Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on George Soros’s link to this illegal activity

The left is out for blood and they want Tucker Carlson as their next victim.

But the popular Fox News host isn’t backing down.

Carlson is fighting back and he just dropped the hammer on George Soros’s link to this illegal activity.

George Soros helps fund Media Matters – the left-wing group that released old audio tapes of Carlson making sensational comments on a shock jock’s radio show.

Media Matters is registered with the IRS as a 501c(3) nonprofit which means they have tax exempt status, but they are restricted from engaging in political activities.

Carlson explained on his show how they flagrantly violate these regulations.

The Daily Caller reports:

“It has been violating the terms of that status flagrantly ever since. For example, during the Obama administration, Media Matters held weekly strategy discussions with the White House about how to hurt its political enemies.”

“This is a violation of federal tax law,” Carlson added. “Tax exempt nonprofits cannot function as an arm of a political party. Media Matters clearly does.”

He concluded:

According to a piece in the New Republic, a liberal magazine, Media Matters changed its mission during the 2016 Democratic primaries to campaign for Hillary Clinton. We were ‘running defense for Clinton’ one Media Matters staffer said, ‘defending Hillary from every blogger in their mother’s basement.’ In a leaked 2015 memo from inside Clinton’s campaign, staff discussed cooperating, coordinating, colluding with Media Matters to attack Republicans and accuse the press of biased coverage of Hillary.

The Soros-funded Media Matters is sham operation.

Taxpayers subsidize their left-wing activism.

And Carlson is the first major figure on the right to shine a spotlight on their legally dubious activities.

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78 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Unsubscribe me

  2. xtinmover says:

    Why isn’t Media Matters being charged with tax evasion. They lied about their political activities to gain a tax exemption. That is tax fraud.

  3. fudd says:

    not to mention his WW2 war crimes that he shoild have stood trial for!! Simon Wiesenthal should have gotten him along with the many Nazi’s he had found and sent to either prison or death!!

  4. fudd says:

    he should be executed then deported!!

  5. mike dar says:

    It might be notes that only a certain kind of person makes up stuff… likw ‘3500’ lawsuits when class action suits are only one suit. It may fit your narrative but it is an intentional lie. BTW, the lawyers won in the settlement the lawyers got started with a class action suit.. where very few ‘witnesses were presented out of ‘3500’… that is how that works, and the lawyers not charging a fee to the witness/3500 clients simply sign a document agreeing the Lawyers get ‘costs’ ‘Plus’ leaving the ambulance chaser the bulk of profits.
    This bad habit of Never Trumpers creating “memes” to advance their agenda is getting real old.
    This is entirely aside of any verdict, ‘Settlement”, aside from guilt or innocence… its just spreading lies.

  6. Marty says:

    I’ve read he is an American citizen, that he holds dual citizenship with another country, forget where.

  7. Nb says:

    He is NOT an American citizen.

  8. Nick Byrne says:

    You are one of very few that has figured that out. Good work.

  9. Erlinda Icayan says:


  10. Erlinda Icayan says:


  11. marleen davis says:

    Thank you Tucker! There is a list circulating from “Explain Life” on the Web that lists many of the Soros companies that he either backs or owns outright. They are all very left and most are either pro abortion, Anti Jewish, or Hate filled to destroy America. Soros is Satan and his son is taking over to keep his hate going! I strongly suggest everyone read that list as many of the so called business entities are masked and your will be surprised if you either support them or sponsor or buy from them.

  12. Marty says:

    Yup, but the libs don’t care about wealthy libs, just the conservatives. The libs, very seldom eat their own. Unfortunately, we often see RINO’s back stabbing the conservatives.

  13. Ege Shegava says:

    14 websites are up to $5,000,000,.00 for the murder of Soros. Even Australia is calling in! See: dotvintagetabs.com

  14. David says:

    voting in person, with real ID.

  15. David says:

    Seize all his assets cash, stock, properties etc. Use the money to build the wall. Deporting a snake doesn’t get rid of the snake. He and his children needs to be imprisoned.

  16. Ronald C Watt says:

    Soros owns the entire congress. That is why ass holes like McConnell will do nothing to stop him. The Bush family also.

  17. Jay Perkins says:

    You go Tucker!! We all believe what you are saying. I think we all know how crooked the left is democrats, liberals and some Republicans trying to save their butts with their electorate. Keep up the good work and don’t give up or in. You are the best!! I watch you every night along with my wife. Our country is under attack from the left liberal democrats so keep shining the light. They will lose!! Too many good Americans out there. The majority is with you. Thank you very much for all your good work!!

  18. Helga says:

    It took writing an entire booklet to list all your grievances re President Trump! Some may be valid, others are not! As a Billionaire businessman, Mr Trump had so many business dealings that it’s a foregone conclusion that a few would not be happy. Every big business goes through controversies and we don’t like Target, Walmart, Amazon, AT&T and many others because of their shady business practices. Wells Fargo is especially bad so what is your point besides trolling with your TDS?

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