your skin is. Obviously, she sees the color of HER SKIN and wishes she were lighter…. She keeps herself covered and I know from living in North Africa. People that have dark skin want lighter skin. Sorta like I have straight hair and I would like to have curly hair like my sister. I Don’t hate her for her beautiful hair. This lady has so many anger issues does she go home to her husband her brother or should she go home to her husband the bigot. I would have issues too. Lady you love the USA or you do not. If not LEAVE. WE DO NOT CARE.

  25. Alan Wright says:

    “And now Tucker Carlson ended Ilhan Omar’s career with this cold hard truth.”

    According to “Patriot Pulse”, their observations have or will, end more liberal careers than there are members of the entire congress. And yet, I haven’t seen/heard of one liberal leaving congress or ending his/her “political career”. There’s an old adage that essentially states; “One shouldn’t cluck until the egg is laid”.

    Please don’t get me wrong. I am not a liberal. Far from it. But I’m tired of this so called news source, clucking it’s B/S nonsense, time and time again, with no results whatsoever…..except “clicks”. I guess that’s the name of their game.

    Well…..not mine! At the risk of dating myself, “See ya later alligator”!

    • Judi Jacobson says:

      I agree. Hannity also. Never see the guilty ones in trouble as stated.

    • FrankC says:

      The problem is we are talking about Liberals. There is no rule, no protocol, no standard, no law, no ethic, no regulation, that they can not and will not VIOLATE with total impunity. They do this because they know they will NEVER be held accountable for their words or their actions.

    • D.K. Tucker says:

      I am a Christian Conservative and want to know, when are the Conservatives going to start doing something about all the things these anti Americans are doing to our country. All we hear is threats against them.

      • squirrelmender says:

        D.K. TUCKER, I have been asking Conservatives that same question ever since Trump was elected and all this BS started showing it’s ugly ass from the Liberal Looneys. We need to hold many massive protests against the illegals and our government spending over 3 billion of the 4.6 billion budget just passed and signed by Trump. Why are we using 3 billion to take care of these illegals when we have so many needy people who are Americans and that money would go a long way. Why are we not at the border for those that live near there and should be shouting loud and clear no more money send them all home, fix the asylum laws now and furthermore no more fake Birthright citizenship. Border patrol has already stated that at least 2 pregnant illegals are sent to the hospital every day to deliver their citizen baby and never to be deported because of it. We need to protest in DC against AOC and her two Muzzie cohorts and demand Nancy Botox Pelosi call them out for their hatred of this country and their anti-Semitic remarks. We are just too laid back and need to organize like the hateful left always do when they want to be heard. I am in fact so sick of what this country is becoming that I have 2 years to retire and seriously thinking of leaving my birthplace because between the illegals, looney left politicians and muzzie we conservatives have no chance in this country and will all become concealed carriers just to walk out our door. I’m sick of it and my anger would definitely be voiced if I had enough people like me to start screaming and shouting “We’ve had enough” Thanks for listening

    • Peggy Travis says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly.

  26. Italian Stalian says:

    Why are you even here?? Why don’t you just go back to where you came from. The reason she does not is because she is here to fullfill the Islamist Idealogy, that is to destroy and take over our county and the world.
    She should be fired from Congress and sent back to her Shiria nation.

  27. Mona Weisenberg says:

    Take her out now as well as her cohorts…anyway you can….!!!!

  28. Steven Terrell says:

    O’ how I agree with these comments. All these imported Muslims are the “camel’s nose under the tent.” They must be deported immediately because rabbits will be rabbits and it will be cowboys and Muslims because red blooded Americans will not tolerated this hate much longer. Write to our president I believe he will listen, and act if enough of us spell out the problem to him.

  29. Diana says:

    If she and others like her hate America so much, why do they stay here. I’m sure we wouldn’t miss them. As for America being racist, some of us are. However, she is the real racist. If she hates Americans so much she must hate whites, blacks, orientals, American Indians, as well as the Jews, Christians and all other religions except her own. So tell me who is the racist here?

    • Lorraine says:

      Because our country makes it easy for them to take advantage of us.

      • Linda M. says:

        Lorraine: Not to mention where else where would she get paid having a government position except in the United States ?Other counties(especially her own homeland) would have beaten her to death the moment she opened her mouth, let alone having her represent their government. What a disgrace she is and we have no control to have her( and others) removed…..

    • Joann says:

      You are so right!!!!

    • Michael says:

      So, she HATES Americans but DEMANDS to be near us?? Does that suggest anything to you? Like, there is something BAD being planned, or it’s just insanity? Either way, if she HATES America she is an enemy of America and so are the people who voted for her, along with the Democrat politicians and government officials who let her in. Just more evidence of the depravity and rottenness of the Democrat party. A vote for ANY Democrat is a betrayal of country

    • Joann says:

      They came to destroy. They are preparing for trials by military tribunals. It won’t surprise me if she is one who will be tried. Is she not covered by treason or sedition?

    • Ralph O. Lofton says:

      Her job is to destroy from within, she is doing everything she was trained to do!

  30. 4freedom says:

    That was cool watching Tucker take it to this ingrate, lets hope it doesn’t cost him his career, the progressives are very powerful.

  31. maria mercedes monch says:

    Yes, she and thousand more like her are coming to destroy our Country,

  32. Ilhan Omar gave the ISIS one finger salute at a CAIR/Hamas/Muslim brotherhood meeting closed to the Public and Press. Her mentor Linda Sarsour sometimes careless about giving ISIS/PaleSStinian salute.

  33. Sam R says:

    How long will it be before we can ship this human IED out of our country? Actually calling her human is a stretch. Any other country she would already be dead or gone!!

  34. Linda M. says:

    Do you know how many stories I’ve read with the heading “,this truth and that truth has ended Omar’s career.” But yet she is STILL in congress and our country. The country she hates. I truly want to read this horror( and others) HAS been removed from congress and deported .Boy will I celebrate then!! I do commend Fox news for standing up to these deplorable Democrats though…

    • Wil says:

      The problem is with us. We are a “Nation of Sheep”.
      A novel was written about this under this title.
      We need to get off our deceased posteriors and do something about it instead of laying down and taking it.

    • Deborah Lacerenza says:

      thumbs up!!!!

    • Raymond says:

      She has made it obvious she hates this country and hell bent on destroying it and congress should expel and deport her.

  35. Tony says:

    I am a naturalized Asian American who had seen and experienced poverty, racial disparity, social inequality, and even threat of attempted ethnic cleansing from larger hostile neighboring countries while growing up in my country of origin. The indiscriminate transplantation of ingrates like Ilhan Omar on to American soil has become an imported plague that may well doom America unless the common people and career politicians wake up to this threat and combat this scourge decisively–no ifs and buts. This is a dangerous time for America where the rot and threat comes from within, especially when these infectious elements have already infiltrated the American government. This threat reminds me of the situation with Australia many years ago when that country tried to solve an ecological problem by importing a large number of rabbits that quickly multiplied and overwhelmed the ecology of that land. We are likely to replicate that mistake unless we do something about this imminent danger.

    • KatahdinView says:

      You could not have said it any better, and they are like rabbits.

    • Joann says:

      They will turn America into what they just left.

    • Jerry Todd says:

      You have to know the Ilian’s control the Democrat Party. Even at the DNC, Gold Star poster boy Khzir Khan openly told the convention that Sharia must supersede the Constitution as it is Allah’s law. To the cheers of thousands of ignorant asses at the DNC.

      King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain threw the non-assimilating Muslims out of Spain in the 1490’s. They even hired an Italian seaman by the name of Columbus to find an alternate route to India to avoid Somali Muslim pirates. (That’s where out little girl jihadis came from.)

      Gotta give the jihadis of the time credit for sending Columbus to shores Westerners knew nothing of. He called the denizens he met, “Indians.” Then an Italian mapmaker by the name of Amerigo Vespucci got a whole hemisphere named after him – America.

      Something good will cone if this too. All Nancy Pelosi has to do is sit down with POTUS and do some good old fashioned “loyal opposition” stuff and straighten out this mess. She might have to sit down with her Archbishop of SF and have a real Sacrament of Reconciliation first. She can’t work with a seared, overburdened conscience. One thing the Church she’s also desecrated can offer her.

  36. Carl J Bujan says:

    Americans quit voting for muslims.

  37. Junius says:

    I agree with Timothy Toroian, American used to restrict Immigrants, it was very ignorant to drop those restrictions. It was brought about by the Democrats, because they needed voters who were poor and ignorant, to guarantee their power for ever!

  38. Jim Tierney says:


  39. G Arneman says:

    I’m glad the USA is finally paying attention to the smaller signals of trouble.

    • EllisRedding says:

      I agree with you in sentiment, however having her in government is not a “smaller sign of trouble”. It’s damn large.

  40. KatahdinView says:

    What we have now in this country are a bunch of IDIOTS, from local government to state and the whole Demorats, We let Oboma import thousands of these slime hole people and they are still coming American people better wake up soon before it is too late or we will taken over and will be a 3rd world country.

  41. George says:

    Get her and all the rest of them out of the United States of America, as they have no idea how to live Free.

  42. Timothy Toroian says:

    If the U.S. is racist why do we have Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez berating us from the House of Representatives? If we are racist why is there a Muslim population in Minnesota to even elect Tlaib to the House?

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